Wet N Wild ‘Flights of Fancy’ Collection

Lord, I can’t keep up with Wet N Wild! They just announced a whole new collection based on Zodiac signs, and it’s dropping so soon!

So just in time, I gotta talk about their last collection! (I swear I’m going to be a little more timely reviewing the next one).

Anyways, their collection for summer was called ‘Flights of Fancy’ and it had a hummingbird theme all throughout. In fact, portions of sales from it went to benefit hummingbirds and the Audubon Society! I love the cause.

Of course, I had to buy the box again. I love that they come out with these bundles (for us crazies who know they want everything). This bundle is still available for purchase on Ulta’s website for $35! It’s always such a good discount to get so many of the products. There are some products available individually that aren’t in the box as well, and I noted them in each section.


Of course, it’s all nicely packaged. Just look at that presentation. And as you can see, lots of products, so let’s get right into it! It’ll be long, but you can scroll to the different sections to see what you’re looking for – individual products are still available on Wet N Wild’s website, as well in Walgreens stores!


If you order the entire box collection, you get this cute little pin with a hummingbird on it! I love this little touch.


Alright let’s start with the primer spray! This is the ‘Photofocus Primer Water Spray’ and you can buy this individually as well for $4.99. You get a solid amount of product in the bottle, 1.69fl oz, so it’s a good price.


The nozzle is super small, so you get a very fine mist all over the face. Although, it’s almost too fine? I felt mine would spray almost a ring of spray around, and I wasn’t sure that I was getting any product on my face, so I would just keep spraying it more and more. But I found if I did an X pattern while spraying, it seemed to help. But I still felt like I went through this so fast as I was just trying to feel it on the face.

Once this was on the skin and dried down, I definitely noticed it gave my skin a little sticky finish. That’s definitely something to help the foundation stick down more. I didn’t notice it making the foundation apply patch either, so that’s good.

Did it overall help the staying power of my foundation? Maybe. I didn’t notice a huge difference whether or not I had this under my foundation. But I really haven’t used a lot of primer sprays, so I really don’t have anything to compare it to. Primers overall haven’t done a huge amount for my makeup yet, so I can’t fully comment on it. I’ve been using this more as a spray after all of my powders, to just refresh and meld everything together more. Overall it’s refreshing on the face (when I can actually feel it spraying), and I’ll use it up, but not repurchase.



Up next is the ‘Perfect Pout’ Lip Scrub. There are two different flavors of this, ‘Citrus Elixir’, and the one I have here called ‘Pecker Up’ (that name might be a little scandalous, sorry, I went there). ‘Pecker Up’ comes in the box, and both flavors can be purchased individually as well for $3.99.


It’s a small little container but you still do get a lot of product.


As you can see, it’s very tightly packed in there. This is a drier lip scrub, so it can be a little tough to dig the product out of the container. It’s definitely messy since it’s drier, so if you get too much product on your lips at one time, the extra will fall off. So I recommend having just getting a little bit – it’ll stick to your finger and lips better, and just scrubbing that around. The particles are big, so you’ll definitely get a lot of scrub to get all the dead skin off. Depending on how much pressure you use, you can definitely scrub intensely. It won’t be super moisturizing, so I suggest following up with a balm.

It has a sweet scent, like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher, and does have a sweet taste – it doesn’t taste exactly like candy, like there’s a little other product in there, but you’re not going to spit it out if you have extra product on your lips that you lick off. Since you get a lot of product this is a good affordable option for a scrub!



Up next are one of my favorite pieces of the collection. These are the ‘ColorIcon’ Lip Glosses. Included in the box (from left to right here) are ‘Fly Gal’, ‘Featherless’, ‘Pout of Paradise’, and ‘Shut the Pluck Up’. ‘Featherless’ is only available as part of the box, and then there is one other shade not included in the box. It’s called ‘Love Bird Affair’ and is a bright red. You can buy that one, and the 3 other colors individually for $3.99.


They come in a clear plastic tube, with a lovely patterning of birds on the caps. It’s just not a sticker or a wrap just on the plain caps, it’s actually printed right on there, so it’s very nice.


It has a flat doe foot applicator, that holds onto a lot of product, so I don’t have to dip in multiple times to get my whole lips. With the lighters shades, being precise isn’t too much of a priority. I love slapping them on for a casual lip. With the two darker shades, it can be a little harder to get a more precise line. You can use the tip of the applicator to get a thin line, but if you have smaller lips, it might be a little more difficult to remain inside the lines.


These surprised me! These had more pigment than I thought they would. And all of the shades applied smoothly on the lips, without patches.

From bottom to top: ‘Fly Girl’ is a light cool toned pink, ‘Featherless’ is a peachy pink, ‘Pout of Paradise’ is a rusty orange shade and ‘Shut the Pluck Up’ is a warm toned bright berry shade.


It’s time for me to rave y’all. I’ve been slowly getting more and more into lip glosses and these are a big reason why. Like I said, these apply so smoothly to the lips, and are so moisturizing. It says they’re filled with Vitamin E and Murumuru Seed Butter, and you can feel it just plumping and moisturizing your lips while you wear it. These aren’t sticky at all, and feel a little thicker on the lips when you rub them together, like a nice lip balm.

And even though these are more moisturizing glosses, I found they last pretty well on the lips. Now they’re not going to be a long wearing liquid lip or anything like that. But for a gloss, these last very well on the lips. I found after light snacking, and drinking water, there would still be color on the lips. Of course some is going to transfer to a glass, but there will still be product left on your lips. They wear away nicely, and with the light two shades I love being able to just throw them on for an easy lip. I am here for it, bring on the glosses.


Up next is the product that everyone has been going crazy for. And for good reason.

While I love all of the limited edition highlights that they’ve brought in recent collections, I also love that they switched it up for this one! Instead they brought out baked blushes! These are the ‘ColorIcon Baked Blushes’ and they come in 3 shades. These can all be bought individually as well for $4.99.

They’re the traditional square packaging, like all of their highlights, with a little chevron pattern across the top.


They have a raised hummingbird design in the middle of them. I really love all of the details.



From left to right: ‘Don’t Flutter Yourself’ a peachy pinky shade with a gold flash, ‘Hummingbird Hype’ a bronzey orangey shade, and ‘Dare to Soar’ a darker bright pink shade.


These blushes are absolutely beautiful. On my fair skin, all 3 show up with a lot of color – if you’re deeper, the two left shades can look more like highlights.

Compared to the two highlights from the Goth-o-Graphic collection, these feel even smoother. They are called a baked formula, but it’s not the baked formula you would get from say Elf baked blushes, or other more traditional baked products. These feel so silky and smooth to the touch. They pick up product with ease, and apply so smoothly to the cheeks.

As you can see, they are very shimmery, so they’re going to give a sheen to the skin as they’re applied. They do have slight small glitter all throughout as well, so that can be left behind as they fade away, though I don’t notice my face just shining. These last very well on the cheeks and give a wonderful glow. The middle shade gives a bronzed look to my skin, and I love it for a more neutral cheek.

I absolutely loved these, and I hope they’re something they keep permanent and bring out more colors in! Definitely my favorite pieces of the collection.


Next are the 3 eyeshadow quads. They look like their other style of quads. Each has one matte shade, and then 3 more shimmery ones. All 3 are available individually as well for $2.99 each.


The names are only on the stickers on top of the packages, which can be a little annoying, since you have to be a little more careful to keep it on there, but small detail.


From left to right is ‘Stop Ruffling My Feathers’, ‘Flock Party’, and ‘Hasta La Costa Baby’.


Since I found all 3 had a similar formula, I’m going to talk about it at the end. But here are the individual swatch pictures!

First up, the quad: ‘Stop Ruffling My Feathers’. This has the darkest matte shade, a cool toned brown. And then a rosy champagne shade, a bright coppery shimmer, and a rose gold shimmer (darker than the blush).




‘Flock Party’ has a very light orange matte shade, a light pinky shimmery shade, a more antique gold shimmer, and a dark fuchsia shimmer.



And lastly, ‘Hasta La Costa Baby’ has a light warm brown matte shade, an icy shimmer, a beautiful dark purple shimmer, and a bright aqua shimmer.





Now for the formula of these. I’m a little torn.

The mattes are smooth and blendable, like they are in the other quads. However, all 3 are very light shades – ‘Stop Ruffling My Feathers’ had the darkest brown, and once blended out, it’s still not super dark. Especially that orange in ‘Flock Party’, it took some building to really show up even on my skin. So if you’re darker than me, it could be a little struggle to build up these mattes.

As for the shimmers, they vary. In all 3 quads, the ‘browbone’ shades pick up well, and are a nice shimmer across the lid. They are smooth and nice across the lids. Now, the other shades, once built up on the lids are beautiful. But they take some work to get there. Especially with the eyelid shades, I felt like I really had to dig into them to pick up color and build it up on the lids. It almost felt like hard pan was forming over the shades, and I had to dig in and almost break back into the shade and crumble it. It’s a shame, because especially that blue and purple shade on the lid are STUNNING. They’re so dimensional and great. It just sucks that you have to work for them.

So if you’re willing to work for these, there are shades that are just stunning and pop off the lid, and add to the beauty of a look. But I don’t know what happened, and why they became so difficult. Overall, not the best, and a little disappointing compared with their other quads, and with the super light matte shades, it won’t be for everyone. They were almost there, and something was just a little off. Decide how much you want to work for these colors pictured.


The last two pieces are the liquid eyeliners included in the box. One is metallic, and one is matte. There is one other matte eyeliner that you can purchase individually called ‘You Are My Wingman’, which is a peachy pink shade. I think that’s such a different color for a liner, I just might have to pick it up.

You can buy all 3 individually for $2.99.

They have a nice gradient packaging with the color of the liner inside. Again, those little details in all of the products.


The writing on the outside is either metallic or matte depending on the eyeliner as well.


They have the traditional brush tip applicator that all of Wet N Wild’s eyeliners have. These ones do seem to be thinner and better cut than the ones in the Goth-o-Graphic collection, so that was a definite improvement. The metallic formula as well is a lot less thick and chunky, so a little better from the last ones.


These are the two eyeliners. The metallic yellow gold is ‘Gilded Wings’ and the matte dark green shade is ‘Winged N’ Wild’.


Now for me, these liners were just so-so. They varied between metallic and matte formulas, so I’ll talk about each individually.

‘Gilded Wings’, the metallic gold was pretty okay. It was a little better than the ones in the Goth-o-Graphic collection, in that the tip was finer and it was a little bit easier to make a wing out of it. But it was still a little thicker formula, and I felt like I had to work and go over places to get a smooth finish, and to build up the color. And even though it was a little easier to get a wing, I had to go over it again and again to get opaque, so you lose that preciseness. It’s nice to put gold accents, but I don’t know if I love it as a precise liner.

And then there’s ‘Winged N’ Wild’, the matte forest green. This shows up as just a couple steps below black, so it gives a little softer look to the eyes than a stark black. It goes on very smooth, and very dark, and I find I can very easily flick out the brush for a sharp wing.

However, this liner takes a while to dry. And for my super hooded eyes, that isn’t lovely. I just have to make sure I continue looking down until its completely dry or I stamp it onto my upper eyelids which isn’t cute. And this has no lasting power if it gets wet at all. Whether its rain or you’re crying, this is gone so easily. It stays throughout my work day, but if I sweat or anything or rub at it accidentally, it’s gone. I’ve also had issues with it accidentally getting onto the ends of my lashes and then when I open my eyes, stamping liner onto my upper lids as well.

Overall, not my favorite. If the green one had staying power, it would be a top one based on how easily it applies. But it doesn’t, so they’re both just meh. I’ll be using it up, because I do like it as an everyday liner, it just took some time to get used to, and it’s not going to stand up to any challenges. But there are better lasting eyeliners out there.

I swear, they’re trying. They’re trying to get that affordable eyeliner formula down, and they’re getting there.


So once again, you have some hits, and some okay products. But I do think this collection landed better than than the Goth-o-Graphic collection.

For sure pick up the glosses, and the blushes. Those were just amazing. The lip scrub is also good if you’re looking for an affordable option!

Okay: the eyeshadow quads, if you’re willing to work for them. The matte liner is good as well, if you’re not putting it through too much.

The primer and the metallic gold were just a pass for me.

So no true incredible fails! Optimism! I just love that they’re constantly taking risks and trying out new products in their collections. I can only hope they come out with more shades of the blushes and lip glosses! I think Wet N Wild is just constantly raising the bar for affordable products. They have me under their spell so I’m going to keep buying their products and trying them out.

I can’t wait for their next collections!

Now y’all, I love Wet N Wild as a brand, but as you can see above, I’m not afraid to be honest if something performs just okay. I promise, I’m always honest in my reviews.


As always, there’s lots of reviews on their way after this. I gotta get through all these summer collections and products while the weather is still warm, and the fall collections take over (they’re already being previewed!!). So of course, stay tuned for lots of nail polish and makeup on its way!


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