Essie Summer 2018 Collection

We’re continuing on with the summer collections! We’re basically halfway through the summer now! How’s it been for you? I’ve honestly had a great summer so far, and am looking forward to some cooler temperatures and sunny days.

I’ve got a typical 6 bottle collection from Essie to talk about today! It’s loosely based on the festival theme we’ve been seeing pop up throughout all the makeup and nail collections. There are 4 creams and 2 shimmers. Let’s get right into it!

‘Young, Wild & Me’ is a neutral rosy shade (reminds of the famous ‘Rue’ from Zoya’. It’s a perfect neutral for my fair pink toned skintone. This had a fairly easy formula, good on a 2nd coat. This was one you don’t want to manipulate too much, or it can get a little uneven – I used my 2nd coat to smooth any of it out. But overall, an easy formula to work with, and a good palette cleanser.


Next up is ‘Empower-mint’. It’s a well, you guessed it, mint shade. This leans a little more blue toned than others, but of course, we needed a mint shade. This had a thinner first coat, but I was about to get it opaque with a 2nd thicker one. This was another that you don’t want to manipulate too much, or else you can cause some uneven patches.


‘The Fuchsia is Bright’ is a bright fuchsia shade (sorry, what else is there to say). This had another easy formula and could pretty well be opaque on 1 thicker coat. There were some uneven patches, but a 2nd coat easily covered those.


The last of the creams is ‘Making Harmony’. This is a deep eggplant purple. There’s a touch of warmth to it. This was another that could very well be opaque on 1 thicker coat. The formula is a little thicker as well, so doing those coats is easy to control and won’t flood the cuticles. If you’re doing thinner coats, it would just be an easy 2 coats.


Up next are the two shimmer shades that are really the standouts of the collection.

First up, the crowd favorite. This is ‘Sunny Daze’ and it’s the one I was most excited for when I first saw this collection. It’s a soft caramel shade with tons of gold shimmer throughout. It had a good 1st coat, with some nail line still showing. But a 2nd easy coat evened it out and really let the shimmer shine.

I love a good weird shade like this, and from Essie it’s even better. At this point with my collection, it takes a lot to be unique, and this is definitely something I don’t have any sort of dupe for! Stunning, and I love it.


The last shade is ‘All Daisy Long’. This is a light pearly shade with tons of green and pink shimmer throughout. 1 coat on the nails gives them that nice, perfected nail look. There was some visible nail line, but it go surprisingly opaque with a 2nd coat.

In my bright lights here at certain angles, it’s going to show some visible nail line with a 2nd coat, depending on how white your nail tips are, which you can see on my pinky. But at other angles it’ll be opaque.


Here I showed it in more of indirect light, to show how it changes. Here it looks smoother and even more opaque. It was hard to pick up, but away from the lights, the green shimmer really showed. When it was under my bright lights, it was more of a pink shimmer, so it really changes and shifts which I love.


It’s definitely a more unique shade, and the finish might not be everyone’s taste, but I loved it and the different shimmers and shifts.


So that’s your Essie Summer 2018 collection! There’s some standard creams, but they had great formulas. The standouts for me were the shimmers! They took more of a risk and did something more unique and I was really loving it. I always love something a little different.

Overall all the formulas were great and I have no complaints! If you see any colors that you like, I would recommend picking them up! A solid collection from Essie, with a little different selection of colors than we’re used to for summer. No complaints here!

It’s crazy that it’s almost the end of July already! Summer is going by so fast, but don’t worry, there’s still some more summer collections to talk about! Stay tuned for lots more reviews!

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