OPI ‘Celebration’ Winter 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Well, at least nail polish. It’s time for holiday nail polish. I’m a person who doesn’t allow full Christmas until December 1st, but you know, the nail polish world doesn’t wait.

But that’s right, we’re diving into our first holiday collections here on the blog! We have a lot of glitter and sparkle and shimmer on the way. And as always, we have to start out with my love, OPI. This is the ‘Celebration’ Collection for Winter 2021. It features 12 shades in a “core” release, and then 3 glitter toppers, so 15 polishes total. That’s right we have 15 polishes to talk about today, so I’ll keep it short up here.

As always, I purchased this whole lot from my favorite place, polishpick.com. You know the drill, they have the best prices for OPI and always super fast shipping. Definitely check them out, and put my name in to let them know I sent you!

In this release, we have 5 creams, 1 pearl, and 6 scattered holographic shades. I know everyone has been so excited for those holographics, so let’s dive right in.

Starting it off, we have ‘Big Bow Energy’. This is a warm-toned saturated cream pink shade. And it had an easy and smooth 2 coat formula that you would expect from any OPI cream shade.

‘Big Bow Energy’ Live Swatch


Now we dive into the first of the 6 holographic shades. This first one is ‘Mylar Dreams’, and it’s a bright fuchsia pink scattered holographic shade. Now these holographics aren’t going to be BLINDING. If you’re used to indie holographics, these might seem “weak” in comparison. But I’m always here to just swatch polishes on their own with no comparison for just the regular nail polish customer! It’s also obviously hard to capture holo shifts in photos as well, so these will definitely be brighter in real life – especially in direct sunlight.

And another easy and super smooth 2 coat formula for this one as well! You can especially see in the live swatches how nice these holographics are!

‘Mylar Dreams’ Live Swatch

You can see in this photo a -touch- more of that rainbow flash.


Bouncing into the reds now we have ‘Maraschino Cheer-y’. And I was surprised to find this one is a deep, cherry red jelly shade. It’s what these reviews are for, so you’re not going in expecting a cream.

Since it’s a jelly, it’ll be more sheer, but it’s smooth so with your preferences you could really wear it at any amount of coats and opacity. I chose to build it up in 3 – I noticed the color continue to deepen on that 3rd and my nail line was fully covered. And it’s such a rich, squishy look.

‘Maraschino Cheer-y’ Live Swatch


You know the drill now, one cream swatch, a corresponding holo shade. Next up this is ‘Paint the Tinseltown Red’, and it’s as you can imagine, a bright red scattered holographic shade. Again, a touch more subtle holo, but it’ll show more with your hand and nails shifting around. It’s another easy and smooth 2 coat formula, and just so lovely to paint on!

‘Paint the Tinseltown Red’ Live Swatch


Our next cream shade is ‘Ring in the Blue Year’, and this one has definitely been a favorite for obvious reasons. This is a super bright cobalt blue shade, and really it’s perfect for the entire year. And this has a beautiful formula – almost opaque in just 1 coat and so smooth. I had a few uneven spots, so I added a 2nd and it was perfect.

‘Ring in the Blue Year’ Live Swatch


And our “matching” holo is ‘LED Marquee’ and it’s a bright blue scattered holographic. Just like the others – another easy and smooth 2 coats.

This one is definitely showing more of the holo effect as well!

‘LED Marquee’ Live Swatch


‘All is Berry & Bright’ is a dusty deeper periwinkle shade. Not quite a blue, not quite a purple. A true blurple if you will.

With just a touch of unevenness on that first coat, it’s fully opaque in 2!

‘All is Berry & Bright’ Live Swatch


This one doesn’t quite have a matching shade, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this teal aqua holographic just as well. This is ‘Ready, Fête, Go’, and it’s one of the more apparent holos of the whole bunch. And such a gorgeous formula – you’ll see in the Reel it was basically opaque in just 1 coat. I went ahead and did 2 as I always do, but it was set from the start.

‘Ready, Fête, Go’ Live Swatch


Our next cream is ‘OPI to Party’. This is a super deep, warm-toned purple cream shade, perfect for any vampy moods during the cold weather. It was a little uneven on the 1st coat, but easily smooths out and is fully opaque with 2 coats.

‘OPI ♥ to Party’ Live Swatch


‘My Color Wheel is Spinning’ is a bright, warm-toned purple scattered holographic shade. Again with the rest of the holos, this had a super smooth and easy to work with formula, and was an easy 2 coats.

‘My Color Wheel is Spinning’ Live Swatch


Next up we have our one non-cream, non-holo shade. This is ‘Snow Day in LA’ and it’s a soft off-white with delicate silver shimmer that gives it a pearly finish. I did end up doing 3 coats for this one to give a truly smooth finish over my super ridged nails – but for most without these ridges you’ll be set with just 2 coats. This is super smooth and shows way less brushstrokes than other stronger pearl shades – so if you’ve been intimidated or haven’t loved pearl finishes before, this is a great option!

‘Snow Day in LA’ Live Swatch


Our last shade of the core release, and our last holographic shade is ‘Turn Bright After Sunset’, a black scattered holographic. And of course, that holo sparkle is going to pop way more against the deeper black background. Just like the others, an easy and smooth 2 coats here!

‘Turn Bright After Sunset’ Live Swatch


Now OPI usually does this with their holiday collections, where they have 12 core shades, and then 3 “special” shades. This year we have 3 glitter toppers! They’re all clear jelly bases with various sizes and colors of glitter pieces – so it’ll depend on your preferences which one you want, or all 3!

I’ve swatched all 3 up in this video over a white and black shade – so you can see them all in action! I always choose to swipe my brush over the nail a couple times to deposit pieces and spread them out evenly. I found all 3 of these picked up glitters very easily, I didn’t have to fish at all, and deposited a nice amount on the nail for a nice topper to any base.

Glitter Toppers Live Swatch Video


‘You Had Me at Confetti’ has red, gold, green and blue larger pieces, along with a mix of smaller colored glitters. But it’s mainly those “warmer” colors to remember the difference between the 3 – this one focuses on red, yellow, green and blue.


Meanwhile ‘Confetti Ready’ has scattered larger gold and black glitter pieces, some medium blue and purple glitters, and then filled in with smaller metallic pink glitter.


And lastly, ‘Cheers to Mani Years’ is similar to ‘You Had Me at Confetti’ size-wise, but features gold, green, blue and pink glitters all throughout. More of a “cool-toned” glitter.


WHEW! You’ve made it all the way to the end of that large collection! Lots of polishes and lots of swatches, lots of options to choose from! If you love creams, or if you love the holographics, they’re all gorgeous formulas and super easy to paint on. As always up to you if any shades catch your eye!


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