Orly ‘Momentary Wonders’ Winter 2021 Collection – Swatches/Review

We’re continuing right along with the holiday collections here, we’re DEEP into winter polishes now and there’s no going back.

Today we’re looking at the Orly release! This is the ‘Momentary Wonders’ collection and it features 6 super shimmery and sparkly shades. I got this with my Orly Color Pass which I’ve talked about a million times before. But if you’re new here, the Color Pass is a deal where you pay a full cost up front (or they recently added where you can pay for each box separately as well! Exciting!), and then throughout the year, the 4 seasonal Orly collections get shipper to you. Each box also always contains extra goodies as well – this box came with a nice sturdy hair clip and an extra polish!

Normally I always say these boxes are fantastic if you’re like me and looking to purchase all of the polishes anyways – it’s a great deal for that. But now especially that you can order one box at a time, that’s even better and you can try it out and see how you like it without the commitment!

Alright, that’s out of the way, let’s get into the swatches!


Starting it right off we have ‘Flight of Fancy’. This is a deep, warm-toned purple shimmery, almost metallic shade. This was a super smooth and easy 2 coat formula!

‘Flight of Fancy’ Live Swatch

As you can see there are some “brushstrokes” because of the shimmer in this polish – but I noticed most disappeared as it dried. They’ll be more noticeable here in these close up photos with my lighting as well, but you won’t notice them much in day to day life. But if you’re still worried about them, I suggest painting as straight as possible to help out. Or you can go further and sponge on the last coat as well for a truly smooth finish!


Continuing right in the same vein of that shimmer and sparkle, this next one is ‘Awestruck’. This is a super bright fuchsia shade in the same finish as ‘Flight of Fancy’ above. Easy 2 coats again for this formula!

‘Awestruck’ Live Swatch

And just like the other one, some brushstrokes with the shimmer. Again, you can paint straight to help out with it, or sponge on the final layer if you need something super smooth!


Continuing on we have ‘Dancing Embers’. This one was such a unique shade, both in holiday collections and my collection overall! It’s a bright, almost peachy, almost coral-toned orange shimmer. And another easy 2 coat formula for this one!

‘Dancing Embers’ Live Swatch

Again, some brushstrokes – especially on that middle shade, but most disappear and aren’t noticeable. So again, the same spiel where you can paint straight, or sponge.


Our next shade, ‘Touch of Magic’ is truly a magical shade! Just look at it! This is a super shimmery orange-coppery base that flashes to a bright pink and a bright yellow gold. This is more of a dense microglitter, so I did build it up in 3 coats. But it is fully opaque after those 3 coats, and just look at that sparkle.

‘Touch of Magic’ Live Swatch


‘Whispered Lore’ is an interesting almost olive green base that shifts from a bright gold all the way to an almost teal. Again, a thinner, almost microshimmer formula that I built up in 3 thinner coats! Super cool shade, and I love all of the unique looks in this collection.

‘Whispered Lore’ Live Swatch


And last up we have another shimmer bomb. This is ‘Ephemeral’, a pale white gold shimmer with dense yellow golden glitter to it that shifts to almost green. Again, more of a dense microglitter, but it builds up to fully opaque in 3 coats. Or it’s thin enough that it could be a lovely topper, especially over a deeper base shade!

‘Ephemeral’ Live Swatch


And that’s the collection! If you love glitter and shimmer, you’ll be fully covered with this collection. It’s got all of the sparkle you could ever hope for the holiday season. Some more sheer formulas that I built up with 3 coats, but overall they were still easy to paint on, and the coats went by quickly!

Do any shades catch your eye?


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