Zoya ‘Dazzle’ Winter 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

We’re rounding out the last of the Winter 2021 collections, right before we dive deep into Spring collections! Crazy to think about, but it’s the TIME (after this post).

Anyways, today we’re looking at the final winter collection I have to swatch up! This is the ‘Dazzle’ collection for Zoya for Winter 2021. I grabbed this up in a bundle, with the 5 polish shades, as well as a Hot Lips – Zoya’s brand of lipgloss, and 5 wide brushes (really any bundle with wide brushes I snatch up, Zoya please make them the default already). This bundle is still available on the Zoya website now, and does save you a little bit of money if you’re looking to add on the wide brushes. Otherwise, each shade is available individually for $12.

This collection is 5 shades with a jelly base with tons of glitter and sparkle within. Most of the bases are opaque in 2-3 coats with one being more of a sheer look.

Let’s get on into these shades already!

I will say I’m using the wide brushes for these swatches – which you’ll see in the live swatches as well. Just a heads up, as the wider brushes do always help along the application a touch – but with these shades I think you’ll still be able to work with them in the same way with the normal thinner brushes. I just always like to be transparent!

These are glittery, but they’re not difficult to remove, as it’s super fine shimmer suspended in the jelly bases. So no scrubbing needed – but you might end up with sparkle around your fingers, always something to keep in mind with these!


First up, we have ‘Alexis’, a more sheer base with white and silver glitter all throughout. This is the most sheer shade of the bunch, so you’ll see here after 3 coats, the nail line is still quite visible. It could be a great topper, or a more sheer nail look if that’s your preference!

Alexis – Live Swatch


Next up, we have ‘Esme’. This is a peachy-coral-orange base with tons of golden glitter to it. Again, a more sheer formula so I built this up in 3 coats. But this one is fully opaque after those 3 coats, and I just love the glittery look of these.

Esme – Live Swatch


Continuing right along, we have ‘Sophia’. This is a gorgeous, warm-toned holiday red base with golden glitter to it. These next 3 shades are more opaque than the previous, so this was opaque in 2 easy coats. Yes, I know the holidays are over, but it’s still just a lovely holiday red shade!

Sophia – Live Swatch


Next up, what might be my favorite, we have ‘Marlena’. This is a deep blue base with stunning bright teal glitter to it. (I’m always a sucker for a blue and teal combination). And again, an easy 2 coat formula here, super smooth and lovely to paint on.

Marlena – Live Swatch


And last up, we have ‘Dominque’. This is a deep warm-toned purple base with orangey-golden shimmer to it. And just like the others, an easy 2 coat formula here!

Dominique – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! It’s 5 super sparkly shades, and if you love a glittery look (without the glitter removal), these could be perfect for you. ‘Alexis’ is the one shade that offers a sheer look still after 3 coats – so that may not be for everyone. As always, all nail polish depends on your own preferences! I’m just here to show it and you’re here to decide. I enjoyed these greatly – because I just love all things glitter after all.


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