China Glaze ‘Havana Nights’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

Listen, after the struggles I had with the Zoya Neons, I was ready for some true cream neons. (There was nothing wrong with the Zoyas, they just didn’t truly scratch that neon itch). And boy howdy, thank god the China Glaze summer release came THROUGH for us.

This is the ‘Havana Nights’ collection for Summer 2021, and oh my, it’s absolutely stunning. It has those neon shades I always crave in warmer weather (I say as its currently 45 degrees outside, listen the warmer weather is COMING, I SWEAR). It features 6 rich and saturated cream shades, including some beautiful neons.

As always, I purchased this collection from my favorite, If you’ve been here for a while, you know I love them for the mainstream brands, and they always have the best prices and fastest shipping. I highly recommend them. (And let them know I sent you!)

We have some beautiful and bright shades to look at, so let’s just get right into it!

Up first we have ‘Guava Mama’ and we’re starting bright right out of the gate! This has been a fan favorite, and I can truly see why. This is a super saturated almost coral-toned pink neon cream shade. I did end up doing 3 coats for the photo here, as I had some ridges peeking through. I think if you have smoother nails, and are doing thicker coats, (and aren’t looking at your nails in bright lights zoomed up) you’ll be fine with 2 – but for thinner coats, you might end up needing a 3rd.

BUT. Just look at that color! Listen I’ll do anything for this color. And they were super smooth and easy coats, so I really cannot complain.

Guave Mama Live Swatch

China Glaze – Guava Mama


‘Takes Two to Mango’ is a super searing bright orange cream with stunning golden-yellow glitter all throughout. This is another that will be good for most in just 2 coats, but I did notice some of my ridges still peeking through so I added a 3rd. You can see in my swatch video that it’s pretty opaque with that 2nd coat, and I was definitely being more picky to add a 3rd. Another super easy to work with formula so I had no complaints even for a 3rd coat.

Takes Two to Mango Live Swatch

China Glaze – Takes Two to Mango

I just absolutely loved the golden shimmer in this one, and it just makes it a touch different and more sparkly than a normal orange neon! And such a bright shade as well! I’m in love.

China Glaze – Takes Two to Mango


And now of course, a shade everyone is excited to wear in the summer! This is ‘Tropic Like It’s Hot’ and it’s that true highlighter yellow shade, with just a touch of green to it. Now this is a neon!

Again, I had some streaks from the ridges in my nails after 2 coats, so I did add a 3rd. If you do a 2nd thicker coat, you can get it fully opaque, otherwise 3 thinner coats. I never mind 3 coats with neons like this, especially if it doesn’t need a white base underneath. This is a stunning neon yellow, and if you don’t have one yet in your collection for the summer, this is a great option!

Tropic Like It’s Hot Live Swatch

China Glaze – Tropic Like It’s Hot


We’ve reached another emerald green with a touch of teal to it that my camera loves to hate. This is ‘Head to Moji-toes’ and it’s a rich emerald green, with a touch of bright teal to it. For some reason these shades are never picked up fully correct, so I tried to adjust them to match as much as possible! I would say in real life this one is even more saturated and bright, and has a touch more teal undertones to it.

This was super pigmented and almost fully opaque in just 1 thicker coat. I did 2 thinner here. It is a thinner polish, so I would say definitely make sure to wipe off the brush before you start and as you go, as I noticed the polish tended to run down the brush and flood a touch. But overall a smooth and easy formula.

Head to Moji-toes Live Swatch

China Glaze – Head to Moji-toes


Another shade that my camera loved to hate, we have ‘Cuba Diving’. This is a bright aqua blue cream shade with some teal green undertones to it. This was another lovely formula, and again, almost opaque in just 1 coat. I did 2 easy coats here for the photo.

Cuba Diving Live Swatch

China Glaze – Cuba Diving


And last up, fittingly, we have ‘Left My Heart in Havana’. This is a bright, cooler-toned purple cream. This one had a touch of squishy-ness to it, with just a little jelly-ness to the cream formula, making it a little more uneven on the 1st coat. But the 2nd coat came through and made it fully opaque. Another easy formula!

Left My Heart in Havana Live Swatch

China Glaze – Left My Heart in Havana


And that’s the collection! Oh my, it’s so bright and summery, I absolutely love these shades! If you’re looking for neons and brights, this is definitely the collection for you. There were some 3 coat formulas – but I think overall most will be good in just 2 easy coats! I absolutely loved these, and they really scratched the neon itch I always have in warmer weather.

Are you grabbing any shades?


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6 thoughts on “China Glaze ‘Havana Nights’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. Slooooowly catching up on all your blog posts! I just bought Takes Two to Mango today – my Sally’s had the entire collection. It is just eye-searing, wow, and I am so glad it has such a good formula. I was really tempted by Cuba Diving and Head to Moji-toes too, if I see them again might not be able to pass them up. This is why I have to by polish in person, if I shop online I have to get everything to save on shipping 😅 I am happy to let you get everything so I can just stare longingly at your swatches!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Listen, I’m definitely always here to buy full collections for others 😂 The main reason I have this blog! And really this collection is my runner up right behind Orly, and perfect if you’re looking for neons! Takes Two to Mango is definitely a favorite, I just love the shimmer!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I would say they’re about the same level or brightness! They’re both neons and pack a punch! Tropic Like It’s Hot seems a touch more neon since it has some green to it for a highlighter yellow while Oh Snap from Retrowave is more of a true neon yellow!

      Liked by 1 person

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