Sinful Colors ‘Lucked Up’ St. Patrick’s Day Collection

Alright, I know I’m right on the wire again with posting this. But amid all the green beer drinking and boozing, there will definitely be time to stop into Walgreens and pick up a green polish if any of these strike your fancy. Maybe the pot of gold is really a Walgreens. Makes sense to me.

I think I finally found a reliable dealer in the new Sinful Colors collections, guys. I think I finally found the Walgreens I can stalk relentlessly until they put out the new displays. Hopefully, fingers crossed, my SC reviews are going to be a little more reliable. Sinful Colors was my one of my first posts on this blog, and some of my most viewed, so I’ll always come back to them and pick up the newest shades as soon as I can find them.

Today I have the St. Patrick’s Day 2018 collection from them. This is called ‘Lucked Up’ and it features 3 new shades, as well as a boatload of repromotes. So let’s get right into it!

I’ll start with the 3 new shades first!


Up first is ‘Sassy Lassie’, and she sure is sassy. This is a bright lime green shimmer. The first coat was definitely sheer, although with a color like this I wasn’t surprised. There was still some nail line at 2 coats, but depending on how obvious your nail line is, or how much you care about it, you’ll be good. Otherwise you might need a 3rd thin coat, but this was a super easy to use formula, so 3 coats wasn’t too bad.

This is definitely a unique and sparkly color, and I love that Sinful Colors is finding a way to expand out their collections beyond the normal greens. For some reason, I love this so much. It might be one of those ugly pretty colors, and it just glows and I’m so into this. My fav of the new shades.


The 2nd new shade is the namesake of the collection ‘Lucked Up’. This is a shimmery dark green with green shimmer (compared to ‘Queen of Green’ from last year, it’s lighter without the gold shimmer. I linked my post of last year’s collection down below, so you can see the differences between the two).

This had a stunning formula just like ‘Queen of Green’ and could be opaque in 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones like I did here. There is super shimmery and smooth, and for being more metallic, it didn’t have brushstrokes. Stunning, and perfect for the holiday.


Last but not least, we have the glitter topper for the collection. This is called ‘Cloverdrive’. And just nope, nope, nope. I shouldn’t have expected more, I shouldn’t have had my heart open to this because it got broken again. This is right along the lines of the topper from the Valentine’s Day collection – the metallic pieces are super hard to fish out and they don’t lay flat on the nails.


I don’t want to understate how difficult these were for me to get out. They were all resting on the bottom so I left the bottle upside down while I swatched the other shades. Then I proceeded to shake it and fish for about a solid 5 minutes to get these 4. Sure, it’s a cute idea, but you could just get pieces like this from a craft store, and stick em on your nails. It’s not worth the effort.

And the little iridescent flakes in the base don’t show up at all to just use this as a topper without the pieces. Overall, a real hard pass for me.



Now I’m going to show a couple of the repromotes they put in the display as well. There are a couple other shades listed on their website that I swatched in a previous post, so you can see it here – St. Patrick’s Day 2017. Those shades on that post are ‘Works Like a Charm’, ‘Queen of Green’, and ‘Rise & Shine’, as well as ‘Green Ocean’ on its own.

But for now, let’s look at the other repromotes.

First up is ‘Cash Out’. This is a light pastel cool toned green shade. This had a pretty good 1st coat, with some streaks – standard for a pastel light green like this. It’ll definitely need a 2nd coat, but I was able to get it completely opaque with a thicker 2nd coat.


‘Gold Medal’ is a standard gold shade. This can be opaque in 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones. It’s a soft gold shade, with not too many brushstrokes. It’s not a bad gold, and if you don’t already have one in your collection, it’s a good gold to pick up!



Next, I topped ‘Gold Medal’ with 1 coat of another repromote, ‘Green Ocean’. It was so hard to capture just how truly pretty this combination was. It was stunning, and just so sparkly in the prettiest way. I absolutely love ‘Green Ocean’ as a topper to add a little jazz to any polish.


Lastly, this next shade they’re calling a Walgreens exclusive. I know this came out in a previous collection, and I had picked it up from before. This is a shimmery teal shade called ‘Jade Kat’.

Now, I won’t lie, I was a little disappointed in this formula. Normally, Sinful Colors’ shimmer formulas like this are absolutely stunning and just build up in 1-2 easy coats. I was honestly surprised at how sheer this baby was. This took 3 coats to build up and cover the nail line, and it’s still not as deep and brilliant as it is in the bottle. Sinful Colors, why did you let me down like this? Ugh, I’ll still always love them, just one miss of a formula.


So that’s your Sinful Colors 2018 St. Patrick’s Day collection! You have 3 new shades, as well as the standard repromotes. I do love ‘Sassy Lassie’ and it’s such a unique green to add into my collection. ‘Cloverdrive’ sucked. Pass on it. But 2/3 great shades ain’t bad.

If you’re looking for some fun greens to add to your collection, these are definitely fun colors! Sinful Colors will forever remain one of my favorite brands, because of their affordable prices and lovely formulas. I’ll always review them whenever I can find them, so definitely look for more reviews as they come!

We still got the Wet N Wild ‘Goth-o-Graphic’ collection review coming next week, so stay tuned for that! Lots of fun products coming.


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