China Glaze ‘OMG! Flashback’ 10th Anniversary Collection


China Glaze has brought out their OMG! Flashback collection. This is a 6 piece collection of holographic nail polishes, that are inspired by the original ‘OMG’ collection that came out 10 years ago. They have special holographic caps as well.

It seems like they pretty well redid all of the same shades, except for one called ‘LOL’. They all still have the text-lingo based names as well.

If you’re not sure what holographic is, it means that shimmery sparkly fun that shows the full spectrum of the rainbow when under bright lights. It’s one of my favorite things, and before this not too popular in the mainstream polish world. But now we have 6 new shades from China Glaze!

I picked these up from, but you can also find them on and in Sally Beauty stores.

Now let’s talk about the polishes!

I found all of these had pretty much the same formula, so I’m just going to talk about it quick here, and then go through the individual swatches!

For all of these, I found it had such a beautiful formula. It could pretty well be opaque on 1 easy thicker coat. However, a 2nd coat will help the color deepen up, and really bring out the holographic finish.

All of my photos are under bright lights, so it really brings out the holographic finish. Under normal lighting, they won’t be as crazy, but the holo flash is still evident! These are so beautiful, and I love that a mainstream brand did this. I hope this is a start of a trend…

Now, the individual swatches!

The silver holo and namesake of the collection is ‘OMG’. Being a silver this has one of the strongest holo effects out of all of them.

China Glaze OMG

Next up is ‘TTYL’. This has a nice rusty, orange-red base to it. I do like this unique base color.

China Glaze TTYL

‘BFF’ is a bright pink toned purple base with the holo shimmer.

China Glaze BFF

The light purple based one is ‘IDK’. This is a cool toned, almost lilac base shade. This is another that had a super strong holo shift to it.

China Glaze IDK

The cooler toned blue shade is ‘2NITE’. This almost has a touch of purple to it as well.

China Glaze 2NITE

And last but certainly not least is ‘DV8’. This is a super bright aqua blue base shade. As you can see, this one had the least holographic effect in the bunch. It’s a little harder to notice, but it’s still a beautiful base shade.

China Glaze DV8

So that’s your holotastic China Glaze collection! All of these are honestly so beautiful, and I really don’t have a negative thing to say.

Now, if you’re deep into the world of indie nail polish, the ones who really have perfected the holographic formula, these might not seem that exciting. But for the mainstream nail polish world? This is something so unique.

Mainstream holo doesn’t happen too often, and I’m so glad to see it’s starting to trickle on down into the normal polish world! I can only hope this is the beginning of crazy finishes and combinations inspired by the indie polish world! I’ll love to see where it goes from here.

I have the China Glaze Summer 2018 collection coming up soon – one of the last summer collection posts to go! As always, so many reviews are on their way, so follow me to stay up to date with them all!


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