Sinful Colors x Saweetie ‘Vacay Vibes’ 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

If you’ve been around this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know just how much I love Sinful Colors. They’re the brand I really started my blog and Instagram on, and the first collections I would review. They were cheap so college me could snatch up every release they put out and still afford to eat that week. And that hasn’t changed even now when I have more of a nail polish budget as an adult with a full-time job. I’ll always grab anything Sinful Colors puts out.

So OF COURSE, I had to grab this newest release. This is the ‘Vacay Vibes’ collection, a 6 piece bright and warm color palette perfect for summer. It’s another collaboration with Saweetie, who they’ve collaborated with for multiple collections this year.

I grabbed this collection from Walmart’s website – you can only buy the full 6 piece collection, but these are super affordable, so it’s not bad at all. Ever since Sinful Colors dropped out of Walgreens it has been harder to find them, so I appreciate when I can still grab them online!

So alright, let’s get into these shades!

We’re starting with the first of the two reds in this collection. They definitely do look very similar to each other, but there are some subtle differences in the two. So first up is ‘Dragon Fruitie’. This is the more cool-toned of the two reds. And it has a gorgeous formula, two easy and smooth coats.

As always, I included the live swatches as well so you can see how they apply as well!

Dragon Fruitie Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Dragon Fruitie


Continuing on we have … ‘Schmexy Starfruit’. Yeah, idk about this name, but I love the color so I’ll ignore it. 😂 ANYWAYS, this is a bright yellow-toned green cream shade, and you all know I love tones like this. It had a little bit of a streaky 1st coat, which I was expecting from a brighter color like this. It’s pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though I did add a 3rd to cover any last patches showing from the ridges in my nails. But for smooth nails, it’ll be an easy 2 coats!

Schmexy Starfruit Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Schmexy Starfruit


The first of the shimmers in this collection is ‘Colada Mama’. This is a bright coppery base with tons of golden shimmer all throughout. This again had a more sheer 1st coat, but it easily covers and is fully opaque with a 2nd.

Colada Mama Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Colada Mama

And just look at that shimmer! It almost glows on the nails and I love it!

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Colada Mama


Our next shimmer is ‘Pretty Papaya’. This is a bright saturated orange base with more of that golden shimmer all throughout. And again, an easy 2 coats! Super lovely for the warmer weather.

Pretty Papaya Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Pretty Papaya
Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Pretty Papaya


Our last shimmer of the bunch is ‘Mushy Gushy Mango’. (Again, with the name, if I’m having a mango I don’t want it to be mushy, okay. This also reminds me, I have a mango in my fridge to eat).

This is a bright yellow-toned orange shimmery shade. This was the only shade that I truly felt needed 3 coats to build up, and even then there might still be a -touch- of nail line. But as always, my bright lights and zoomed in camera capture it all, so it’ll be fine in day to day wear.

Mushy Gushy Mango Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Mushy Gushy Mango
Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Mushy Gushy Mango


And like bookends for the collection, we have our other red cream shade. This is ‘Lychee Bikini’, and it’s more warm toned than the shade above. I promise when you see them both together, they’re different. Did we need them both in one 6-piece collection? Maybe not.

But again, an easy 2 coat formula, and it’s a lovely squishy red on the nails.

Lychee Bikini Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Lychee Bikini


And that’s the collection! I actually ended up loving this color story, and I thought all together it was a gorgeous, tropical feel. Perfect for any last warmer weather! I think they really worked well together, and it was something different for a summer collection!

I do wish we didn’t have 2 such similar reds in one release, but you know nothing I can do about that now. Are you interested in any of these shades?


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