China Glaze ‘Street Regal’ Fall 2017 Collection

I’m in that weird phase with this collection, where it’s obviously not fall anymore, and it hasn’t been long enough to do a TBT post with this. So I’m just late and that’s fine.

I’m slowly working through the mound of nail polish that has to be swatched and reviewed in my drawers. I never meant to wait this long on a fall collection, but you know life happens. But I wanted to put it up anyways, because you know, it’s my blog and I can do what I want, and also I wasn’t going to let these beautiful colors sit around in my drawers unloved.

Now that I have this one up, I’m in a reasonable place with just having holiday collections to swatch through. It’s still winter, so I’m on my way. 2018 IS MY YEAR, I TELL YOU.

Anyways, let’s get this last fall collection done, shall we? This is called the ‘Street Regal’ collection, and features 12 shades, like any standard China Glaze collection. It’s full of elegant nudes, and lots of dark vampy shades, so you can feel like deadly royalty. I picked mine up from TransDesign.

So let’s get right into these swatches! I tried to do along the lines of lightest to darkest, but it’s not a set in stone way of order-wise. Enough jabbering.

‘Throne-In Shade’ is a warm toned nude cream. This had a smooth formula, and was almost opaque in 1 thicker coat. 2 easy coats made it completely opaque. This was one of those shades that you don’t want to manipulate too much, or else you’ll get more streaks and unevenness. But if you just lay it down and leave it, you’ll have this gorgeous nude shade.

It clashes a little with my cool toned skin, but you know, I don’t hate it. Good staple palette cleanser.


Up next is ‘Street Style Princess’, a lovely dove gray cream. This had a good first coat. There were some streaks, but they all evened out on the 2nd coat. This is another one that you don’t want to manipulate too much as well, like the shade above. The polish can run down the brush, so just make sure to wipe it off nicely to avoid flooding with too much polish.


Next is the one shade I was most excited to try. This is ‘Accent Piece’ and it’s a glowing yellow-orange shimmer shade. Absolutely stunning, and I love unique colors like this.

Another smooth formula that can be opaque in 1 thicker coats, or two thinner ones like you see here. The formula is thick enough that it doesn’t run, so if you put that thicker coat on, you won’t flood your cuticles. Unf, just look at that gorgeous shimmer peeking through. I thought this shade was just stunning.


China Glaze always has to have at least one matte shade in every collection, and Street Regal’s matte is ‘Just a Little Embellishment’. This is dark, more blue-toned teal shade. This isn’t one of those crazy mattes where you have no time to paint it before it dries. You can put it on smoothly and carefully, but swipe it on, and then leave it – if you keep manipulating it, you’ll get ridges. I also found this can skip if there’s not enough polish on the brush, so make sure it’s a little more loaded – the formula is easy to control, even when put on thickly.

This was opaque in 1 coat for me, although I did 2 thicker ones to even out some ridges. On smaller nails, a thicker coat can get a little messy, so just paint carefully and with straight strokes.


Here’s ‘Just a Little Embellishment’ with a top coat as well. I think I like it matte more. It just seems more regal to me, ya know. But glossy is beautiful as well.


Up next is one of my favorites. This is ‘Baroque Jungle’, and it’s a deep emerald base with bright green shimmer. I was surprised at how apparent the shimmer is on the nails, and it’s just stunning. This was pretty much opaque in 1 coat – all of these deeper shimmer shades have stunning formulas – and the shimmer just gives it so much depth.


I also took one picture with flash to show how much the shimmer pops. So if you put this baby in the sunlight, it’s going to be blinding.


‘Rock N Royale’ is a quintessential fall color – a nice deep brick red cream. This had some uneven spots with one coat, that were easily covered up in 2. Another easy, smooth formula, no complaints here.


‘Born to Rule’ is one of those stunning cobalt blue cream shades I can’t get enough of in my collection. This had a thinner formula that ran down the brush, and was a little sheer on the first coat. But it was smooth and opaque in 2 coats, and just looks so squishy and rich in color.


Got a little messy on this next swatch, didn’t I. This is ‘Dawn of a New Reign’, a nice royal purple cream. You couldn’t get away with not putting a royal purple in a Regal collection. This was one that was opaque in 1 easy coat. A stunning cream shade.


Be still my heart. I cannot get enough of soft gold shades like this. I mean, just look at it, it’s practically glowing off my nails. This is ‘Truth is Gold’ and I love it. Yes it does show brush strokes as any metallic would, but they’re not super bad. This is also opaque in 1 thicker coat, and I love it.

I can’t wait to have every single shade of gold that has ever existed. Just gimme them all.


‘Haute & Heavy’ is a dark gray base with lots of shimmers in it. I managed to pick up some of the scattered green shimmer in this, but it’s not super apparent. This, and all the next were opaque in 1 easy coat.


‘Royal Pain in the Ascot’ was anything but. This shimmery jewel red shade can be opaque in 1 thicker coat. If you do 2 thinner coats, you’ll see how much the color darkens, and how much richer it gets on the 2nd coat. The shimmer gives it lovely depth and dimension, and I do truly feel like a killer queen wearing this.


Last but certainly not least is ‘Glamcore’. And I get it, China Glaze, this IS Glamcore. This is a dark, almost black purple base with gorgeous red-purple shimmer. The shimmer is a little more subtle on this, but it still gives the base a lovely depth and glow to it. This was another with a beautiful color, and opaque in 1 easy coat.


So there’s your China Glaze Fall 2017 collection! I love fall collections – I love the deep vampy colors, and brands always seem to knock it out of the park with the formulas. I definitely was not disappointed on that aspect with this collection. No polish needed more than 2 coats, and it was full of shimmers and different finishes.

I loved the pop of unique colors with ‘Accent Piece’ and the rich jewel tones with ‘Baroque Jungle’, ‘Royal Pain in the Ascot’, and ‘Glamcore’. And ‘Truth is Gold’ is stunning. Can’t complain about a beautiful gold. So if you see a color in here that makes you say gimme, go for it, because they all have beautiful formulas.

Alright, so now at least I’m finally caught up with all the fall collections. LOLZ. I’m working my way through holiday collections, as companies are already dropping sneak previews of Spring collections! It goes fast here in the nail polish world!

But lots of reviews coming your way!

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