Wet N Wild ‘Goth-O-Graphic’ FULL COLLECTION Review

FINALLY THIS REVIEW IS HERE. I planned on having this up earlier, but goddamn, I didn’t realized how long it would take. But I tested these out religiously for a couple weeks, and I have all of my thoughts and photos collected into one place!

So what’re we even talking about here? Wet N Wild dropped a full collection called ‘Goth-o-Graphic’. This rides on the tails of the huge “holographic” trend that has been taking the world by storm (none of this makeup is holographic, only the packaging is lemme say that). It seemed it was in production, and then suddenly a couple weeks before it launched, Wet N Wild went crazy, promoting it as this brand new thing. I will credit them, they did really build up the hype around this and get people excited.

Now, you’re seeing Goth and thinking all black, all deep and dark and vampy shades. This is not the case here. I believe they’re going for almost a “pastel goth” trend here – this is what others have said, but there’s lots of shimmers and pastel colors and out of the box shades. It’s got holographic skulls everywhere. I’m here for this.

I did order the full box that they offered – yo girl was right on the button, right when this collection dropped, ordering it within the first 4 minutes it was on the website. I missed out on the box for the Midnight Mermaid collection, and almost missed it entirely, so I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

This box retails for $40, and since I knew I wanted to review the whole collection, it did save money overall. I loved the whole presentation, and thought the box was so nicely done. (I haven’t gotten rid of this box yet, I’m not gonna lie, idk it’s just too nice I can’t do it yet). It’s no longer available as a whole set on the website, but the products are all there individually.

This collection obviously comes with quite a bit of pieces! You get 4 liquid eyeshadows ($4.99 each), 3 eyeliners ($3.99 each), 4 Liquid Catsuits ($4.99 each), a MegaGlo Highlighting Stick ($6.99), 2 powder highlighters ($4.99 each), and 1 loose highlighter (this one is no longer available on the website :(((( – but I’ll say it right now, if you see it in stores, pick it up right away). Everything else is available on their website, as well as various stores.

This is going to be a hella long post with a ton of photos, so let’s just get into it already.

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