Sinful Colors ‘Wild at Heart’ Neons 2018


Can you tell I’m excited?

Normally Sinful Colors is putting out 25 (slight exaggeration) collections every year, so I notice when there’s a little lull in new polishes from them. The last big release was the Vanessa Hudgens collection and that seems like forever ago now. They didn’t put out a 4th of July collection, so when I saw teasers of these neons, I got so excited.

Just Sinful Colors, take my money.

This is the ‘Wild At Heart’ collection, and it features 6 limited edition Neon shades, as well as a white base and top coat. I found these in a display at Walgreens. These retail for $2.99 instead of the normal $2. They do this for the special collections, so I wasn’t surprised.

Let’s just get right into the swatches, shall we?

Like I said, they put out an Illuminating Base as part of the collection. It’s called ‘White on White’, and is well, a standard white. This was pretty good on 1 coat. There are still streaks, so if you wanted to wear it on its own, you’ll need a 2nd coat. But as a base underneath these shades, it was good on 1 coat and pretty well smooth.

It can take a little bit to dry, but it’s a good white base. I’m glad to add it to my collection to have for swatches.

white on white, sinful colors, wild at heart
‘White on White’ Illuminating Base

So let’s get into the actual colors!

For all of these swatches, I have the polish just on its own on the pointer and middle finger, and then over one coat of the ‘White on Time’ base on the ring and pinky fingers to show if the white base makes any difference!

Up first is the more purple toned of the two pinks, ‘Safari Not Sorry’. This is a darker, more bubblegum pink with purple-blue shimmer. If you’re painting it on its own, it’s going to be 2-3 thinner coats. Over white, you could almost get away with 1 thicker coat or 2 thinner ones, though make sure to let the base really dry because it almost wanted to pull it when I applied it.

With this one, you can see a difference in the color with the white underneath. On it’s own, it’s going to be a little darker and show more of that blue flash. Over white, it’s brighter and more pink toned.

Safari Not Sorry

Now it’s the more coral toned pink. This is ‘Bird of Paradise’, a bright coral tone pink shade with very subtle and scattered shimmer. This took 3 thinner coats to build up to bright and opaque on its own – although it dries fast, so 3 coats wasn’t too bad. I used 2 over white, and you can see there really wasn’t any difference in color or brightness. The white will take longer to dry here, so I suggest just forgoing it and building it up on its own.

But look how bright she is, she’s worth a couple more coats.

bird of paradise, sinful colors, wild at heart
Bird of Paradise

Now this one is the brightest of the bunch, and is just eye popping. This is ‘Off Tropic’, a super bright yellow orange with that orange shimmer just making it glow. I did use thicker coats and more of a careful application with this one, to really make sure to smooth and float it on the nails. On it’s own, I built it up with 2 thicker coats, or just 1 thicker coat over the white.

Again, there’s not a huge difference in brightness using the white base underneath, this is another that doesn’t necessarily need the base. It might be a touch smoother with white, but it’s nothing that’ll be so noticeable.

Off Tropic

‘Palm Down’ is the bright shimmer green shade. This was another I used a little more careful application to make sure it was nice and smooth. This was another that builds up on its own in 2 coats, or 1 thicker coat over white.

Another that didn’t change entirely that much with or without white. With my ridgey nails it’s a little smoother, but for most people, there isn’t much difference.

palm down, sinful colors, wild at heart
Palm Down

This next one is the one with the most difference between the color on its own, and over white. This is ‘Poison Arrow’ and it’s a light blue base with gorgeous yellow-green shimmer. On its own was an easy 2 coats, or 1 easy coat over white.

As you can see, on its own the green shimmer really stands out a lot more. Over white, it’s so much more blue toned. It’s cool that you can have two different looks with this polish depending on its base.

Poison Arrow

Here I showed one coat – one coat over bare nails on its own, and then one coat over the white base to really show the difference in the polishes. Here you can see how much of a difference there is. Over white it’s so blue, and on its own, the green shimmer really shines through.

sinful colors, amazon woman, wild at heart
Poison Arrow – 1 coat on its own vs. 1 coat over white

The last color in the collection is ‘Amazon Woman’, a super bright purple shade. This had a thinner formula than the others. I got it opaque with a 2nd thinner coat on its own. Over the white, it was a little streaky with just 1 coat, I needed a 2nd coat to smooth out some uneven patches. A 3rd coat of either of them just brightens up the color.

As you can see, it’s another that the white base doesn’t really do too much difference to the color and brightness. It’s another that I think you can just as easily build it up on its own!

sinful colors, amazon woman
Amazon Woman

So those are the new neons! These are even brighter in person, and I love them! They’re so fun, and I love a new finish and formula from Sinful Colors. They continually put out new and fun things.

For most of these, you can see that you don’t really need the white base. There are really only 2 that change color – ‘Poison Arrow’ especially. Otherwise, you can just easily build them up on their own. I love these and I think they’re perfect for the summer. And you can’t beat the price! … Maybe I’m too in love with these.

As always, stay tuned for lots more reviews – I’ve been in a single shadow buying spree, so I can’t wait to show you those, and make some different looks with them! I can’t believe it’s almost August already, where is summer going??? But I do love fall so much, so I also can’t wait for the deep dark shades. What colors do you like more, the bright summer shades or deep vampy fall shades?

Fall collections are well on their way, but I still have a lot of summer to review, so don’t worry. Follow me to keep up with all of it!

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One thought on “Sinful Colors ‘Wild at Heart’ Neons 2018

  1. Thank you for your comparisons with and without the base… I bought the last four and now I’m a little bit regretting getting the white base. Though Poison Arrow does look super cool both ways so maybe I won’t regret it :]

    I love that Palm Down is not the typical lime, neon green. It may not be a true neon, but they went a different direction which is nice to see.

    After last year, it feels like there has been a serious Sinful Colors drought!

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