Wet N Wild ‘Goth-O-Graphic’ FULL COLLECTION Review

FINALLY THIS REVIEW IS HERE. I planned on having this up earlier, but goddamn, I didn’t realized how long it would take. But I tested these out religiously for a couple weeks, and I have all of my thoughts and photos collected into one place!

So what’re we even talking about here? Wet N Wild dropped a full collection called ‘Goth-o-Graphic’. This rides on the tails of the huge “holographic” trend that has been taking the world by storm (none of this makeup is holographic, only the packaging is lemme say that). It seemed it was in production, and then suddenly a couple weeks before it launched, Wet N Wild went crazy, promoting it as this brand new thing. I will credit them, they did really build up the hype around this and get people excited.

Now, you’re seeing Goth and thinking all black, all deep and dark and vampy shades. This is not the case here. I believe they’re going for almost a “pastel goth” trend here – this is what others have said, but there’s lots of shimmers and pastel colors and out of the box shades. It’s got holographic skulls everywhere. I’m here for this.

I did order the full box that they offered – yo girl was right on the button, right when this collection dropped, ordering it within the first 4 minutes it was on the website. I missed out on the box for the Midnight Mermaid collection, and almost missed it entirely, so I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

This box retails for $40, and since I knew I wanted to review the whole collection, it did save money overall. I loved the whole presentation, and thought the box was so nicely done. (I haven’t gotten rid of this box yet, I’m not gonna lie, idk it’s just too nice I can’t do it yet). It’s no longer available as a whole set on the website, but the products are all there individually.

This collection obviously comes with quite a bit of pieces! You get 4 liquid eyeshadows ($4.99 each), 3 eyeliners ($3.99 each), 4 Liquid Catsuits ($4.99 each), a MegaGlo Highlighting Stick ($6.99), 2 powder highlighters ($4.99 each), and 1 loose highlighter (this one is no longer available on the website :(((( – but I’ll say it right now, if you see it in stores, pick it up right away). Everything else is available on their website, as well as various stores.

This is going to be a hella long post with a ton of photos, so let’s just get into it already.


So let’s start with the liquid eyeshadows! There are 4 shades, and they’re the same packaging as the ones in the Midnight Mermaid collection, and the new shades they have on the website as well.


The thing I do really love for this collection is all of the details with the packaging. Everything has these holographic skulls and holographic printing everywhere, and it helps switch it up, and feel fun.

For these liquid eyeshadows, you have the skull print on the cap, as well as the holographic writing on the tube. The tubes are clear plastic, so you can see the colors inside.


The applicator is a flat doe foot applicator. It picks up a good amount of product, and you don’t need that much at all.

And here are the swatches! ‘Pure Intension’ is a super light champagne pink. ‘Mystic Dreamer’ is a midtone pink shade. ‘Goth Tears’ (why does this name make me laugh so hard, like the tears of a goth in this little bottle) is a duochrome red-pink shade with a blue-purple flash. And ‘Nyctophilia’ (looked that up, it’s less dirty than it sounds, it just means you like the night time) is a black base with tons of dark purple glitter.


Here are the close up shots.


Annnnnd now the formula. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t like these. I tried so hard to like them, wearing them all different ways, and experimenting for an entire week, and I just couldn’t really get them to work for me.

When I put them all over the lid as a shade – applying them straight with the applicator, you could get a brighter look, but it wouldn’t be even or precise. When I would try to blend it out, whether with a brush or finger, the base and color seem to just blend away, and I would have to reapply and it was just a circle of mess. If I just applied a layer on top of the lids, and left it, after not even a couple of hours, it would be creasing and just fading away.

I tried patting them on top of a base shadow, as a last topper. And it was just not as bright as it was in the tube, and just very disappointing. And again, it would just crease and make all the other shadows underneath it crease away as well. These just didn’t last on the lid, and weren’t worth the extra work for the meh finish.

You can see in the close up swatch above, that they’re just not as smooth and bright as I was hoping. The ones in their Midnight Mermaid collection before were just so much better than this, so I was disappointed by these. The main way I could find to make them work, was using the lightest shade, ‘Pure Intension’, and dot it in my inner corner as a nice little glitter pop – but it still didn’t last throughout the day well.

Unfortunately these were a pass. (This first part might seem a little negative, but there’s good at the end).

Up next are the 3 metallic Liquid eyeliners. They’re shaped like all of their other liquid eyeliners, in the standard little cylindrical packaging.


Again, you have that attention to detail, with the little metallic skulls on them. The bottom also matches the general shade inside.


The applicator is a brush tip. This is my one negative of these. You’re definitely not going to get anywhere precise with this applicator. It’s flimsy, and can just get really messy. If you want more precise – I suggest using an eyeliner brush, and grabbing the product off the wand.


‘Skull Prayer’ is a soft metallic white, ‘Pink Coffin’ is a shimmery mid toned cool pink, and ‘Black Butterfly’ is a shimmery warm toned purple.


I honestly don’t think these are too bad. You’re not going to get precise color right away, and some of the colors do need to be built up a tad – but I think they’re easy to use to get a nice pop of color in your looks. I used these to add a little metallic pop in my crease (that glitter cut crease trend you’ve been seeing everywhere), and they honestly did show up, and were easy to build up.

And once they were on, they stayed on, and set and didn’t crack or anything. If you’re willing to work a little bit with these, and go slow, they can be good and add a fun little pop to an eye look.


Now this next product was what I was most excited for. I absolutely love the Liquid Catsuits, so anytime they come out with more shades, I have to snatch them up. Their matte shades are honestly fantastic, and they have so many colors, from nudes to more crazy shades, and they’re all wonderful.

So of course when I see a metallic blue, I got excited.


This has the same style packaging as the liquid eyeshadows – with the skull caps and the holographic lettering. It’s the same as all of their other liquid Catsuits as well.


And it has the same doe foot applicator, the “ballet foot” style, with the little dip that holds more product, and helps get around the curve of the lips.


Now you don’t really get any “wearable” shades in this collection. The pink metallic is the most neutral, but after that it’s all out the window.

‘Wicked Pink’ is a light, peach-toned pink metallic. ‘Pastel Grunge’ is a lighter cool-toned blue shade. ‘Gunmetal Heart’ is a taupey gray shade with some red sparkles. ‘Death to Unicorns’ is a dark black metallic.

Okay, I’m just gonna say it, with these names especially, it feels a little like Wet N Wild took every word they could think of that had to do with goth and just kind of shoved them everywhere. I’m not hating, but also ‘Death to Unicorns’? Is that shade at all of these unicorn collections? Just curious. But is it just me that the names seem a little all over the place? Just a thought.




And, honestly, I think these were my biggest disappointments of the collection. I was most excited about these, and most let down.

When I first dipped into these and tried to put them on my lips, I thought maybe I got a faulty product, or something went wrong. They seemed to pick up no product, and just felt so dry. I had to dip in so many times to cover my lips, and the formula was streaky and definitely not opaque. I had to build up the colors quite a bit.

Mentioning the Midnight Mermaid collection again (but that thing was just so GOOD and showed that they CAN make beautiful shades), the metallics in that collection were so beautiful. They were opaque in one coat and just incredible, and just why weren’t these ones like this?

‘Gunmetal Heart’ is definitely the worst shade (bottom left). It was so sheer and streaky, and even after two coats, didn’t build up that well. ‘Wicked Pink’ (top left) could be good, but it just took a lot of building up. For all of these, I would try to wait until it dries and put on a 2nd coat, but then it would just pull up the layer below and cause more patchiness. Even with smacking your lips together right after application, the product would pull up and just be uneven.

For ‘Death to Unicorns’ (bottom right), I was able to get the color more even by dabbing it on, instead of swiping. But again, if I smacked my lips together at all, it would just pull it up and be uneven anyways.

Honestly, skip these, and pick up some of their regular matte shades – much better. They just take a lot of work, and feel very dry on the lips. Very much a pass for me, when I know they can do better metallics.


Alright, I know it’s been very negative so far – but it’s about to get better! I found this collection is a little 50/50. Half is amazing, half is just a pass. So let’s get to the better parts.

This collection has 1 stick cream highlighter. It again has the holographic skull on it. I also like the packaging, because not only do you get the main cap, you also get another cap on the actual product, helping to keep it fresh.


You get a ton of product for your buck, so you won’t use this up anytime soon.


This is a sort of subtle sheen on the skin. It’s not super bright, but you get a nice purple flash when the light hits it on your skin.


It’s a super soft sheen and I love it for more natural days, to add a pop. I didn’t love it on top of my foundations – it would move around products I put it on top of. However, I think I just don’t love any cream products, and I use a thicker foundation that’s more prone to moving around. That’s my personal opinion, and I do love the way this looks blended all over the skin under foundation.

So for this one, know yourself. If you love cream highlighters, this is a great product that’s so affordable. It blends out nicely and doesn’t feel too greasy, and gives a unique highlight to the skin.



Next, another part I was sooooo excited about. I have every single shade of the MegaGlo Highlighters because I love them so damn much. The formula is so creamy and lovely, and they have so many colors, and unf, I gush.

So of course, new shades, had to get my grabby hands on them. Being a “goth” collection, these are definitely unique shades, which I was so into.


These have skulls embossed into them, and again, I love that attention to detail.



The first shade is called ‘White Raven’ and is an icy white with a purple flash.


And ‘Purple Ashes’ is anything but purple honestly. This is a black base with a beautiful maroon shimmer.


And here are the swatches! It’s so hard to capture the true beauty of ‘White Raven’. It’s got a stunning purple flash that is just so stunning on the cheeks. (I have photos of it applied down below).


You can see it a little more in this photo, and unf I love it. This is one of the first true wins of the collection, and both of these shades are unique and just stunning. I didn’t think I would love ‘Purple Ashes’ as much, but you can see it applied below, and it’s more wearable than it looks.


Here is ‘White Raven’ applied on the cheekbones. As you can see, it’s absolutely stunning, and just bright. It’s smooth on the face, and doesn’t have any glitter. That purple flash really just accents and highlights the cheekbone. (Can you tell my makeup has gone through the end of a long day, whew it looks rough. But we’re looking at the highlight here).

Because of its white base, even on my pale skin, it would give a lifting, almost ethereal look to the cheeks, even when I had my head turned straight on. I loved it, and it helped my skin look more perfected. It was stunning.


‘Purple Ashes’ is more pink, and needs to be built up a little more. This one does have red glitters in it that you can see on the face if you look close. I found you need a stiffer brush to really pick up the product, since it seems to be packed a little harder.


The one thing I don’t love about this, is that while it looks beautiful looking at it straight on, I found that when I had my head turned, it can look a little ashy on the skin. You can see it right around my cheekbone in the picture on the right – because of the dark base, it can look a little gray when not looking straight at it. But I think just putting it farther back on the cheeks, or a blush topper would be absolutely stunning.

I did find these had a little more dry formula than the other Wet N Wild highlighters. They just seemed thicker and I felt like I had to dig my brush into the product a little more to pick it up, and they didn’t feel as smooth as their core lines. However, once applied on the cheeks, they could be built up nicely and looked smooth on the skin.

But the best part of these – once they’re on, they’re on. Seriously, these would last me the 10+ hours of me leaving for work in the morning to getting home, and it would still be going and holding on. They have serious staying power, and fade nicely, yet barely throughout the entire day.

Even though they were a little more dry than the others, I thought these were fantastic, and I love the unique colors to add to my collection. I’ve been using ‘White Raven’ so much lately and loving it.


The last product is another win for me. This is the loose highlighter in the one shade ‘Moon Tears’ – unfortunately this isn’t for sale on their website. I don’t know if it was something that was only ever available in the full set, but I hope it’s out at stores with the rest of the collection, because it’s gorgeous.

It comes in sturdy plastic, with the standard holographic skull, with a secure screw off lid.




As you can see here, you get a LOT of product. And you barely have to use any when applying to the cheeks, so this bad boy is going to last forever.


There is a sifter, with large enough holes that you don’t have to go crazy to get the product out, and it’s a little less messy. Again, with the attention to detail. Even the sifter is shaped into a skull. Love.


It originally comes with a seal to peel off, so it’s not going to be ridiculously messy when you get it.


However, when you remove the seal, it gets a little messy. That is the one con of this product – and loose highlighters in general – they can get very messy. To get more product out, I always hold the cap on, tip it over once, and then use the product out of the cap. Overall, I can usually get through some normal use without getting product absolutely everywhere.


But oooh baby. This girl, I didn’t expect to fall in love as much as I did and good lord, she’s so pretty. This is a beautiful soft gold shade. This is what it looks like fully built up, and you can easily build it up to be this bright. You can also use less product, and have a soft glow to the face.


It’s a super finely milled powder, so it’s so smooth on the skin and is just beautiful. Another win for me.


I did find if you have too much product on the brush, and are just swiping it on, you can get a little bit of the loose glitters around your face. But these brush away easily. As long as you’re buffing the product in, you’ll work it up to this gleaming shine on your cheekbones. Or you can keep it more natural. The versatility of this product is lovely – you can change the intensity that you want.


Whew! That was a long post! But there was just so much to talk about and show. I know when I’m planning on buying a product, I want to know all about it, so I can only hope these in depth reviews will really help you decide whether or not you want to pick something up!

For a quick summary: the liquid eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks are a pass. The eyeliners and stick highlighter both can be pretty and work well if you’re willing to work with them a little. The pressed highlighters and the loose highlighter are absolutely fantastic and I would definitely recommend picking them up – if the colors catch your eyes.


Alright, I’m tired, that was a long post. But I’m glad to have it up! This might not be the most winning collection from Wet N Wild, but as I said, I’ll always love them as a brand, and I love that they’re trying new things.

As I always say, lots of new posts coming your way soon! It’s spring! It’s still cold as heck here, but it’s officially spring! What’re you most excited about? Any spring releases you’re most looking forward to?

Stay tuned for more reviews coming your way!

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9 thoughts on “Wet N Wild ‘Goth-O-Graphic’ FULL COLLECTION Review

  1. Thanks for this awesome review!! I learned two, well a lot actually, many new things from your post.
    1. I didn’t know WnW sold boxes of new collections like that!
    2. I didn’t know that they had a mermaid collection!! Is it still available?
    As awesome as the packaging and attention to detail everything was, I really honestly would only use the loose powder, lol. It looks so beautiful! So is it just for highlighter or could you use it all over your face, kind of like the Hourglass Ambient light powders?
    Just a note, why can’t WnW come out with new real Holographic nail polishes?!?! Or have I missed them all somehow too!?

    Liked by 1 person

    • 1. I think it’s just been a new thing for the newer collections coming out! This is the first time I just went ahead and got it since I knew I wanted the whole things.
      2. Unfortunately the collection itself is no longer available, but some of the products from it are still out! All of the liquid eyeshadows are still there (just renamed) – they’re the last 4 shades on the website, all of the deep vampy colors. And two of the liquid metallic lipsticks are still available under the same names! The blue and the green, and I absolutely loved these ones. You might be able to find similar colors to the red and orange too.
      For the loose highlight I think it’s way too sparkly and glittery to use all over the face honestly. It builds up to real blinding very quickly!
      I miss when they would do collections of nail polishes! I mean I’ve been loving all the makeup but I want them to release some new nail polish shades again – they were so good!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The next time youre opening any type of loose powder product that has an open/ non-closable sifter, instead of removing the sticke, I highly recommend leaving it on & using a pin, safety pin, toothpick, etc to poke through only a few of the holes. The number you’ll want to “open” by way of poking will of course depend on the type of product, hole size, & preference, ie “less mess + more shaking” vs “less shaking + more mess” – & it is of course better to start w/ too few holes poked as you can always add more – but all in all it makes things SO much easier & less messy when it comes to most loose powder products, & in particular those that you truly only need in a very small amount, ie pigments & highlights.
    Thanks for your review & swatches! I had all but given up on finding a display w/ anything other than the lipsticks but alas I did today, at which point your swatches came in very handy to help me recall which items beyond the loose highlighter I had any interest in actually getting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh this is a good idea! I’ll have to remember for next time. I did mainly take it off to make it look better for photos, but next time I’ll have to stick it back on after I’ve got the photos!
      And I’m so glad they helped you! That’s what I’m hoping they do! 🙂


  3. Regarding the liquid eyeshadows. I find the trick to them (any brand really) is applying them with your finger a little at a time, in a patting motion, layering if needed, and over the top of an existing eye look.. preferably with a darker than the liquid shadow color on the lid. You wind up with a “halo” eye look and it goes on so much more smoothly and evenly. I’m currently wearing Goth Tears (gotta love that name, I laughed so hard when I first saw it) over the top of a purple smoky eye. It’s been on for the entire day and still looks great. I’m passing on the others because they are rather blah, but that shade is soooo gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve tried them all sorts of ways and they never worked for me! I think it’s my combo oily lids/super hooded eyelids. They’ll take down anything, so I’ll say they just didn’t work for me but I’ve seen them come out beautiful on others! The hall eye sounds beautiful! I use them in my inner corner for a lil glitter sometimes.


    • True, sometimes they’re a little harder to find in stores! At this point I just order them off their website instead of searching through all the stores! There’s still some pieces of it on their site now as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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