Orly ‘Electric Escape’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

We’re continuing right along with the BRIGHTS.

Today we’re looking at the next summer collection on the docket, and it’s from one of my favorite, and I still believe underrated brands, Orly. Now Orly’s summer collection last year had some absolutely stunning neons and brights in it so I expected no different from this one. And I was not disappointed!

As always, I received this as part of my Orly Color Pass. I’ve talked about Orly Color Pass many times before and how much I love it! But just in case you’re new here, I’ll give another quick rundown. The Color Pass is where you pay a fee up front ($119) and then over the course of the year after you sign up, you receive 4 of Orly’s seasonal collections. The boxes are automatically mailed out to you as they release, and show up on your doorstep. And each box always contains extra goodies – like this box contained a full size of their Bonder base coat! I always say it’s a great deal if you’re like me and already planning to buy all of their collections anyways. Or it’s perfect if you’re looking to expand your collection and get more polishes! Orly has really been impressing me with their formulas lately, and they’re great at coming out with different finishes and formulas.

So that’s my spiel, definitely check out the website and you can sign up if you’re interested! Right now you’ll receive this summer collection as your first box!

Alright, let’s get right into this collection! It’s an absolutely stunning color story and I love how the colors all look together. And you’ll see they’re absolutely beautiful formulas. Let’s get right into it already!

I’m going right in the order that they were packaged! These collection contains little “duos”, 2 of purple, orange and green, so of course, they go together like that.

Up first we have the purples. ‘Synthetic Symphony’ is a rich, saturated warm-toned purple cream. This has been a favorite for most of this collection, and of course you can see why! This shade has a few patches on the first coat, but a 2nd easily covered and made it fully opaque. A super smooth formula, and so beautiful, and I can’t wait to wear this in the summer.

And as mentioned with other collections, I’ve done live swatches on my Instagram so you can fully see how it applies! Check out the link to see the video.

Synthetic Symphony Live Swatch

Orly – Synthetic Symphony


‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ is a pink-purple, purple pink? It’s right on the edge, and can definitely lean either direction. But I am going to call it a purple here – if you put it next to a true pink, it’s more of a lilac toned purple. I’M CALLIN’ IT PURPLE HERE.

Anyways, this one definitely had more of a streaky 1st coat – which I can expect with lighter, brighter shades like this. But I was pleasantly surprised that it fully evened out with just 2 coats. The 2nd coat really comes through, and I did love this shade.

Kaleidoscope Eyes Live Swatch

Orly – Kaleidoscope Eyes


Now into the oranges!

Up first we have ‘Artificial Orange’. This is a bright coral-toned melon-y orange cream. Again, like the other shades it starts out with a more streaky 1st coat, but easily covers and is fully opaque with a 2nd. Super easy to paint on, and just look at that color!

Artificial Orange Live Swatch

Orly – Artificial Orange


Our other orange is ‘Tangerine Dream’, a super bright more yellow-toned orange. It was the same as the others, with a more streaky 1st coat. I did end up doing a 3rd to cover a persistent patch from my ridges. But for most with smoother nails, or who aren’t looking quite as closely, you’ll be good with just 2 coats.

Tangerine Dream Live Swatch

Orly – Tangerine Dream


And last up, we have our two greens!

‘Neon Paradise’ is the bright yellow-toned neon green shade. This was the only shade that I did have to do 3 coats for, as the formula seemed to have some squishyness to it. It had almost a jelly-feel to it, a little more than a normal cream, so it was a touch more sheer. But 3 coats and it’s fully built up and opaque. The coats were still easy to do, and I can expect it with brighter neons like this!

Neon Paradise Live Swatch

Orly – Neon Paradise


And finally we have ‘Plastic Jungle’. This is a rich emerald green shade. I would say it pulls even more bright, and even a touch more blue-toned. Of course, my camera just has a vendetta against greens and teals, so I really tried my best to color correct as accurate as I could. But just know it’s even deeper and more saturated on the nails, it’s really stunning and another fan favorite of the collection!

And it had a similar formula to the other shades – it was more uneven on the 1st coat, but easily smoothed out and was fully opaque on the 2nd.

Orly – Plastic Jungle


And that’s the collection! I will say this is absolutely one of my favorite color stories I’ve seen, for summer and just in general! All of the shades just work so well together, and I’ll absolutely have to be wearing a skittle mani of these shades! I love the little duos, and just how they all look together.

Overall, the formulas are great as well, with some lovely 2 coat formulas. Only one shade required 3 coats, but it was still easy and smooth to paint on, so there’s no complaints here! I think you’ll be happy with any of these shades!

Do you ahve any favorites?


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5 thoughts on “Orly ‘Electric Escape’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I would agree that Orly is still underrated, there is so much to love! Massive bottles that are cheaper than most other brands, amazing creme formulas (at least within the past few years), and I REALLY love their caps too 😂 Also, they are cruelty-free, which I find pretty impressive for being a bigger company that’s been around a while. I am so close to snapping and getting this and the spring collections, they’re just so good!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’ve been slowly getting even better and better over the years, and this year’s collections have been no exception! I think the Orly summer collection is my favorite summer release so far – not to enable you even more! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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