Orly x Kelli Marissa Trio 2021 – Swatches & Review

Today we’re looking at the newest collaboration with Orly and Kelli Marissa! If you don’t know, Kelli is a pretty well known nail polish YouTuber. She does lots of swatches as well as easy nail art! And now she’s collaborated with Orly, one of my favorite mainstream brands for a trio of space-themed shades. They’re all super shimmery and glittery and shifty shades.

They have labels complete with Kelli’s handwriting sharing the shade name, as well as her name on the bottles as well. I do love when there’s a special little touch like that for a special collection! These were available on the Orly website for $12 each, or in a bundle of 3 shades for $32. These are more expensive than a traditional Orly shade, which retail for $9.50. But it’s something that happens with special releases and collaborations!

Now, I do realize it’s been a while since these released, and this blog post is behind, and most of the shades are sold out at this point. But I have a rule with myself of “no blog post unpublished”. I like to just get these swatches up anyways, as a nice reference for myself, and for you in the future! Maybe you run across these shades in a destash, and are still looking for swatches. Or it’s just fun to look back on previous years’ releases and collaborations. Either way I still wanted to get this post up with these absolutely lovely shades!

Now let’s get into the swatches!

I will say these shades did feel like a thicker, foil formula. So my only advice is just make sure there’s enough polish on the brush or it can skip a touch when applying. However, I enjoyed the thicker formula, as I could easily apply thicker coats, and it was easy to control and smooth without flooding cuticles. If you’re used to thinner coats, it could be a touch of a learning curve, but overall I though it was smooth and nice to apply.


Up first we have ‘Kelli’s Galaxy’. This is a darker blue shimmer base, with brighter blue sparkles and purple shimmer. It had a pretty good 1st coat, though I did have some patches still. A 2nd coat easily covers it and makes it fully opaque!

Kelli’s Galaxy Live Swatch

Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Galaxy

All of these shades are so gorgeous and dimensional! I love all of the different contrasting shimmers and glitters, and it’s perfect for space themed shades!

Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Galaxy


Next up, we have ‘Kelli’s Solar Flare’. This is a shimmery purple base with stunning blue microshimmer all throughout. Again, just 2 easy coats here, and a super smooth formula! Super lovely application.

Kelli’s Solar Flare Live Swatch

Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Solar Flare

That blue shimmer just really gives it a lovely glow on the nails.

Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Solar Flare


And last, but CERTAINLY not least, we have my favorite shade of the trio. This is a deep burgundy (?) purple (?) black (?) base with larger red and blue glitter to it. It’s so shifty and even more beautiful in person, and so dimensional. Perfect for a space polish!

And this has a STUNNING formula. You can see it in the live swatch as well, this was opaque in just 1 smooth coat. So easy to paint on and I loved it.

Kelli’s Antimatter Live Swatch

Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Antimatter
Orly x Kelli Marissa – Kelli’s Antimatter


And those are the shades! As you can see they’re so lovely and unique to my collection! I was so glad to be able to grab them! Did you pick up this collaboration? Do you watch Kelli’s videos?


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