Wet N Wild ‘Written in the Stars’ Zodiac Collection

I’m going to keep apologizing every time I take more than a week to post because that’s who I am as a person. And because like always I have a mountain of makeup to get through and review – we’re working on it here. Slow and steady (or hopefully more quickly and steady, right?) Who needs to go outside.

But let’s talk Wet N Wild now, shall we?

I’m keeping up my schedule of reviewing one Wet N Wild collection just in time to start reviewing another – they’ve been pumping out the collections this year, and lord, they’re lucky they’re so affordable, as I’m incredibly obsessed and need them all – but of course I’ll still review them honestly.

I picked up all the pieces of this collection on Wet N Wild’s website! You can also find it at Walmart stores as well.

It’s called ‘Written in the Stars’ and it’s based all around the zodiac signs. There’s lots of shimmer and sparkle, and jewel tones here.

Firstly, if you spent a certain amount of money, you got this little makeup bag with your sign as a freebie! I love the little touch, and it’s actually a really nice bag! Any other fellow sags out there?


Now let’s get right into the rest because lord we got a lot to talk about and swatch! It’s a long post, so you can see a super summary review at the very end, or a more detailed review on each piece after the photos of it.

Up first is one of the things I was most excited to see. After how good the loose highlight was in the ‘Goth-o-Graphic’ collection, I was so glad to see them brought out another shade in the same formula!

This retails for $6.99. It’s the same packaging and size as the previous one, so you get a ton of product. I love the packaging with the zodiac signs printed all around. It comes in 1 shade called ‘Written in the Stars’.


The inside has more little fun details, with stars for the openings. I found this doesn’t let out as much product, so it gets a little less messy. Loose highlights will always be a little more messy, so be prepared for that no matter what.

It’s a more champagne color, with a little rosiness to it. Overall it’s very smooth, and gives a real impact to the cheeks. This lasted well throughout the day, but as it fades it does leave behind tiny glitters. They’re not super noticeable, but if you don’t like that, this will be a pass.

But oh my god, I love that. Just look at that shimmer. @WetNWild pls keep making these.


And here it is compared to the loose highlight from the ‘Goth-o-Graphic’ collection, ‘Moon Tears’. ‘Moon Tears’ is on the right, and as you can see it’s more golden than ‘Written in the Stars’.

Both work on my pale skintone, so that’s always a plus for me.


Up next we have 4 more highlighters. These are in the same kind of packaging that the Mermaid highlight came in their last fall collection (I obviously know too much about Wet N Wild limited edition products).


They’re long rectangle packaging, with gold trim around, and the different symbols of the elements on each package. They retail for $6.99 each.


Again with the small details, each one has the 12 signs imprinted into them. They all have a marbled look as well.


The four shades are ‘Air’, ‘Earth’, ‘Fire’, and ‘Water’. (This is all just making me think of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Just me?)

And here are the swatches! Bottom to top: ‘Air’ is a light pinky shade, ‘Earth’ is a light gold shade, ‘Fire’ is a fiery orange shade, and ‘Water’ is a golden blue shade.






‘Air’ and ‘Earth’ are obviously the more wearable of the two for me. ‘Fire’ is dark for a highlight, but I once used this as a glowy warm blush, and that was so pretty! Of course, the ‘Water’ highlight will be a more fun look, but hey wear whatever you want and makes you happy.

Although I will say ‘Water’ can look a little dark on the cheeks when you’re looking straight on instead of to the side – so I like it a little farther up as a fun unique highlight.


Also here’s the ‘Air’ highlight compared to the loose highlight. The loose highlight, on the left is definitely more glittery. They have the same tone, but the ‘Air’ shade is smoother overall.


These had more of a drier texture. Not quite as thick as the highlights from the ‘Goth-o-Graphic’ collection, but still a more traditional drier baked texture. But it still picks up easily with a brush. It’s smooth on the face, and buffs in nicely to have a pretty bright highlight.

I did notice as I used it more it seemed to buff away the top overspray layer. But however, swatching both areas together, they seem to still have the same amount of sparkle and glitter. The buffed away area is on the left, with the more glittery area on the right.

This lasts well on the cheeks as well. It lasted through most of my workday, and fades nicely. However, just like the other, as it fades away it does leave behind some sparkles and glitter. Again, not super noticeable, but if you’re not into that, something to keep in mind. Overall, Wet N Wild still hasn’t let me down with their highlights. They still have a hold on me. Because give me glitter.


Continuing on, we have 4 new eyeshadow palettes. These are entirely different from their other eyeshadow palette layouts, and are round with 6 shades within them. They retail for $4.99 each.

Just like the highlights, they’re named after the 4 elements, and have the symbols printed in gold on the outside package.


Like I said, they’re designed in circular designs with 6 shades in each of different sizes. Pretty much all of the shades are shimmery, so you can either use these in conjunction with other palettes, or do like I did and try out an all shimmer look – I promise you can put shimmers in the crease. It honestly is a really fun look!

I can understand that they can be a little annoying to get into the smaller shades with a fluffier brush. You’ll just have to be careful to avoid picking up more than one shade, but I didn’t have too much of a problem with it.

So let’s get into the individual palettes – they all had pretty much the same formula, so I’ll discuss that after all the swatches.


‘Air’ is a light pinky gold theme. All are shimmers, with that purple shade at the bottom having bigger glitters in it as well.


The lighter shades on the end, as well as the purple on the bottom with the glitters, can be a little less smooth, and seem to work best as toppers over darker colors.

This one will give you a lighter look overall unless you bring in a different palette. How you say, airy? Sorry.


Next is ‘Fire’, a, well, fiery blend of reds and oranges. I’m a little peeved at this one simply because the reds are so similar. They’re basically identical. I love me a good red, but I would love another shade as well, jus sayin.



‘Earth’ has some serious fall vibes to it, with browns, greens and golds. This is the only one with more of a satin, that dark brown shade, which is good for deepening up outer corners or creases.


The deep emerald shade definitely had a lot of fallout as I was building it up. And it’s darker on the eyes than it is in the palette with a lot of teal glitters. This one seems to have the biggest glitters out of all of them.


And last but not least is ‘Water’. They’re all self explanatory for the color story.


The dark blue is another that has bigger glitters than can drop down as you’re building it up. It appears darker on the eyes. And then the two on the top are again ones that are best used as toppers.


Overall I liked these! I did like the shimmery formula in here better than in their little quads – it was easier to pick up with a brush. Now it will have to be built up on the lid, or used over a glitter base to be as foiled as it looks in the pans, but otherwise they can be beautiful.

I will admit they can take a little patience and work to be fully built up, but it’s super pretty when done. But I will warn that they can be a little messy when first digging into them. I suggest going in slowly and building them up, to lessen the fallout.

These last well on the eyes, and lasted my entire workday. However, I did notice some glitter dropdown on my eyes as these wore throughout the day. Again, not super noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

There is some glitter fallout when building up the shades, but as I always do my eyes first, it’s not as much of a problem – but definitely something to keep in mind. The ‘Air’ palette will give you a lighter look on the eyes unless you bring in another palette.

Overall I was inspired to stay within these palettes for a single look and try out shimmers in my crease – idk why there’s a hard and fast rule against that, as I really loved the look. I will say that these can be a little more messy and can take a little more patience and skill to work with and make a look. But it can be done, and I liked the end result.


Last but certainly not least are the new lipglosses! The ones in the ‘Flights of Fancy’ collection were fantastic, so I was excited to see all of these new colors and finishes!

There are 12 total – one for each Zodiac sign. I was able to pick up 10 of them. The only 2 I don’t have (and seem to be the most popular) are ‘Aquarius’, a light creamy peachy with shimmer and ‘Capricorn’, a shimmery berry color.



They all come in their traditional plastic tubes with the black caps, and each of the symbols for the signs printed on the cap as well.

All of these have some form of shimmer or glitter in them, so again, if you don’t like that, this is a pass. (The theme for this collection really). When rubbing your lips together, you don’t feel the glitter at all, and its not rough on the lips.


Now for swatches. Here they are on their own, and in the next picture I have the names next to them.


‘Cancer’ is a milky shade with a strong pink shimmer. ‘Gemini’ is a bright gold with a more champagne flash to it. ‘Pisces’ is a light pink base with blue sparkles throughout. ‘Libra’ is close to ‘Pisces’ with pink shimmer instead of blue. ‘Leo’ is a more orange base with red shimmers. ‘Taurus’ is very similar with a red pink base instead. ‘Virgo’ is a beautiful taupe-y base with an almost green flash to it. ‘Sagittarius’ is a dark berry rust red shimmer. ‘Scorpio’ is a deep purple base with blue and purple shimmers. And last but not least ‘Aries’ is a super deep wine color with sparse glitters – this one is the closest to a full cream.

Most of the ones on the left, excluding ‘Gemini’ do give a nice little tint of color and sparkle to the lips, but would be even better as toppers, with the last 4 and ‘Gemini’ able to be built up to full color.


I also have lip swatches as well! My bare lips are the very top left corner. Some quick notes: It’s hard to tell, but ‘Cancer’ gives a lovely pink flash to bare lips. It did take some getting used to though as it can look a little milky and uneven on the lips if you put on too much. But I found with a lighter layer, thrown on as an easy lip look it was really pretty! As you can see ‘Pisces’ and ‘Libra’ look very similar on the lips – the only difference being when you’re up close you can see it’s a blue shimmer vs. a pink one – but you honestly don’t need both. ‘Gemini’ is suprisingly so smooth for a lipgloss gold – it’s smoother than it looks in this photo here. And the darker shades are just beautiful.


Just like the flights of fancy collection glosses, these are very moisturizing and feel so comfortable on the lips. For the darker colors, they can be a little messy when eating and everything, but they stay pretty well within the lip lines. I found that they give a nice smooth tint to the lips as well as they fade away. They also stay on the lips well for a gloss. Even after snacking and drinking at work, there was still color and shimmer for a while. Of course you’ll have to reapply after eating, but that’s with any gloss.

I also found as they fade away, they leave behind glitters on the lips – again, you can’t feel them but they are there. But these are swaying me over to lipglosses more – especially with the lighter ones you can just throw them on without looking.


Whew! We made it. That’s the whole collection (just in time to start testing out a whole new one, Wet N Wild you’re making me work to keep up with you). Overall, the one takeaway I find with this: if you don’t like glitter, you won’t love this collection. Basically all of the pieces had some sort of glittery component and often left it behind as it fades. It’s a lotta shimmer and sparkle, so if that’s what you’re looking for this is perfect.

The eyeshadows can take a little bit of extra blending and getting used to, but I love how inspired I was to try out all shimmer looks with these! And they’re nice and pigmented when blended out. They might not build up to full foil look, but over glitter primer, they can be pretty metallic.

The highlighters can seem a little less wearable, but I love the unique colors they’re trying out. And for sure, the loose highlighter is absolutely stunning.

My two favorite parts of this collection: the loose highlight and the lipglosses. Definitely recommend both.


Now that I’ve got this bad boy tackled, it’s time to start testing out the Fire & Ice Dragon collection! Always new products to try out! I’m trying to get on a more consistent schedule again, so hopefully lots of posts coming soon! Stay tuned!


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5 thoughts on “Wet N Wild ‘Written in the Stars’ Zodiac Collection

  1. I actually spotted the WnW Fire & Ice collection at a store here in Toronto which shocked me because we never get LE collections. But, I didn’t love anything enough to pick up an item. HOWEVER, if I see some of these Stars’ Zodiac collection, I would be sure to pick up that loose highlighter (such attention to detail with the little star shaped holes). I’m not feeling those eye shadow “palettes”. I need some dividers between my eye shadow shades, ok! πŸ˜› I do have to admit that “Earth” palette is stunning.
    I would be tempted to pick up the lipgloss for “Cancer” simply because that’s my sign – it looks super wearable too. The other shade I like is “Taurus” which I mostly like for the colour, but it is my SO’s sign! πŸ˜‰ PS. Awesome lip swatches! ❀

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