OPI ‘Downtown LA’ Fall 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S FALLLLLLLL, I write as its continually 80 degrees outside here in Chicago. Listen, we had a week of 72 degree days, and I was a fool and let myself think that maybe fall weather was on the way. It happens EVERY YEAR and I fall for it EVERY TIME. The weather went up to 90s immediately after that, it was playing me.

But even though it’s not fall outside, it’s FALL in the polish world! That’s right, we’re already looking at fall releases! The major mainstream brands have dropped the fall releases so we’re diving right in with my favorite, OPI.

This is the ‘Downtown LA’ and it continues their 40th anniversary celebration with another California-themed release, this time for the bustling city of Los Angeles.

We have a lot of gorgeous saturated and rich creams here, along with a couple sparkles that I know everyone will love! And as always, I grabbed this from my love, polishpick.com. I know buying from these discount websites can be intimidating at first, but I’ve purchased from PolishPick so many times – it’s the only place I buy my OPIs and China Glazes at this point. They have the best prices, and insanely fast shipping! So if you do pick some up let them know I sent you! They have the collection not only in the regular lacquer formula, but also in Infinite Shine and Gelcolor formulas.

So let’s get into the swatches already!

As always, I’ve included links to my live swatches, so you can see the formula fully in action! And you can follow me on Instagram to see them as they go up as well!

First up, we have this warm chocolate brown cream shade called ‘Espresso Your Inner Self’. This had a good 1st coat, with some patches still peeking through. But it easily covered and was a smooth 2 coat formula.

Espresso Your Inner Self Live Swatch

OPI – Espresso Your Inner Self


Up next we have the one foil metallic of the collection! This is fittingly called ‘Metallic Composition’ and is a gorgeous rose gold foil. It’s got flecks of silver in to give it such a sparkly and almost glowing look. This is a more sheer formula, which you can see in the live swatch below, and the coats are about building up all of that sparkle.

It builds up pretty well in 2 coats – though depending on your application and preferences you might need a 3rd for any last patches.

Metallic Composition Live Swatch

OPI – Metallic Composition
OPI – Metallic Composition


Listen, I know I have a ton of these dusty rose shades, many from OPI themselves, but that doesn’t mean I never want more and will continue to accept every single new one into my arms.

This is ‘(P)ink on Canvas’ and it’s a lovely mauvey rosy pink cream. Someone described this shade as “comfy” and I had to agree, it’s just always a great choice to go with anything, and a great palate cleanser. It had a great 1st coat, and was so smooth to paint on. Easy 2 coat formula here!

(P)ink On Canvas Live Swatch

(P)ink on Canvas


‘7th & Flower’ is a gorgeous saturated raspberry pink cream that I also cannot get enough of (no I don’t say that about every single color okay). This had an absolutely beautiful formula (see it fully in action in the swatch) and is basically a one coat wonder. I applied 2 here since that’s what I do for every swatch, but it goes on like butter.

7th & Flower Live Swatch

OPI – 7th & Flower


Is it truly OPI if there’s not a red shade? OPI has absolutely nailed down a red formula, and this one is no exceptioin.

‘Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes’ is more of a jelly finish than a cream, so it’s a little more sheer but so smooth and squishy on the nails. It reminds me of a jolly rancher. It could be 1 coat if you don’t have super visible nail tips. Otherwise 2 coats easily covers and makes it fully opaque.

Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes Live Swatch

OPI – Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes


Okay listen, I”m going to say it, teals like this are a color I can’t get enough of, okay.

This is ‘My Studio’s on Spring’ and it’s a rich saturated teal cream shade. This had a touch more squishy formula than I was expecting from a deep cream like this, so it had some patches after the 1st coat. But a 2nd coat easily covered and made it fully opaque.

My Studio’s on Spring Live Swatch

OPI – My Studio’s on Spring


It’s hard to pick a favorite but this next shade is a STRONG contender.

This is ‘Angels Flight to Starry Nights’ and just LOOK AT IT. This is a bright aqua blue scattered holographic shade. Under direct lights, you can see the subtle holo to it, but as I said it can be subtle. In most lighting it’ll look like bright silver glitter, but it’s there. Just want to keep expectations realistic – don’t expect the STRONGEST holo you’ve ever seen, but it’s still lovely.

Another beautiful formula to match as well, this was almost opaque in just 1 coat. I did 2 to smooth any tiny patches and fully bring out that sparkle.

Angels Flight to Starry Nights Live Swatch

OPI – Angels Flight to Starry Nights
OPI – Angels Flight to Starry Nights


‘Isn’t it Grand Avenue’ is that deep vampy cream shade that’s quintessential for fall. (Or year round really, it’s up to you). This had a good 1st coat, with some patches peeking through but a 2nd coat made it fully opaque.

Isn’t it Grand Avenue Live Swatch

OPI – Isn’t it Grand Avenue


What if I said I also can’t get enough of shades like this? Really I’ll stop eventually.

This is called ‘OPI ♥️ DTLA’ and I ♥️ this shade. It’s a gorgeous dusty, gray toned blue cream. These sort of muted and grayed out shades are my absolute favorite in the fall time, and yes I already put it on for a full mani.

Just like the other creams, it had some patches on the 1st coat that were all easily covered with a smooth 2nd coat. No complaints here!

OPI ♥️ DTLA Live Swatch



‘Graffiti Sweetie’ is a light, warm-toned lilac cream shade. And again, nothing new to say here! It had some patches on the 1st coat, but was easily fully opaque and smooth with the 2nd. A solid cream formula here.

Graffiti Sweetie Live Swatch

OPI – Graffiti Sweetie


The 2nd to last shade, and last cream of the collection is ‘Violet Visionary’. This is a bright saturated medium puprle cream shade, with some warm undertones to it. And what can I say, another easy 2 coats just like the other creams!

Violet Visionary Live Swatch

OPI – Violet Visionary


Last, but CERTAINLY not least, we have another crowd favorite. This is ‘Abstract After Dark’ and oh my, it’s beautiful. This is a deep purple jelly base with bright purple and blue sparkle all throughout. Since it’s a jelly, it was a more sheer, uneven 1st coat. But a 2nd coat builds up the base, and deepens it match the bottle, as well as building up the glitter. It’s fully opaque in 2 easy coats, and so beautiful! I can’t wait to wear this in the upcoming fall times!

Abstract After Dark Live Swatch

OPI – Abstract After Dark

Just look at it, like a night sky.

OPI – Abstract After Dark


And that is the collection! I will admit I wasn’t sure after first seeing the promo pictures, but once I had the shades in my hands, I absolutely loved them! There’s not a bad formula here, and all of the creams are so smooth and wonderful like we expect from OPI.

I’m never here to say whether or not a collection is “boring”, because everyone’s tastes and likes are so different! I don’t want anyone to ever feel badly about liking a release! I mean, after all I’m always here for a stunning cream and that’s what I wear most often!

So though there aren’t many “special” finishes in this bunch, the cream formulas were stunning and perfect to add to any collection!


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    • I do! Im putting together a full comparisons post for this collection and will get that up soon! Pulling them both out quick, I’m going to say they’re VERY similar. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if you need both!


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