OPI Grease Summer 2018 Collection

We’re continuing on with all the reviews – lord, they’re already announcing fall and Halloween collections. AH. But for me it’s still summer, and we’re working our way through summer collections. So of course, it’s time for the OPI Summer collection.

GREASE IS THE WORD, IS THE WORD. Okay I’m done. But come on, it’s a collection based on Grease! An icon! A classic! So of course, with its 40th anniversary this year, OPI based their whole summer collection on it. With Grease themed names, and some fun textures as well, we got a lot of fun to talk about.

So of course, as always OPI does a whole 12 piece collection. And then they added 3 more ‘Leather Like’ finish polishes. So that was 15 shades to swatch and talk about. Lord, OPI you kill me. But I love you too much.

Let’s get into this shall we since there’s gosh dang 15 polishes to talk about here. Yeesh, I tell ya, I’ll try to be short, but you know how I am. I can’t be blamed for having to talk about 15 polishes in one post.

*Note: For most of these shades, I did 3 coats to get it completely smooth, because of how super ridgey my nails are. They would be set on 2 easy coats but I got ridges for days. If you have normal nails, you’ll be set on two coats. So I’m just going to say 2 coats because that’s what it would be for most people.


We’re going in a somewhat lightest to darkest order, so of course, we must start with the off white shade. This is ‘Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes’ (idk I would cry over that, I love ice cream). This is a nice creamy white shade, with just the lightest touch of beige to it that softens it. It does feel like the nice color of a milkshake, or like clean grout. You know what I’m saying?

It’s softened with that little drop of other color and I love it on my nails. It has a sheer first coat – like any super light color. But it was smooth in 2 for me. Super pretty.


Up next is this lovely pale buttercream shade called ‘Meet a Boy as Cute as Can Be’. (That’s right, I checked it’s Meet even though I want to say Met to match the song). This also had a sheer first coat, but evened out opaque with a 2nd thicker coat. This had a lovely formula, for yellows being a little tough to work with.


‘Frenchie Likes to Kiss?’ is a soft lilac shade with purple shimmer. This was opaque in 2 easy coats. I do wish the shimmer was a little more apparent in this one, like it is in the bottle. You can see it enough to give a little depth to a normal cream shade. Lovely, girly shade.


‘Hopelessly Devoted to OPI’ is the more peachy of the lighter pinkish shades. This was good on 2 fabulous coats. No complaints about the formula on this one.


‘Pink Ladies Rule the School’ is the pink shade. This is a warmer toned pink cream. This was a beautiful 2 coat formula for me.

Lord, in this one you can see my ridgey nails. (Anyone have any ridge filling base coat suggestions?) But I’m also here to show you ridgey nails are okay! Embrace em! Don’t buff them down, that’s bad for your nails! PSA over.


‘Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast!’ is a fiery orange shade. Oranges are really growing on me, and as I see more keep coming out, I am HERE for it. Gimme every shade of orange.

This could almost be opaque on 1 thicker coat, although there was some visible nail line that you might need a 2nd for. It’s a beautiful formula to work with. Now this is a summer shade.


‘You’re the Shade That I Want’ is a bright fuchsia cream (maybe someday I’ll learn how to spell that on the first try). This had a stunning formula and was opaque in 1 easy coat. Unf, she’s a beauty. I can’t complain. It is the shade that I want.


‘Tell Me About It Stud’ is a classic bright red shade. This is a perfect shade for wearing your all leather outfit and stealing the man’s heart in a flying car at the end of the movie. I feel like I can break men down with this sultry shade.

This was pretty well good on 1 coat, it might need a 2nd. The color deepens on the 2nd coat. It has a more squishy crelly look to it. Lord, good thing this is beautiful, because this application was messy. I got this everywhere. It’s a thinner squishier formula, so it can get a lil everywhere, and just be careful.


Ah yes, the nice minty green shade that has been in a lot of collections lately. (I’ll have to compare them all at some point).

This is ‘Was It All Just a Dream?’. Another smooth, easy 2 coat formula. All lovely formulas in this collection.


‘Teal Me More, Teal Me More’ (I loved that they played with a pun for this one, that’s the OPI I love) is well, a teal cream shade. Another absolutely stunning formula that I got opaque in 1 easy coat. Lord, I love it. OPI you’re coming after my heart.


Next we’re onto our deep dark shades.

This is ‘Chills Are Multiplying!’, a deep blue base with blue shimmer. This one has a more jelly formula, and on the first coat, it’s definitely lighter than it is in the bottle, so a 2nd coat will deepen that color up to be more true to bottle. The shimmer also stands out more and is more apparent on the 2nd coat.


The last of the core collection is called ‘Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!’. This is a dark charcoal base with tons of blue and silver shimmer. (This is very similar to a shade from their winter collection… hmm…)

This honestly had a more sheer first coat than I was expecting for such a dark and shimmery shade. This was pretty well good on 2 coats, though it might need a 3rd depending on how thin of coats you do.


Not my favorite shade, and maybe an odd choice for summer? But fitting for a Grease theme, I will say. Here it is with flash to really show that shimmer.


Alright these last 3 have the ‘Grease Leather-Like’ finish. So they dry a little bumpy, and a little textured, and looking a little like, well leather.

I found for all of these they all had an easy 2 coat formula. These dry faster since they are textured as well, and I didn’t find I had to paint it on a certain way to get the texture. I do really like when OPI plays around with different finishes and styles, so I loved what they did with these 3 shades!

Up first, the white is ‘Rydell Forever’.


The cool toned pink shade is ‘Electrifyin’ Pink’.


Lastly, the black is ‘Grease is the Word’. This is my favorite in the leather finish, because it looks so cool and so much like leather.


Obviously if you don’t love the textured finish, you won’t love the leather finish shades, so you can skip them all.

But all of the rest of the shades had beautiful 2 coat formulas. They stepped it up in this collection, especially with all of the shades that had one coat formulas. If you see a shade you like, pick it up, because there really weren’t any I could complain about. If you have ‘Coalmates’ from last year’s winter collection, you won’t need ‘Danny & Sandy 4 Ever’ honestly, they’re so similar. So that’s a little annoying to have 2 such similar shades so close together.

But overall, it’s a lovely collection and I think a lovely dedication to the movie! If you’re a fan of the movie like I am, you’ll love it!


More and more reviews to come! Stay tuned for lots more!

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2 thoughts on “OPI Grease Summer 2018 Collection

  1. The best ridge-filling base coat I have tried so far is Butter London’s Nail Foundation. But… it seemed to get gloopy about 2/3rds of the way through the bottle :[ Perhaps it was getting more air exposure than normal use would give it because I was using it for swatches too, but that aspect was disappointing for the price tag. I’m trying Deborah Lippmann’s ridge-filler right now, will report back!

    I honestly screamed when I found out OPI released this collection because Grease! Is! The best!!! And it seems like OPI has really stepped up their formulas with these, lighter shades opaque in two? Finally justifying their rising price tag! Seeing Frenchie Likes to Kiss on your nails is making me question my decision to skip over it, love that subtle shimmer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh I’ll still have to try that one out! I’m desperate because damn this ridges are getting wild!
      I loved that they broke away from their location based collections for this one! It’s just a fun little straying, and of course, was here for the names. And they really have! I was so impressed at the formulas on this one and I can only hope it continues on! I always pick mine up for discounted anyways, but it’s still so nice to see! And you know my bright lights are bringing out that subtle shimmer more than anything, but that base color is still beautiful … 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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