Essie ‘Tangerine Tease’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

Essie has been doing this thing in the past couple years of releasing about 22 collections a year, and it can definitely be hard to keep up with, or hard to keep interest! I didn’t even review all of the collections last year, and I don’t even go into their additional lines as well. But I’ll always review and be excited about their 4 normal seasonal drops!

Essie gave us another Summer 2021 release to look at today! This is I believe the ‘Tangerine Tease’ collection, and it’s Essie’s traditional 6 bottle release. We have some creams, some shimmers and one almost metallic glitter! It’s also a different color palette than we’ve seen from the neons of other brands! I’m enjoying seeing what color palettes each company releases for the season!

As always, I purchased these from – you know my spiel, they have the best discounted prices on new mainstream collections, and super fast shipping! I love them, and I’ll always talk them up as I’ve ordered from them for YEARS. (And as always, if you purchase from them be sure to let them know I sent you! I receive no commission from this, it just allows her to see where traffic is coming from, and in turn I get a discount on the collections I purchase to review for you!)

Alright let’s get right into the swatches!

First up we have ‘Pucker Up’. This is a bright shimmery fuchsia pink shade with bright pink glitter to it. This had a smooth 1st coat, with some unevenness and nail line peeking through. It’s pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though I can see needing a 3rd if you’re doing thinner coat. But overall it’s smooth, and the brushstrokes level out and are not super apparent.

Pucker Up Live Swatch

Essie – Pucker Up

But I do love that shimmer! It gives it a lovely glow on the nails.

Essie – Pucker Up


Up next, we have ‘Feelin’ Just Lime’. This is a bright, well, lime green cream shade with some warm undertones to it. No other way to describe it!

It had a touch of unevenness on that first coat, almost like it had a touch of jelly-ness to the formula. So it was a little more squishy on the nails. But an easy 2 coats overall!

Feelin’ Just Lime Live Swatch

Essie – Feelin’ Just Lime


‘Get Your Grove On’ is a bright shimmery yellow-gold with almost a touch of copper to it. It felt more like a dense glitter in a clear base, so the coats are building it up. But as mentioned it’s very dense, so it does build up fully in 3 coats. In 2 coats, it felt almost opaque, but it’s one of those shades that’s opaque in certain angles and still looked bare in others, so I added the 3rd.

Get Your Grove On Live Swatch

Essie – Get Your Grove On

I can see wearing this shade during the holidays, but I’m sure the sparkle is absolutely beautiful in the sunlight!

Essie – Get Your Grove On


‘Juicy Details’ is a rich, saturated blue shade with some definite teal undertones to it – but of course my camera hates any sort of green. I tried to color correct as much as possible, but as I said it leans a touch more green and is even brighter in person.

This had a beautiful formula, and was almost opaque in just 1 coat. I did 2 easy coats here, and its a smooth, wonderful formula.

Juicy Details Live Swatch

Essie – Juicy Details


‘Zest is Yet to Come’ is a bright lemon yellow shade with bright yellow shimmer to it. This was pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though based on your nails and application you might want a 3rd. I ended up doing 3 coats to fully cover any last patches because of my ridged nails.

Zest is Yet to Come Live Swatch

Essie – Zest is Yet to Come

It’s so lovely and summery, I love it!

Essie – Zest is Yet to Come


Last up we have the namesake of the collection. This is ‘Tangerine Tease’ and it really is the most perfect bright tangerine orange cream shade. It was a little more squishy and uneven on the 1st coat, but pretty well evened out and was opaque in 2 coats. Depending on your application, you mighttttt need a 3rd, but I think most people will be good with just 2 coats!

Tangerine Tease Live Swatch

Essie – Tangerine Tease


And that’s another summer collection down! This had some lovely bright summery shades, like the orange, green and blue, along with some unique yellows and golds! And overall, the formulas were easy to work with! What do you think?


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