Sinful Colors ‘Candy Wonderland’ 2021 Collection – ALL 20 POLISHES – Swatches & Review

Confection Crush (Velvet Matte)
Candy Rush (Quick Bliss)
Frosting Fantasy (Sheer Matte)
Sugar Magic (Gumdrop Texture)

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If I was ever at all worried that we weren’t getting new Sinful Colors release, this one certainly soothed me for the next months. Sinful Colors put a finger to my lips, said shhhh child, and then deposited TWENTY new polishes into my hands. THAT’S RIGHT, 20 POLISHES TO LOOK AT TODAY. As you can imagine, this post is an absolute tome of a post, collecting together all 20 shades, with swatches, live swatches and notes on formulas for all, so I’ll keep this intro as short as possible.

This is the ‘Candy Wonderland’ collection from Sinful Colors for Winter 2021. This is a release of 20 polishes (have I mentioned it’s 20 yet) divided into 4 sub-collections, with different finishes. These are Target exclusives, and you can find them in store as well as on Target’s website. They all retail for $2.99 each, always affordable Sinful Colors, and GREAT for someone like me who’s insane and buying all 20 shades. Like I said we have 4 different categories of finishes – they’re described more under each heading, so I won’t take the time here, let’s just get into it! ONTO THE NOVEL.


Alright, this first batch of 5 is under the ‘Confection Crush’ release, which features shades in their Velvet Matte finish. They previously released this finish before (see my post here) and I LOVED them, so I was so glad to have more in this formula. They all feature a base color with either golden or silver shimmer densely flecked through that dry in a more satin matte finish. These definitely feel thinner and more smooth than those previously released – so if you have experience with that collection you’ll find an even better formula here. There’s so many swatches to get through, so I’ll end it there, onto the individual shades.


First up, we have ‘Rosewater Delight’. This one is a soft ballet pink base with that flecked golden shimmer all throughout. This was 2 easy coats – with the matte finish they do dry more quickly, but give you plenty of time to work with.

I prefer thinner coats with these shades, as I found too thick of coats could crack and look very uneven on the nails.

Rosewater Delight – Live Swatch


‘Raspberries ‘N Cream’ is an almost blush, rosy pink base with that same golden flecked shimmer all throughout. Same drill here: 2 super smooth and easy 2 coats here, with a quicker drying formula. Super lovely to paint on.

Raspberries ‘N Cream – Live Swatch


‘Strawberry Cheesecake’ is a medium, well, strawberry warm toned pink base with silver shimmer flecked all throughout. Once again, just 2 easy coats and it’s fully opaque.

Strawberry Cheesecake – Live Swatch


‘Pistachio Praline’ is a lighter, warm toned almost minty green shade with golden shimmer all flecked throughout. And this section is easy, with all of the same formulas – another easy 2 coat formula here.

Pistachio Praline – Live Swatch


Last for these 5, we have ‘Blueberry Macaron’, a light sky blue base with that golden flecked shimmer throughout. This was the only shade of the bunch that I felt needed a 3rd coat. I had a some uneven patches on my nails still after the 2nd so I chose to add a 3rd. But it’ll just depend on your own application! Again, the coats dry more quickly so 3 is not hard to wait for.

Blueberry Macaron – Live Swatch



Continuing right along, we move into maybe the most “boring” finishes of the bunch, with some creams. This set of 5 features 4 cream shades and 1 metallic in their Quick Bliss formula, which is advertised as a quicker drying formula. They have a selection of permanent shades (see post here), and also came out with a more tropical palette in this formula as well (see here).

So I do have experience with this formula and their previous offerings. And I just gotta say that I was disappointed with these newest ones. As mentioned, I’ve tried cream formulas they’ve put out before, and they’ve been beautiful, easy 2 coat formulas. But something was off with these, with most taking 3 coats and being very streaky and uneven. I know Sinful Colors can do better and since they’re more “basic” colors you can pass on them, even for others within the SC catalog. (Also why did we do the wide brushes for the other 3 releases, and not these, those would have helped substantially as well). Alright into the shades.


Up first we have ‘Candied Grapefruit’, a warm toned pink cream. And as mentioned above, not a great formula. This was 3 coats and was just streaky and hard to smooth out. I’ve seen better pink creams from SC themselves so not sure what happened here.

Candied Grapefruit – Live Swatch


‘Candy Coated Mint’ is a light, buttercup yellow cream shade (idk why it’s called mint either, okay), and again, just a disappointing formula. This one was definitely the thinnest and most uneven, as you can see in the swatch video. This is 3 coats, and there’s still a touch of visible nail line peeking through so just not grand.

Candy Coated Mint – Live Swatch


‘Green Apple Craze’ is a soft mint toned green cream (don’t ask me why this one isn’t the mint name), and again, that more streaky 3 coat formula. It smooths out at the end, so you can make it work if you don’t have a shade like this and want an affordable option.

Green Apple Craze – Live Swatch


‘Sugarplum Sucker’, the last cream, is a warm toned lavender purple shade. This one had the best formula out of the bunch, with it being pretty well opaque in 2 coats. I did add a 3rd on any nails that still had some patches, so it’ll depend on your application! So this is the one of the 4 I can recommend.

Sugarplum Sucker – Live Swatch


The last shade of the bunch is ‘Royal Cake Pop’, a bright silver metallic. It was a little more sheer on the 1st coat than I was expecting, looking almost like a dense glitter. But it built up nicely and was opaque in 2 coats – if you do thinner applications you might need a 3rd. Because of the metallic finish you’ll have some brushtrokes, but it’s still a lovely look overall!

Royal Cake Pop – Live Swatch



Our 3rd little group within this big ol’ collection is the ‘Frosting Fantasy’ shade. These are 5 shades with their sheer matte formula (again, they released this earlier, and I haven’t swatched them yet). So as it says, it’s a sheer, more shimmery base that dries with a matte finish.


Up first we have ‘Petals in Pink’, a bright pink with a subtle blue shimmer all throughout. This is 3 thin coats and as it’s a “sheer” formula, of course you’re still going to have visible nail line with most of these. But they’re super smooth and paint on so nicely that I didn’t mind. And normally I’m not too fond of sheer shades, but something about these ones I really loved!

Petals in Pink – Live Swatch


Up next is ‘Icing on the Cake’, a bright coral pink shade with larger silver glitter all throughout. Again, 3 coats and you’ll still have very visible nail line – but super smooth and again I loved the way it looked on the nails.

Icing on the Cake – Live Swatch


Now I won’t lie, this next shade confused me a touch, and I think you can see why in the swatch. This is ‘Frosted Sugar Cookie’ and it’s a light muted yellow shade with subtle silver shimmer to it. And it’s far more opaque than the other shades, so I was missing a little more of the “sheer” finish. This is 3 coats and pretty well all nail line is covered. It still has that satin matte finish, so it’s just an interesting shade overall!

Frosted Sugar Cookie – Live Swatch


‘Iced Petit Four’ brings us back to match the previous shades. This is a light, almost purple toned blue shade with a bright orange shimmer throughout. Again, 3 coats and still visible nail line, but it’s smooth and I love the color of it.

Iced Petit Four – Live Swatch


Last in this formula we have ‘Lavender Notes’, a very light purple base with bright orange shimmer. As you can see, this is the least saturated base shade of the bunch. Again, 3 coats and visible nail line – this one especially could be great for a “your nails but better” subtle look.

Lavender Notes – Live Swatch



And we’re into the last 5 shades now! This is the ‘Sugar Magic’ group, and they all feature a “Gumdrop Like” textured finish, with larger white glitter pieces throughout. They’ll all dry bumpy, with a more glossy finish, giving the look of candy on the nails. Listen, I know not many people loved these ones, but they truly nailed the candy look. And I just always love a textured polish, so it’ll be up to your own personal preference is you find these sweet or absolutely sour.


First up, ‘Watermelon Obsessed’. This is a juicy peachy pink shade with those larger white glitter mentioned above. I preferred to build this up with 3 thin coats – I found thinner coats allowed the polish to dry more quickly, and allowed the texture to pop more. But not too thin – as I made sure to have enough polish on the brush to cover up that previous textured layer and get into all of the gaps and crevices on the nail. Again, a super interesting look that I know won’t be for everyone, but I always love the strange.

Watermelon Obsessed – Live Swatch


‘Sweet Cherry Drop’ is a bright, warm-toned red shade with the same larger white pieces. And again, the same notes as the previous – I built this up with 3 thin coats. I found too thick of coats can become too goopy and cause it to take forever to dry. So just enough polish to cover the nail for the next coat.

Sweet Cherry Drop – Live Swatch


‘Orange Slice’ is an almost burnt orange base with the same larger white glitter pieces. And you know the drill, 3 thin coats here.

Orange Slice – Live Swatch


‘Sour Melon Punch’ is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a bright warm-toned green shade with the same larger white pieces. Again, 3 thin coats to build it up. This was just my favorite for the color, and how much it really looks like some gumdrop candy. I just think it’s so fun!

Sour Melon Punch – Live Swatch


And LAST but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, we have ‘It’s So Grape’. This is a muted, almost grayed out purple base with the same larger white glitter pieces. And for the last time – 3 thin coats to build it up to opaque. And the same weird texture that you either love or hate.

It’s So Grape – Live Swatch


WHEW. If you made it to the end, congrats, you’ve just read notes for 20 nail polishes. We got a little something for everyone with 4 different finishes, and a range of “candy like” colors. If any strike your fancy, and the formula checks out, I do recommend them for some unique shades to add to the collection! The only ones I didn’t love were the Quick Bliss shades as mentioned above, so I think those can be skipped, if you want to carry less of a handful of polishes to the store checkout.


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2 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Candy Wonderland’ 2021 Collection – ALL 20 POLISHES – Swatches & Review

  1. The Frosting Fantasy sheer matte colors caught my eye, they are so interesting. I appreciate you making this giant 20 piece collection make sense, thank you for the book! If not for your swatches and reviews I’d never have known I needed the matte Lavender color, 😃 I always check Instagram and here to see what you’re swatchng. So helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thank you, I’m always glad to hear it’s helpful since that’s why I’m posting it! And definitely was a whole novel about this collection 😂 and true I was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying those sheer mattes! I’m not normally a sheer polish fan but there was something about these specific ones.


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