Sally Hansen ‘School’s Out’ Collection

You ever accidentally take a 2 week break? Welp, here I am. It got a little busy in here and then I had friends in from London! Showing them around the big city for 5 days was a great time, and we were so active each day that there was definitely not any time for blogging or painting nails. My polish is so chipped, and I’m catching up on chores, but it was such a good time.

So I’m back! It’s time to finish up these gosh dang summer collections already! Today was a little chillier and it gave me a little taste of fall, and lemme tell ya, I’m excited for it.


Today we’re talking about another expansion to the Sally Hansen x Crayola collaboration. This time they added 6 new shades in a summer collection called ‘School’s Out’. (If you’re like me and graduated college a year ago, school is always out. AYYY. I’m sorry).

Just like the summer collection, these have the wider, flat cut brushes. These are nice to paint the nail in one easy stroke, but make it a little difficult to round out the cuticle nicely, so it can get a little messy. Small complaint.

But let’s get right into these individual swatches now! I’ll be doing them in numerical order.

The numbers continue right on after the Spring collection, so we let’s start with 520 – ‘Atomic Tangerine’. This is a super bight Crayon orange shade. This one has the beautiful formula of the original release of these shades and is pretty well opaque in 1 easy coat. This was a smooth, beautiful formula.

I compared this shade to a shade from the original release down below as well.


521 – ‘Inchworm’ is my absolute favorite of the collection. This is a bright chartreuse green (I googled to make sure that was the right color I was talking about). This one was a little uneven on the first coat, so it will need 2 coats. But it was fully opaque and easy on the 2nd coat.

And just look at that color! It’s so unique and I love that they included it!


522 – ‘Bluetiful’ is that typical cobalt blue shade that we’ve seen many times over. Not much else to say about the color. This was another that was good on 1 easy coat – although I had some ridges poking through that I smoothed over with another coat.

This was another that I compared down at the end of the post!


523 – ‘Razzle Dazzle Rose’ is a bright pink shade with the slightest leaning towards a fuchsia. Another I got opaque in 1 easy thicker coat. Again, if you have ridgey nails like mine, you might need a 2nd coat to even it out.

I think this is a lovely shade that can transition from summer to fall easily!


Up next is this beautiful bright coral shade. This is 524 – ‘Wild Watermelon’ and I can hold onto summer a little longer to keep wearing colors like these. Another that was opaque in 1 easy coat, or 2 to smooth out some ridges.

It just glows off the nails and I’m in love.


Lastly we have the more nude shade of the bunch. This is aptly named 525 – ‘Apricot’ and well, it’s an apricot color. This was the only one that really needed a 2nd coat no matter what. It was pretty well good on 2 coats, but overmanipulating it can cause some uneven patches across the nails, so really just float the brush on the nail and leave it alone. This was also one that seemed to take longer to dry as well.

So not my favorite formula wise, but I do love the color, so go forth at your own risk.


Now a couple comparisons. This is where I get a lil annoyed, I’ll admit.

So first I compared ‘Atomic Tangerine’ to a shade from the original release, ‘Sunset Orange’. As you can see they’re basically identical.


Same with ‘Bluetiful’ from this collection compared to ‘Denim’ from the very first release. If I’m trying to kid myself, I can say that ‘Denim’ is almost a tiny bit darker, but it’s nothing . you can’t notice.


So yeah, I’m a little annoyed that they put two identical colors in this new release. For most normal people just picking these up normally, if you have the ones from the first release, you don’t need these again.

If you’re a crazy collector like me, it’s a little annoying to have two of the same. There are so many other color crayons out there, come on Crayola.

So that’s the newest expansion from the Sally Hansen Crayola collection. Overall, there’s a lot of good formulas in here. ‘Apricot’ wasn’t my favorite, but it was still a nice color. Although there were some repeat colors, I’m still excited for this collaboration to continue expanding! I am a slave to them so I’ll continue to collect and review it.


We got the China Glaze Summer collection coming up next, as well as a boatload of new Wet N Wild products ready to be reviewed! As long as they just keep releasin’ em like wildfire, then I’ll just keep reviewing them. As always, lots of new stuff and reviews to talk about, so stay tuned!


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2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen ‘School’s Out’ Collection

  1. Dude, no need to apologize for a two week break… some of us take unannounced 3 month breaks and expect everyone to still love them ;]

    Inchworm looks AMAZING on your nails! I’m still undecided over whether I’m going to get it or not… if it were to pull more yellow than green on me I could not handle it.

    Wild Watermelon is my favorite kind of pink! It would make an amazing pedi color. Mega heart eyes!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you always for all of your support! At this point I post something and can’t wait to see your comment 🙂 must be I love it so much that I can’t stand to be away so long!

      I personally think it pulls more green than yellow – but that could be me always trying to sell you on polish 😉
      And ooh I’ll have to try that out while we still got plenty of hot days!

      Liked by 1 person

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