OPI ‘Malibu’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

It’s my favorite time of the season and that’s A NEW OPI COLLECTION! OPI is always the most exciting release for my Instagram, and blog, and when I get the most traffic, so I’m always so excited to share a new collection with you all! Let’s get right into it!

For Summer 2021, OPI’s collection is ‘Malibu’. (I believe for their 40th year anniversary they’re doing all California themed collections, but don’t fully quote me on that). OPI describes it as “12 colors inspired by the iconic beaches of the Malibu coastline”. This collection is definitely different from the others I’ve reviewed so far and features a half neutral, half colorful offering. There are 6 beige & brown shades, and then 6 more colorful shades.

We have a mix of creams, some shimmers, and a more jelly finish!

OPI ‘Malibu’ Summer 2021

As always, I grabbed this from my favorite place, polishpick.com. They have the cheapest prices for OPI and the fastest shipping! I’ve been ordering from them for YEARS now. If you pick up any shades, be sure to mention I sent you! (I receive no commission or anything, I just absolutely love them, and it lets them know where traffic is coming from. I do receive a discount on ordering the shades, but overall I still pay for them with my own money.) They offer this collection in regular lacquer, Infinite Shine, and Gel Color.

Let’s get right into the swatches already, I know that’s what you’re here for!

Up first we have ‘From Dusk ‘Til Dune’ which surprised me by being a more sheer, jelly polish! This is why I do the reviews y’all. So you’re also not surprised.

Anyways, this is a super light, almost ballet pink toned beige jelly base, with iridescent blue flecks all around. This is 3 coats built up, and as you can see there is still a touch of visible nail line peeking through. It’s meant to be a softer, more sheer look so it’ll depend on your own preferences. I was also glad the flakes did still show up and added some sparkle and dimension to the shade!

And as always, a link to the live swatch so you can see how it applies!
From Dusk ‘Til Dune Live Swatch

OPI – From Dusk ‘Til Dune

A great little palate cleanser if needed in between all of the summer neons.

OPI – From Dusk ‘Til Dune


Moving right along from lightest to deepest, this next shade is ‘Coastal Sand-tuary’. This is another light beige cream. And on my skin tone, it has some definite warm peachy undertones to it.

It has a great 1st coat, nice and smooth, which I was surprised b with such a light shade. It’s pretty well opaque in 2 coats – I did have to add a 3rd to cover any last ridges in my nails. But I think most will be able to get it opaque in just 2!

Coastal Sand-tuary Live Swatch

OPI – Coastal Sand-tuary


Now into the brown creams!

‘El Mat-adoring You’ is a lighter, more peachy toned milk chocolate brown cream. This was the normal gorgeous OPI formula and was just 2 easy and smooth coats! No complaints here.

El Mat-adoring You Live Swatch

OPI – El Mat-adoring You


‘Bonfire Serenade’ is our one true cool-toned brown cream shade of the bunch. And again, an easy 2 coat formula! Super smooth and paints on like butter!

Bonfire Serenade Live Swatch

OPI – Bonfire Serenade


‘Endless Sun-ner’ is a rich warm-toned brown, almost a rusty orange cream shade. And again, a broken record here with just 2 easy coats! Now this is one shade I will say does remind me of a fall release, but of course I’m here for wearing any shades any time of the year.

Endless Sun-ner Live Swatch

OPI – Endless Sun-ner


And the last of our browns is ‘Cliffside Karaoke’. This is the deepest of the neutrals, and is another warm toned brown – there’s some definite yellow undertones to it. And can you guess, another easy 2 coat formula. So lovely!

Cliffside Karaoke Live Swatch

OPI – Cliffside Karaoke


And now into our colorful half! I went in rainbow order for these ones because I CAN.

First up we have ‘Strawberry Waves Forever’. And it’s a strawberry red shimmer, leaning more pink, with a bright fuchsia sparkle to it. It’s a little more squishy, and an almost jelly base to let that shimmer through. But it can be opaque with 2 thicker coats, or I chose to do 3 thinner coats.

Strawberry Waves Forever Live Swatch

OPI – Strawberry Waves Forever

I did love the shimmer in this one, and it absolutely sparkles in the light!

OPI – Strawberry Waves Forever


‘PCH Love Song’ is an absolutely GORGEOUS bright orange with a golden-yellow shimmer in it. I’m truly a sucker for oranges, so I was so excited to get this one onto the nails.

It’s almost opaque with just 1 coat, with just a touch of nail line still peeking through. But 2 easy coats and it’s fully opaque!

PCH Love Song Live Swatch

OPI – PCH Love Song
OPI – PCH Love Song


‘Marigolden Hour’ was another shade my eye was immediately drawn to because who doesn’t love a good yellow. This one definitely pulls more oranges than other yellows I have, and is truly a marigold yellow shade!

And for being a yellow, this had a stunning formula! For most people it’ll be opaque in just 2 coats. For my super ridged nails, I did add a 3rd to fully cover any last patches.

Marigolden Hour Live Swatch

OPI – Marigolden Hour


‘Pear-adise Cove’ is OF COURSE another shade I was immediately excited for. I love a good ugly green, and this one was CALLING to me. It really is a pear green, with a yellow-toned, almost olive toned green cream shade. And another 2 easy coats here so a win all around! Do you like greens like this?

Pear-adise Cove Live Swatch

OPI – Pear-adise Cove


The blue of the collection is ‘Mali-blue Shore’. This is a bright sky blue cream shade. And of course, another easy 2 coat cream formula. Lovely for summer!

Mali-blue Shore Live Swatch

OPI – Mali-blue Shore


And last up in our rainbow, of course we have a purple. This is ‘The Sound of Vibrance’ and it’s a deeper purple base with a bright blue-purple shimmer to it, and larger purple glitters. I found this to be a little bit more of a sheer formula so I did use 3 coats here to fully build it up.

I noticed the base color deepening on the 2nd and 3rd coats to match the bottle.

The Sound of Vibrance Live Swatch

OPI – The Sound of Vibrance
OPI – The Sound of Vibrance


And that’s the collection! The half neutrals, half colorful was definitely interesting and set it apart from the other summer collections we’ve seen so far! How did you feel about it? I’ve seen both side of loving and not preferring the neutrals for a summer release, and I do agree that some of them can look like a fall collection. I do personally wear a lot more neons in the summer, but I’m always here for a good neutral cream in the summer.

But overall we had beautiful formulas here and I had no complaints! Most of the creams were 2 easy coats, with none being more than 3 coats. We had some shimmers, and a sheer jelly, so a little something for everyone!

Will you be picking any up?

I’ll also be pulling comparisons for this collection, so stay tuned for those swatches and that post as well!


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4 thoughts on “OPI ‘Malibu’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. Hello! Love your reviews! I wonder if you will be reviewing the lights lacquer 2021 summer collection nail polishes? Healthy formula 😊 and would like to see you compare the shades to other brands’ summer collection 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    • At this point in time I’m not currently buying from Lights Lacquer as I haven’t loved some of the things the founder and brand have done over the years – there are posts from others covering that aspect. But that’s me personally, and I know other creators are posting and reviewing it! ☺️ but thank you for wanting my reviews! I’m always honored to hear that.


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