Color Club ‘Halo Ice’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Yes hello, it’s me, once again, Color Club’s biggest fan. Well, we gotta agree at this point I’m close to it, okay. But of course, we have another Color Club release, and as always, I’m here to be your guide and swatch them up for you. What more can I say, let’s get right into it!

This collection is the ‘Halo Ice’ collection, and it features 6 super glittery and holographic shades. Color Club describes it as “Each Halo Ice shade is packed with multi-faceted holographic glitter and iridescence for the ultimate rainbow effect.” And that couldn’t be more accurate. It’s an opaque holographic base with larger glitter pieces all packed in. They’re perfect for the holiday feeling, or a wintery look. As always I grabbed these from the Color Club website (and as always, I bought them during one of their great sales. Follow their Instagram or sign up for their email newsletter – they’re constantly doing 30-50% off sales where I snag all of these new releases). These are also a ton of Instagram accounts with discount codes as well. Have I mentioned enough saving yet? No? Well you can also sign up for their rewards. The points build up pretty easily and you can get up to $25 off an order. What more could you need!

Enough about savings, let’s just look at these polishes!

Up first we have ‘Freeze Company’. It’s a blush-toned pink linear holographic base, with those larger glitter pieces all throughout. This one was pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though I chose to add a 3rd to cover any last patches or unevenness. Either way, they’re smooth to paint on, and the larger pieces are easy to pick up and distribute nicely. No fishing needed here!

Freeze Company – Live Swatch


This next one is a white gold linear holographic base with larger yellow golden glitter pieces throughout called ‘Weather Permitting’. This one was built up with an easy 2 coats, and just look at that sparkle! These shades are all so gorgeous and perfect for holidays.

Weather Permitting – Live Swatch


Next we have the first of the 2 blues. This is ‘Super Cool’ and it leans more teal toned with a touch of golden glitter to it, and the larger glitter pieces. The glitter pieces definitely felt a touch less dense on this one, as well as having the more subtle holographic effect – more scattered than fully linear.

I built this up in 3 thin coats, as the glitter base is less dense than the others. You can see in the first coat, you could almost use it as a topper over another shade in 1 coat as well.

Super Cool – Live Swatch


‘License to Chill’ is a more aqua blue base with a bright purple flash to it, and blue glitter pieces. As you can see, the glitter pieces are set back to dense, matching the other shades in the collection more.

For most people this will be opaque in just 2 coats, though I chose to add a 3rd to fully build it up and cover any patches.

License to Chill – Live Swatch


‘Say It Ain’t Snow’ – (I know, I’m sorry to mention that s-word so early, but we must for the sparkle. Just pretend it’s not there) – is a lilac toned holographic base with larger purple glitter pieces all throughout. This one fully built up in just 2 coats.

Say It Ain’t Snow – Live Swatch


And last, but certainly not least, we have ‘Snow Day, Yay!’ (not sure when I’ll actually be able to say that). This is a classic silver linear holographic base with those larger silver glitter pieces all throughout. The glitters blend in most to the base on this one, but they do catch the light and different colors at different angles. So just extra sparkle.

I built this up with 3 coats, but again, for most it’ll be 2 coats.

Snow Day, Yay! – Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! It’s sparkly, it’s wintery, it’s holo, it’s a bundle of fun! What more can you ask for?

Of course, I know they won’t be for everyone – they’re quite LOUD and in your face and glittery, but listen I love it and I will always take MORE GLITTER. If you like the look, you know go for it. I’m not stopping you here.


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