Zoya ‘Dazzle’ Winter 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

We’re rounding out the last of the Winter 2021 collections, right before we dive deep into Spring collections! Crazy to think about, but it’s the TIME (after this post).

Anyways, today we’re looking at the final winter collection I have to swatch up! This is the ‘Dazzle’ collection for Zoya for Winter 2021. I grabbed this up in a bundle, with the 5 polish shades, as well as a Hot Lips – Zoya’s brand of lipgloss, and 5 wide brushes (really any bundle with wide brushes I snatch up, Zoya please make them the default already). This bundle is still available on the Zoya website now, and does save you a little bit of money if you’re looking to add on the wide brushes. Otherwise, each shade is available individually for $12.

This collection is 5 shades with a jelly base with tons of glitter and sparkle within. Most of the bases are opaque in 2-3 coats with one being more of a sheer look.

Let’s get on into these shades already!

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Color Club ‘Halo Ice’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Yes hello, it’s me, once again, Color Club’s biggest fan. Well, we gotta agree at this point I’m close to it, okay. But of course, we have another Color Club release, and as always, I’m here to be your guide and swatch them up for you. What more can I say, let’s get right into it!

This collection is the ‘Halo Ice’ collection, and it features 6 super glittery and holographic shades. Color Club describes it as “Each Halo Ice shade is packed with multi-faceted holographic glitter and iridescence for the ultimate rainbow effect.” And that couldn’t be more accurate. It’s an opaque holographic base with larger glitter pieces all packed in. They’re perfect for the holiday feeling, or a wintery look. As always I grabbed these from the Color Club website (and as always, I bought them during one of their great sales. Follow their Instagram or sign up for their email newsletter – they’re constantly doing 30-50% off sales where I snag all of these new releases). These are also a ton of Instagram accounts with discount codes as well. Have I mentioned enough saving yet? No? Well you can also sign up for their rewards. The points build up pretty easily and you can get up to $25 off an order. What more could you need!

Enough about savings, let’s just look at these polishes!

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LA Colors ‘Diamond Crush’ Collection – Swatches & Review

LA Colors is creeping up on there as one of my favorite drugstore, and just overall, polish brands. They’ve been releasing such interesting collections and finishes lately, and I’m always watching for what they put out next! So when I saw posts about this collection, you already know I was ON IT. Okay, okay fine not EVERY collection they put out is amazing, and you’ll see that when I review their creamy neons coming up. But THIS collection is really good okay, and keeps me putting up with the one occasional dud.

This is the ‘Diamond Crush’ collection. It features 8 shades of polish with a more jelly like colored base and dense holographic glitter, giving it an overall scattered holographic finish. I snagged these off of the LA Colors website for $3, and I know they’re also available at Five Below stores.

These are stunning, so let’s just get right into these polishes!

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Sinful Colors ‘Decked Out’ Holiday 2017 Collection

Hello there! I’m working my way through all of the holiday collections as fast as I can! I had started this one – and then got busy with the holidays, so I finished it up after I got back – so the photos and hand poses might vary a little bit. But you still get to see the polishes and colors. I’M SORRY I’M NOT PERFECT. I was struggling for a hot second to find a hand position I liked, and my lighting was being weird. But I solved it near the end of this post, so it’s going to be better after this.

But anyways, I’ve been swatching up a storm lately and have so many new reviews coming. I’m just really inspired to really get out these reviews and go for it. So enough yammering about how I’m writing all these reviews, and let’s just get into a review, am I right?

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