Sinful Colors ‘Decked Out’ Holiday 2017 Collection

Hello there! I’m working my way through all of the holiday collections as fast as I can! I had started this one – and then got busy with the holidays, so I finished it up after I got back – so the photos and hand poses might vary a little bit. But you still get to see the polishes and colors. I’M SORRY I’M NOT PERFECT. I was struggling for a hot second to find a hand position I liked, and my lighting was being weird. But I solved it near the end of this post, so it’s going to be better after this.

But anyways, I’ve been swatching up a storm lately and have so many new reviews coming. I’m just really inspired to really get out these reviews and go for it. So enough yammering about how I’m writing all these reviews, and let’s just get into a review, am I right?

Sinful Colors put out a Holiday collection called ‘Decked Out’ – and it was finally a collection I was able to track down from them. I’ve been a little behind on Sinful Colors posts, and that’s because it was harder to find the displays. But I stumbled upon a Walgreens that happened to have them all, and rejoiced. Hopefully you can still find these polishes around if any spark your interest!

There are 7 new polishes, and 4 repromotes – I believe all of the repromotes are permanent shades, so you can find them easily as well. They’re listed on the Sinful Colors website under their collections. I have the 7 new shades swatched for you right here.

They’re mainly all toppers, and are sparkly and blingy combinations for the holidays and New Years – or you know, an average Tuesday in January. They’re split up into 3 categories: Limited Edition Glitters, Tinsel Toppers, and Smashing Flecks.

Let’s start with the two labeled as Limited Edition Glitters.

First up is 2399 – ‘Pop the Cork’. This is a clear base with shimmer that shifts from gold to red, as well as shards of gold metallic.

This can’t be built up to opaque on its own, so it’s really used as a topper, as are basically all of the polishes in this collection. I showed it as one coat over a black base. On a dark base, the shimmer in the base really pops and you can see the gold-red shift. You get a good layering of the shards, and you don’t have to place them too much. They can look a little chunkier on top of the polish, but it adds a nice festive look to a dark polish.


The other Limited Edition Glitter is the only one I found that could be built up to opaque on its own. This is 2401 – ‘Spiked Cider’ (my favorite kind of cider). This is a more white gold glitter in a clear base. But it’s a very dense glitter so this can be built up with 3 thin, easy coats. This is a super beautiful glitter polish. It isn’t textured and isn’t difficult to remove for a glitter.

This might be too thick of a glitter coverage to layer over other polishes, but I love the way it looks on its own. Perfect for when you’re feeling glam any time of the year.


Up next are the 3 Tinsel Toppers. These are all bar glitters, and I know people either love or hate bar glitters. So all of these can be a love/hate based on your personal preference.

They all have the same formula – they’re different colored bar glitters in a clear base. I found with one coat these all distributed quite of lot of the glitters nicely in an even way. The pieces don’t stick up off the nail, and are a unique topper to change up a polish. The base wasn’t super thick either, so it was easy to work with.

Up first is 2398 – ‘#Elfie’. These are red and green metallic bar glitters.

I put one coat over a gold polish, ‘Comet Closer’ by OPI.

As you can see on my pinky nail, if you have smaller nails it can be a little harder to distribute the pieces evenly, but it’s nothing that you have to spend hours placing.


Next is 2309 – ‘Tinsel Time’. This one has silver holographic pieces. Same formula as the one above. With my nails being a little shorter here, you can see that it can be a little harder to place them evenly along your nail, since you can’t fully lay the brush on the nails.

These bar glitters are also bigger than the other 2 tinsel toppers, so it can look a little more chunky and piece-y on the nails. It honestly wasn’t my favorite of the 3. It just wasn’t my style and just seemed a little messier looking than the other 2.

This reminded me of when we would have tinsel on the Christmas tree, and the little pieces would get stuck on the hot Christmas lights. Is that just me, or anyone see what I’m saying?


Lastly is ‘In My Igloo’. This has clear iridescent pieces. These pieces are smaller than ‘Tinsel Time’ and about the same as ‘#Elfie’. It does have larger pieces, but they’re pretty sparse. With this one, I did find it was more packed with pieces than the other two, so you get more coverage with one coat.

I surprisingly ended up liking this more than I thought it would being a bar glitter, especially over black. I liked the look of the smaller bar glitters over ‘Tinsel Time’.


I also showed it as one coat over ‘Starfish’, also from Sinful Colors. The pieces look more purple when on a lighter base. It adds some dimension and texture to a cream base.


The last two are labeled with Smashing Flecks.

The first one is absolutely stunning over black. This is 2308 – ‘Out with a Bang’. This is a clear base with small round gold glitters, and iridescent shards. It’s a clear base, so you can’t build it up to opaque, but layered over a dark base it’s stunning. This was one coat, and it has fantastic coverage.

The clear base helps to add depth, and a sort of jelly sandwich, ‘snow globe’ look to it, you know? The glitters look almost suspended in the base and it’s just so pretty.


Lastly is ‘Smash Hit’. This is a blue shimmery jelly base with blue metallic circle glitters and blue iridescent shards.

Since this one had a more colored base than the others, I wanted to see if it could build up to opaque. This was 3 thicker coats, and you can still see a little bit of nail line. I also found as you built it up with this many coats, it got a little thick, with the pieces inside feeling a little chunky. So I recommend it as a topper.


Over black again, the shimmer of the base really pops, and you get a stunning jewel toned blue polish with all of the pieces. This was one coat, so the shimmer is super stunning, and the pieces lay pretty evenly.

My one thing is that the iridescent shards can get a little chunky, and almost stick weirdly on the nail – you might have to place them with the brush just a little bit. But nothing too serious.


I also wanted to see it over a lighter base. This is one coat over Essie’s ‘Blue La La’. The blue shimmer is a little more subtle over a lighter base. And with the blue shimmer it ends up reminding me of OPI’s ‘Check Out the Old Guy-sirs’ from the recent fall collection. The glitter pieces without that strong shimmer base look a little sparse, and might need to be placed more over a lighter base.

But the shimmer adds some nice depth to a cream polish if you’re looking for that style.


So that’s your Sinful Colors Holiday collection!

It’s mainly all toppers, so base them on your own specific preferences, and whether you would use toppers like this. The Tinsel Toppers are nice – I liked ‘#Elfie’ and ‘In My Igloo’ more than ‘Tinsel Time’ – but contain controversial bar glitters, so everyone might not love them.

The other glitter toppers have some nice shimmer and pop the most over a black or dark base. My absolute favorite is ‘Out with a Bang’ over black – it was just stunning and a unique find to my collection.

Overall, these are toppers, so you would probably use them less than a normal cream polish. They are a fun way to spice up a manicure, so really base it on whether any of them appealed to you in the photos! None really have bad formulas, so they’re some fun toppers to add to your collection.


Sinful Colors also just added a bunch of polishes to their permanent line for 2018 so I’ll definitely be hunting those down! And do you see they have makeup now?! I definitely want to order some of the pieces and review them for you.

Stay tuned for more holiday collection posts – I’m working to get through them as fast as I can, as they’re already putting out spring collections, which is crazy! Next up will be the Fall collection from China Glaze. It’s full of beautiful jewel tones that I would wear all throughout winter, so it works out.

This is also the time of the drugstore releasing lots of new makeup, so I’ll be snatching up and reviewing as many as I can. There’s going to be no shortage of new nail and makeup products!

Lots of reviews coming so be sure to keep following!

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2 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Decked Out’ Holiday 2017 Collection

  1. I love how much the shimmer in the Smashing Flecks polishes show up over the dark bases! Those will be fun to play with!!!

    Normally, I am an anti-bar glitter person, but it’s kind of hard not to like #Elfie, it just looks so festive. I think the smaller, finer bar glitters are easier to stomach :]

    Liked by 1 person

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