Wet N Wild ‘Flights of Fancy’ Nail Polish Collection

With Wet N Wild’s recent summer collection, the ‘Flights of Fancy’, they also put out a fun little nail collection! It’s been so long since they’ve put out any limited edition shades of their polish (their Megalast formula is SO good) and I’ve really missed them. The limited edition shades were always so good, and it was before I was really into blogging, so I missed out on all the pretties.

So when I saw they had this, I knew I had to pick it up, because of the crazy collector in me. It quickly sold out on the website, but I stumbled upon it at my local grocery store not too long after, and basically danced in the aisles. I know it might be a little hard to find, but it’s out there somewhere! And I still just wanted to show them in case someone saw them!

These are definitely smaller bottles. They’re only 0.24 fl oz, whereas in comparison a normal bottle of OPI or most other polishes is 0.5fl oz. So they’re about half the size of a normal bottle of polish. These were $2 each as well, so still very affordable.

Since they’re part of the ‘Flights of Fancy’ collection, they have the same detailing on the caps that the glosses had as well. Definitely fun to have out to display.

Let’s get into the formulas and swatches!

‘Tou-can Play That Game’ is a bright coral-y orange cream shade. This had a smooth 1st coat. It had some visible nail line after 1, but it was fully covered in an easy 2 coats. Not the most unique shade, but it’s bright and fun for summer!


The other cream shade is a bright medium toned pink called ‘Bird in Bloom’. This one had a stunning formula, and was opaque in 1 easy coat. This is another shade I have a million of, but that formula was so beautiful.


Now we’re into the metallics and shimmers.

This first one is ‘Fly With Envy’, a metallic dark forest green. If you were in a hurry and didn’t care as much, you could get away with 1 coat on this one. There’s some nail line, and some of the thinner areas showed in my bright lights, but they were all evened out and perfected on an easy 2 coats.


The shimmery metallic blue version of that is ‘Bird’s Eye View’. This is quite the deep sapphire blue, and had a stunning formula. This was opaque in 1 thicker coat, and it was so smooth to control. This will be beautiful in the fall time as well.


‘Tweet-er Party’ (I laughed at this name) is a shimmery bright purple shade. This one had a more sheer formula than I was expecting, so it’ll definitely need a 2nd coat. It was opaque in a 2nd thicker coat, and I loved that there weren’t any sort of brush strokes with these more metallic shades.


This last shade was my absolute favorite, and the standout of the collection. This is ‘The High Life’ and it’s so full of sparkles and shimmer and I can’t stop looking at it. There was some nail line on 1 coat, but 2 coats evened it out, and that shimmer is just, I can’t.


Pictures just don’t do it justice, it’s even more stunning in person. There’s bigger pieces of glitters all throughout, as well as that stunning green and gold shimmer, and if you only get one, make it this one.



So there’s this fun little collection! It’s not the most groundbreaking of shades and colors – except for ‘The High Life’, but the collector in me loves having them. I loved the little details on the cap. They are a higher price point compared to how much product you actually get, but I enjoyed having them.

They’re not absolutely can’t miss products, but if you see them and like them, there’s no harm in picking them up, as they all have nice formulas as well. ‘The High Life’ is the one unique shade and I totally recommend.

So there’s this quick little post! Got a couple more summer reviews on the way, and always lots of new polish and makeup to talk about!

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