Sinful Colors x Saweetie ‘Made on Mars’ Halloween 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

Alright listen, I absolutely love when brands put out a special Halloween collection, and I think there should be more every year. It’s when even mainstream brands aren’t afraid to experiment and bring out unique finishes and polishes, and there’s never enough of that. Gimme the weird. At least China Glaze always gets the memo, and most years, so does Sinful Colors. And it’s one of those years, we are blessed.

Y’all know how much I love Sinful Colors – they’ve been on this blog from the very BEGINNING, and I’m so glad we’re still here together 5 years later. I remember way back when I first started blogging, and the first Halloween release I picked up from them. It’s one I still love! They’re one that often puts out interesting finishes and themed collections all year round, but ESPECIALLY at Halloween time, and this group is no exception.

This is the ‘Made on Mars’ collection, and it features 4 space themed shades in collaboration with Saweetie. They’ve had quite a few collections with Saweetie this year, and this is their newest in creative finishes. This is 4 shimmery shades that dry to a more matte finish, as well with an interesting, bumpy, almost moon rock texture. They all have stickers that say “Extraterrestrial Effects” and they’re not wrong. These won’t be for everyone, but if you love some weird, keep on reading.

I grabbed these from Walmart’s website. They seem to be out of stock individually, but you can still buy the pack of 4 polishes + a sheet of alien themed nail stickers for under $10. I never feel badly about recommending an entire collection when it’s this affordable.

I, of course, included live swatches of each shade. These ones are super interesting as they apply much differently than you’ll think based on the final product, and the look in the bottle. It’s also the first instance I’ve seen of wide brushes on a Sinful Colors polish, and I hope that continues because it made application even better. Let’s dive on in already!

Now all of these dry with the same texture. Not everyone will love them. They dry with more of an uneven speckled, almost “moon rock” like texture, not a solid even grainy finish like a Zoya PixieDust. But as mentioned, I’m here for some strange polishes. And a space themed Halloween collection is the place to really go for it.

Maybe you won’t love them. And that’s okay as well, as they’re definitely, well, special. This is an example of where swatches are super important – as it looks like a normal shimmery, glittery polish in the bottle, and then dries like this. 😂 I’ve seen quite a few people who were not expecting the final product, and that could definitely sway the opinion of the polish! If you’re looking for that shimmer you get when you first apply it, you could be sad that it’s lost with the more matte finish, and underneath some weird ass bumps. In the end, you could give a thick coat of top coat, to smooth out the texture and give that shimmer back. But it’s always nice to know what you’re getting into at the beginning!

I will also say there are bar glitters in them, though they end up being very subtle and not really seen in the end product. I do wish they were more prominent, or just left out entirely. They end up being covered by the polish, and I only got one here or there. It doesn’t ruin the effect for me, but it’s just something to note. Now to the individual colors!


This first one is ‘Baelien’ (all of the names crack me up as well), and it’s a peachy orange, almost brown toned base. As mentioned, 2 easy and smooth coats to paint on and no issues! With that thicker, shimmery first application, it makes it easy to apply, and doesn’t skip or need a thicker coat to fill in spaces between the texture, like more “sandy” polishes. These applied so nicely, even when going over existing coats and texture.

It can almost look like the surface of a planet, so I wish they had really committed and gone for a brick red, true Mars-toned shade. But I’ll take this one too.

Baelien Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Baelien
Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Baelien


‘Icy MonSTAR’ is a blue-toned almost steel gray shimmery base. (Unfortunately you do lose that silver shimmer a touch as it dries and mattifies as well – but it does end up giving it some more dimension, which you can see in the 2nd photo). These all have the same formula, so an easy and smooth 2 coats here. With that matte finish, they do also dry more quickly, making these great for a quick themed nail look.

Icy MonSTAR Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Icy MonSTAR
Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Icy MonSTAR


‘Big Mamaz Ship’ (again with these names) is a medium pink shimmery base. And just like the others, an easy and smooth 2 coat formula. If you like the finish, you won’t be disappointed by any of the formulas, all will be easy to work with!

Big Mamaz Ship Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Big Mamaz Ship
Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Big Mamaz Ship


Last up, and perfect to round out the alien theme, we have ‘Lil’ Beast’. This is a slime, alien green shimmery base, and it’s my favorite with the finish. Perfect for any space trip. Again 2 easy coats and so nice to apply!

Lil’ Beast Live Swatch

Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Lil’ Beast
Sinful Colors x Saweetie – Lil’ Beast


And that’s the collection! Like I said, it’s not going to be for everyone, and this is where I know swatches are going to be so helpful. But hey if you love some weird theme polishes like me, this could be right up your alley. All of the formulas are lovely, especially with that wide brush, and I hope Sinful Colors keeps that choice up! As always they keep innovating at such an affordable price, so I’m always so excited to see what’s next.


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2 thoughts on “Sinful Colors x Saweetie ‘Made on Mars’ Halloween 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I found these in the clearance bin at walmart for $0.19 each, so no explanation about the collection around . Applied Big Mamaz Ship expecting a shimmery pink and thought “i know i’m not good with nail polish but even I can’t mess it up so bad that it feels like I rolled my nails in sand”. Found this page and it explained things. The texture was pretty freaky feeling to me. Had to remove it. Not sure what I’m going to do with them because I got all the colors except Baelien. Did wind up with several other colors from the clearance bin and painted them all onto a piece of cardboard to make sure none of the others were oddly textured like this collection. I did figure out that painting seashells with nail polish works out really well, so maybe I use these to make some freaky seashells.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw I’m sorry you didn’t find this beforehand, but glad I could give some explanation! And definitely understand the texture is for sure not for everyone! I do love the seashell idea, those could be so fun! I know a thick coat of top coat could smooth it out as well on the nails and just give more of that shimmery look!


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