Orly x Kelli Marissa Trio 2021 – Swatches & Review

Today we’re looking at the newest collaboration with Orly and Kelli Marissa! If you don’t know, Kelli is a pretty well known nail polish YouTuber. She does lots of swatches as well as easy nail art! And now she’s collaborated with Orly, one of my favorite mainstream brands for a trio of space-themed shades. They’re all super shimmery and glittery and shifty shades.

They have labels complete with Kelli’s handwriting sharing the shade name, as well as her name on the bottles as well. I do love when there’s a special little touch like that for a special collection! These were available on the Orly website for $12 each, or in a bundle of 3 shades for $32. These are more expensive than a traditional Orly shade, which retail for $9.50. But it’s something that happens with special releases and collaborations!

Now, I do realize it’s been a while since these released, and this blog post is behind, and most of the shades are sold out at this point. But I have a rule with myself of “no blog post unpublished”. I like to just get these swatches up anyways, as a nice reference for myself, and for you in the future! Maybe you run across these shades in a destash, and are still looking for swatches. Or it’s just fun to look back on previous years’ releases and collaborations. Either way I still wanted to get this post up with these absolutely lovely shades!

Now let’s get into the swatches!

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Wet N Wild ‘Pac-Man’ Collection Review

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Eyeshadow Brush
Eyeshadow Palette
Blush Palette
Ghost Glosses

Hey look! A Wet N Wild post up before they’ve announced another collection! You know, it’s about continuous improvement, and I knew I would get it someday. It’s obviously only up from here.

Kidding aside, I’m still figuring out how to tackle these monster posts in a more timely way. I need to work on just writing my thoughts on each product as I use them, so I’m not just overwhelmed by how much information I have to type and procrastinate (aka my entire college career).

There’s a lot to get into, so enough self-reflection, let’s just talk about it already. Today we are talking about the Wet N Wild Pac-Man collection. This is a full collection obviously themed after the most popular arcade collection. It features 2 brushes, 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 blush palette, a Blushlighter, a Bronzer, 4 Ghost Glosses, and a lip scrub and lip balm.

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Wet N Wild ‘Rebel Rose’ Collection

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Rose Toner
Eyeshadow Palettes

I seem to be in this pattern of finishing and putting up a review of a limited edition Wet N Wild collection right as they’re releasing a new one. I’M WORKING ON THAT. (If you haven’t seen, they have a collection called Crystal Cavern coming out soon. I’m so excited). Honestly, I’m gonna blame moving (and procrastinating, I moved a month ago) for this getting pushed to the back of the drawer. So here it is, and I’m going to be more timely with reviews coming up.

I’ve said it before, these posts are long and take a lot of work so maybe I get intimidated. But I’m always so satisfied and happy when they’re up and I just hope this can help out someone else looking to buy the collection! I’ve gotten a new motivation and passion for reviewing, so I can’t wait to just post even more reviews (and in a more timely basis) – and hopefully be on a more set schedule by the end of this summer.

So thank you for always being patient with me. I just want to be able to fully use the products and give the most thorough review I can, and I can only hope it helps you a little bit in your buying process. I’m buying this makeup anyways, I might as well talk about it for someone else.

Let’s talk about it already, shall we?

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Wet N Wild ‘Fire Dragon vs. Ice Dragon’ Collection

It’s finally DONE. This is one of those long posts that I looked at for so long, and just avoided since I knew it would take quite a while to finish up. I talk about this in my 2019 goals, I’M WORKING ON IT.

Heck, I’m sorry this all took so long. I did want to really take time and make sure I tested absolutely everything in this collection, along with wear tests. Oh I did that. And then I procrastinated more. This is my bad. But it’s here now, and this collection is still available to buy! So better late than never!

That’s right, you’re correct, I got another Wet N Wild collection box. I’m not ashamed and I WON’T BE STOPPED. I mean, you guys like it for the reviews right? I know this took a million years to finally review, but it’s a lot of products to review, and I wanted to fully test them all out, so it got a little pushed back behind others.

BUT HERE IT IS. It’s all here, it’s all been reviewed and tested thoroughly, and it’s all here for me to tell you about it. This post will be a NOVEL but you can skip about to the parts you really want to know, and I’ll stop talking and just get into it.

This collection is the ‘Fire Dragon vs. Ice Dragon’ collection (very Game of Thrones chic), and it’s still available both on Wet N Wild’s site, as well as Ulta’s. It retails for $39.99.


Just like the one before this, the collection comes with a little pin as well. What will I do with this? Idk, but it’s cute.


Let’s get into this monster of a collection and review post. The products are in bold, so you can kind of pick and scroll to which products you’re most interested in. Or enjoy just seeing what I think about em all.

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Wet N Wild ‘Written in the Stars’ Zodiac Collection

I’m going to keep apologizing every time I take more than a week to post because that’s who I am as a person. And because like always I have a mountain of makeup to get through and review – we’re working on it here. Slow and steady (or hopefully more quickly and steady, right?) Who needs to go outside.

But let’s talk Wet N Wild now, shall we?

I’m keeping up my schedule of reviewing one Wet N Wild collection just in time to start reviewing another – they’ve been pumping out the collections this year, and lord, they’re lucky they’re so affordable, as I’m incredibly obsessed and need them all – but of course I’ll still review them honestly.

I picked up all the pieces of this collection on Wet N Wild’s website! You can also find it at Walmart stores as well.

It’s called ‘Written in the Stars’ and it’s based all around the zodiac signs. There’s lots of shimmer and sparkle, and jewel tones here.

Firstly, if you spent a certain amount of money, you got this little makeup bag with your sign as a freebie! I love the little touch, and it’s actually a really nice bag! Any other fellow sags out there?


Now let’s get right into the rest because lord we got a lot to talk about and swatch! It’s a long post, so you can see a super summary review at the very end, or a more detailed review on each piece after the photos of it.

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Wet N Wild ‘Flights of Fancy’ Nail Polish Collection

With Wet N Wild’s recent summer collection, the ‘Flights of Fancy’, they also put out a fun little nail collection! It’s been so long since they’ve put out any limited edition shades of their polish (their Megalast formula is SO good) and I’ve really missed them. The limited edition shades were always so good, and it was before I was really into blogging, so I missed out on all the pretties.

So when I saw they had this, I knew I had to pick it up, because of the crazy collector in me. It quickly sold out on the website, but I stumbled upon it at my local grocery store not too long after, and basically danced in the aisles. I know it might be a little hard to find, but it’s out there somewhere! And I still just wanted to show them in case someone saw them!

These are definitely smaller bottles. They’re only 0.24 fl oz, whereas in comparison a normal bottle of OPI or most other polishes is 0.5fl oz. So they’re about half the size of a normal bottle of polish. These were $2 each as well, so still very affordable.

Since they’re part of the ‘Flights of Fancy’ collection, they have the same detailing on the caps that the glosses had as well. Definitely fun to have out to display.

Let’s get into the formulas and swatches!

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Wet N Wild ‘Goth-O-Graphic’ FULL COLLECTION Review

FINALLY THIS REVIEW IS HERE. I planned on having this up earlier, but goddamn, I didn’t realized how long it would take. But I tested these out religiously for a couple weeks, and I have all of my thoughts and photos collected into one place!

So what’re we even talking about here? Wet N Wild dropped a full collection called ‘Goth-o-Graphic’. This rides on the tails of the huge “holographic” trend that has been taking the world by storm (none of this makeup is holographic, only the packaging is lemme say that). It seemed it was in production, and then suddenly a couple weeks before it launched, Wet N Wild went crazy, promoting it as this brand new thing. I will credit them, they did really build up the hype around this and get people excited.

Now, you’re seeing Goth and thinking all black, all deep and dark and vampy shades. This is not the case here. I believe they’re going for almost a “pastel goth” trend here – this is what others have said, but there’s lots of shimmers and pastel colors and out of the box shades. It’s got holographic skulls everywhere. I’m here for this.

I did order the full box that they offered – yo girl was right on the button, right when this collection dropped, ordering it within the first 4 minutes it was on the website. I missed out on the box for the Midnight Mermaid collection, and almost missed it entirely, so I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

This box retails for $40, and since I knew I wanted to review the whole collection, it did save money overall. I loved the whole presentation, and thought the box was so nicely done. (I haven’t gotten rid of this box yet, I’m not gonna lie, idk it’s just too nice I can’t do it yet). It’s no longer available as a whole set on the website, but the products are all there individually.

This collection obviously comes with quite a bit of pieces! You get 4 liquid eyeshadows ($4.99 each), 3 eyeliners ($3.99 each), 4 Liquid Catsuits ($4.99 each), a MegaGlo Highlighting Stick ($6.99), 2 powder highlighters ($4.99 each), and 1 loose highlighter (this one is no longer available on the website :(((( – but I’ll say it right now, if you see it in stores, pick it up right away). Everything else is available on their website, as well as various stores.

This is going to be a hella long post with a ton of photos, so let’s just get into it already.

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Sinful Colors ‘Decked Out’ Holiday 2017 Collection

Hello there! I’m working my way through all of the holiday collections as fast as I can! I had started this one – and then got busy with the holidays, so I finished it up after I got back – so the photos and hand poses might vary a little bit. But you still get to see the polishes and colors. I’M SORRY I’M NOT PERFECT. I was struggling for a hot second to find a hand position I liked, and my lighting was being weird. But I solved it near the end of this post, so it’s going to be better after this.

But anyways, I’ve been swatching up a storm lately and have so many new reviews coming. I’m just really inspired to really get out these reviews and go for it. So enough yammering about how I’m writing all these reviews, and let’s just get into a review, am I right?

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Review: China Glaze ‘Happily Never After’ Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween 31st, y’all! I’ve been spending my evening hiding away from the neighborhood kids because there’s a lot of them, and I have absolutely no candy. Meanwhile, my adult Halloween festivities took place on Saturday.

Did you have any fun plans for Halloween?

And what’s better for Halloween than a Halloween collection review? That’s right, I finally have the Halloween collection from China Glaze! This collection is making quite a buzz in the nail community, and now that I have it I understand why.

Long story short, all the formulas are really nice. So let’s just get right into it.

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