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I seem to be in this pattern of finishing and putting up a review of a limited edition Wet N Wild collection right as they’re releasing a new one. I’M WORKING ON THAT. (If you haven’t seen, they have a collection called Crystal Cavern coming out soon. I’m so excited). Honestly, I’m gonna blame moving (and procrastinating, I moved a month ago) for this getting pushed to the back of the drawer. So here it is, and I’m going to be more timely with reviews coming up.

I’ve said it before, these posts are long and take a lot of work so maybe I get intimidated. But I’m always so satisfied and happy when they’re up and I just hope this can help out someone else looking to buy the collection! I’ve gotten a new motivation and passion for reviewing, so I can’t wait to just post even more reviews (and in a more timely basis) – and hopefully be on a more set schedule by the end of this summer.

So thank you for always being patient with me. I just want to be able to fully use the products and give the most thorough review I can, and I can only hope it helps you a little bit in your buying process. I’m buying this makeup anyways, I might as well talk about it for someone else.

Let’s talk about it already, shall we?

This is the ‘Rebel Rose’ collection. It’s a smokey, dramatic vibe with lots of deep dark colors, and rosy shades. This collection is different from others as they also brought out skincare products, alongside the traditional makeup items.

Everything is still available for purchase (and should be for a while, their other past limited edition collections are still around). These products can be found at the Wet N Wild website as well as the individual pieces on Ulta’s website. There’s also a chance they’re still out and about at various drugstores, like Walgreens.

You can buy 3 different boxed sets (the box sets are only available on Wet N Wild’s website): a box of all the makeup products ($39.99), a box of all of the skincare products ($24.99) or a box that contains everything, both makeup and skincare ($59.99). And of course, you can buy everything individually.


First up, the one skincare items I picked up. I passed on most of the skincare collection. I’ve been figuring out my skin care routine lately and really getting it down, and I want my skin to be in a good place where I can see the difference using skin care products before I test them!

The two I passed on were the Rose Multi-Use Oil, and a Rose Primer Serum. The one item I did pick up was the ‘Photo Focus Rose Toner’ ($7.99). I love the smell of Rose, and I was intrigued by a spray toner like this, to prep my skin or help it after cleansing.


It comes in a glass bottle, with the standard spray nozzle.


It has an incredibly fine mist to it. Like so fine that sometimes if I held the sprayer far enough away it almost felt like I was getting barely any mist on my face. Because of this, I end up spraying a ton of product on my face, and I’ve used up half of it already in a short time. It seems like it’ll go fast, especially if I was using it every single day.

As for using this, I’ve been applying it after moisturizing before I apply my foundation in the mornings, or after cleansing my face in the evening. It is nice to apply a little bit of hydration back to my skin at those points. Because it was such a fine mist, for that hydration I did feel like I had to spray a lot. It soaked in nicely, but it seemed to leave my skin a tiny bit sticky. It wasn’t anything crazy or annoying, but something I noticed – it didn’t seem to mess up makeup sitting on top of it at all. 

I didn’t notice any life changing effects. I wasn’t wowed overall, and honestly I have to remind myself to use it every so often. I’ll just use up this bottle, but it’s not something I think is totally necessary, nor will I repurchase.


There are 3 new eyeshadow quads: ‘Bed of Roses’ (the pinky toned quad), ‘Secret Garden Rendezvous’ (neutral with a pop of purple), and ‘House of Thorns’ (deep smoky green and gold quad). These retail for $4.99 each.

I was honestly most excited for these new eyeshadow quads. I’m really a sucker for any eyeshadow Wet N Wild puts out at this point, and when it’s in a new form like this, I’m curious to see how they perform. Let’s get into the individual quads.


Up first we have ‘Bed of Roses’.


This contains a shimmery blush shade, a more satin rosy shade, and then a matte cool-toned purple shade, and a matte burgundy shade.


I love the rose imprint that all of the shades have. You can also see that all of the palettes have a lace design on the plastic part as well. It’s all of these little details that I love on their limited edition collections.

The petal parts are raised up, and after using these quads for quite a few looks, they do flatten a little with use. The mattes will take quite a bit of use to wear down, but the shimmers do go a little faster. But it’s enough time that you can still enjoy them (I’m not one to let a cool pattern keep me from using a product.)


And here are swatches!


These shimmers do feel smoother and creamier than the ones in their other palettes. (Some of their last palettes have definitely had some duds for sure). They remind me more of the ones in their Zodiac palettes, than in the last ‘Fire Dragon’ palettes.

Now, the mattes. I know what you’re thinking. These don’t look the best. I will say, the mattes are definitely drier and harder pressed into the pan, and then with the imprint, it’s definitely harder to pick up and even swatch with your finger. So that’s why it looks so uneven here.


I’m a big believer in the idea that swatches don’t always tell the whole story and won’t be able tell you how they’ll perform on the eyes. I’ll go more into this after the eye look, when I talk about the full review of this palette.


Look, eye look! I’ve said before I want to start putting at least one eye look into palette reviews so we’re continuing with that! and look at that, yo girl finally figured out some good lighting and angle (this is the best one out of the 3, so don’t get too excited yet, but better ones are on their way, I’m figuring it out).

Here I used the red matte blended throughout the crease, with the purple matte to deepen outer corner and blended out. I used the burgundy shimmer on the inner corner, with the light pink shimmer on the center of the lid and on the browbone.


‘Bed of Roses’ Review: Like I said before, swatches don’t tell the whole story, and this is one of those times.

Let’s talk about those patchy mattes. They’re mainly patchy because of the raised imprint in the quad, making for uneven pigment on my finger. (I didn’t want to build it up either, as I like to only do 1-2 swipes across to give more of an idea of pigment.)

But the mattes do apply on the eyes very nicely. They are both less pigmented than they appear in the pan. If you’re intimidated by the deeper colors, these are not the kind where you can barely dip your brush in and then you’re overwhelmed with pigment. These are definitely lighter washes of color that will build up slowly and surely. They do build up nicely, but they’re not going to be the intense red you see in the pan – could be a positive or a negative depending on your makeup style and preferences. I did find they blend out smoothly and nicely – it took a little bit more blending around the edges since they were drier, but it wasn’t anything crazy or unattainable. The dark purple shade picks up so nicely and darkens up the outer corner very easily.

The burgundy shimmer is thicker than the pinky one, and I used a denser packing brush to pick it up and place it on the lid. Both apply nicely to the lid and are built up easily on just normal primer. They won’t be intense foils, but they’re great shimmers. I find them smoother and easier to work with than previous ones.


Onto the next quad!

This one is ‘Secret Garden Rendezvous’.


This one contains a champagne gold shimmery shade, a matte tan shade with gold glitters throughout, a shimmery deep navy shade, and a red matte shade.



When you swatch and use on the eyes, the gold glitters in that matte brown shade don’t show up, so I treat it as more of a matte transition.


Here we have the same idea with the matte red looking terrible in a swatch. (Do not fear it entirely).


For this eye look I tried to switch it up a little with placement (I have a style of eyeshadow that works for my eye that I mainly stick with. One of my goals this year is to get a little more creative with shadow placement, but this does work to show a variety of shades in one look. SUE ME FOR THE SAME LOOK WITH DIFFERENT COLORS OKAY.)

I used the light brown shade all throughout the crease as a transition, and then the matte red shade on a small pointer brush to define the crease. I used the champagne shade all over the lid.


‘Secret Garden Rendezvous’ Review: Alright this quad is a little all over the place. The two matte shades are nice. The red shade has the same formula as the previous one, where it’s drier and needs to be built up, but will blend out nicely. The brown shade is a little more satin-y than the red and blends out nicely as well as picking up more product. It’s a very light shade overall, so it probably won’t give much definition to anyone much darker than my skintone.

The champagne shade does feel smooth, and can be packed onto the lid for a nice bright effect. It’s not super foiled or shimmery, but gives a nice shine to the lid.

The one disappointment is that deep navy shade. I’m sorry to say it’s trash. It’s the one shade out of all of these that would just not show up at all. I tried picking it up with both a denser crease brush, and a flat packing brush, and just nothing. I got nothing. I tried to use it to deepen up this look, and other times before and just nothing showed up on the eye. Throw the whole thing out. One dud out of the 4.

So this quad wasn’t my fav. With how light the transition shade is too, you’re mainly working with the red matte and the champagne shade, and you won’t have a huge variety of options. If you want one of the 3 to pass on, this is the one.


Last but not least we have the ‘House of Thorns’ quad.


This has a deep bronzey-gold shimmer, a deep emerald shimmer, a matte red and a matte black.





And the last eyelook (ignore the scraggly brows, this was after a full day of work). I used the matte red in the crease, the black in the outer crease, the bronzey-gold on the main part of the lid, and the deep emerald shade on the outer third of the lid.


‘House of Thorns’ Review: the mattes on these shades have the same formula as the others. They’re drier and less pigmented and build up nicely on the eyes. I found this one a little more pigmented than the others, so it could be built up to a deeper red, but it was also the driest out of all of the quads, it took a little longer to blend. But nothing crazy.

The black is the most pigmented of all the matte shades. This was one that you did have to be a little more careful with. I only had to barely dip in and carefully place a little bit to deepen up my outer corner.

These shimmers were the best of the bunch as well. Again, they’re not going to be anything crazy foiled or something like that. But they build up so well on the eye, without glitter glue or setting spray. These were opaque and smooth, and wore so well throughout the whole day without creasing, even on my hooded eyes. Again, I used a denser packing brush to pick up the product and placed it on the eyes – without swiping, more just packing onto the lid. As you’re packing on, I did get some fallout, but that will happen anytime I’m building up a lid shade and placing product on.

I do wish the emerald appeared as more true green on the eyes, as there is a more black base underneath it. But you know, being picky. Overall, this is my favorite quad of the 3.


I also showed a picture of the 3 matte shades together, as they can look a little similar. I thought it was just interesting to show they’re different undertones of reds, and can be used together nicely. From left to right, we have the shade from ‘Bed of Roses’, then ‘Secret Garden Rendezvous’ and then ‘House of Thorns’. ‘Bed of Roses’ is deeper with a touch of brown to it, ‘Rendezvous’ is more pink toned, and ‘House of Thorns’ is more of a blood red.



And finally, the part of the collection I was most excited about, the new lip products. They came out with 2 shades of their Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick and then 2 new shades of the Liquid Catsuit High Shine Liquid Lipsticks. They all retail for $4.99 each.


Just as with the other pieces of the collection, the lip products have the little details tying them to the collections. The Matte liquid lipsticks have black caps with metallic pink roses, while the high shine lipsticks have metallic pink caps with black roses.


I will say the one thing I don’t love is that these get beat up easily as you can see. I’ve had these high shine ones in my purse and back pocket throughout the work day as I’ve tested them out, and the caps are already pretty scratched up and beat up. It’s a $4.99 product and I’m not displaying it, so I ain’t mad – but something to know.


And onto the swatches!


From top to bottom: the two Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks are ‘Deviant Damsel’ and ‘Kiss of Death’. ‘Deviant Damsel’ is a deep purple shade and ‘Kiss of Death’ is a dark rusty red shade. And then for the Liquid Catsuit High Shine Liquid Lipsticks we have ‘Bud Romance’ (not budding, like bad romance, get it) and ‘Petal Poison’. ‘Bud Romance’ is a light mauvey tone purple shade and ‘Petal Poison’ is a medium blush pink.



Liquid Catsuit MegaShine Liquid Lipsticks: ‘Petal Poison’ and ‘Bud Romance’

Review: I have one of their High Shine lipsticks from their permanent line, and I fell in love and wanted to buy every shade as soon as I put it on, so when I saw there were 2 new limited edition shades, I had to grab em on up.

If you haven’t tried them, it’s almost like a thicker gloss on the lips, except more full color. Just like if you took a regular bullet lipstick and melted it down and just slathered it all over. It’s not sticky at all, and feels smooth and creamy on the lips.

These can definitely cling to dry skin pieces on your lips, and look uneven in color – especially the more purple-ly shade, so I definitely recommend exfoliating your lips and making sure the skin is smooth before you apply. I don’t find them especially sinking into the lines of my lips and looking uneven, though if you have deep lines in your lips, with a deeper color, it could be an issue. Since these were thicker, and the applicator didn’t pick up too much product, I usually dip in twice – one for the top lip, one for the bottom.

These last on the lips like your typical bullet lipstick. They last well through normal activities like drinking and eating snacks. But of course, as they are a shiny formula, you will experience some transfer. I found after a couple hours of wear, and drinking and snacking, the shine will wear down a little, but it lasts longer than a normal gloss, and stays smooth and not stringy, even when leaving behind some residue on drinking glasses.

And as soon as I ate a full meal, it was gone and I did have to reapply – which is to be expected. But for normal activities and wear, it lasts several hours.

I am fully into the shiny lip product trend, so I absolutely love these. These just make your lips look so full and shiny, and feel so comfortable and moisturizing on the lips.

Know your own preferences for these – if you’re looking for a liquid lipstick that will dry down and stay in place through anything, you won’t love these. They stay shiny and will transfer, and you will have to reapply. But worth it for me for that finish. (Watch out for wearing these on a windy day with long hair though. The true risk of any shiny lip product).


Liquid Catsuit Matte Liquid Lipsticks: ‘Kiss of Death’ and ‘Deviant Damsel’

Review: I found both of these shades had the same formula. These were beautifully pigmented and opaque in just 1 swipe on the lips, not at all uneven. Because they’re so pigmented and darker colors – you might want to use a lip liner for a more precise application.

These had a tiny bit thicker and moussier formula than their permanent line, so I didn’t find them to be as matte or drying. You can see from the photos, it’s really more of a satin finish on the lips. I even applied the red shade, and waited for it to dry down so I could take a photo. However, it was over 5 minutes and I knew it wasn’t happening anytime soon, so I just showed you the satin finish. As you talk and drink though, the shine will wear away and it will look a little more matte.

Since these don’t entirely dry down like others, I found these were a little bit messier. I wore the red shade to work, and found that there was still transfer even after hours of wear. So you’re just going to have to be a little more careful, to watch out and not get too wild (at some point I got it on my forehead? But I am always touching my face or getting my hair everywhere so that’s a me problem). Or another option is to blot them down a little, and they’ll be more matte on the lips.

These also aren’t the most budge proof. You will get the classic “butthole” lip (where it’s completely worn away on the inside of your lips) if you’re eating, so it will require reapplying, mainly after a full meal.

Overall though, these lasted well on the lips. I have worn them on a couple nights out, and they last through drinking and talking, and wear well. You’ll just need to watch and touch up the inner portion if you’re eating or drinking excessively. They reapply well on top of each other, and don’t bunch up or get cakey with more layers on the lips. They stay smooth, even through wear and touch-ups.

I love them for being such deep colors that apply so smoothly in just one coat. They’re a little more comfortable than a formula that will completely dry down, and I had no problem wearing throughout the night. Perfect for your witchy vibes.


Whew! That was a long one, but as always I want to be thorough and give you all of the information on every single product that I purchased. But you can easily scroll to the part you want to know about.

The lip products in this collection are absolutely beautiful, and definitely a recommendation if you like the color. The eyeshadow palettes were honestly a good surprise, and I felt they were better than most of the ones in their past collections. I hope it’s a sign of great things to come, as they seem to be improving from collection to collection! The rose toner spray was a pass, as it didn’t wow me.

It’s a deeper and vampier vibe, so obviously if you’re not looking for that vibe, you won’t love this collection. I just give you the pictures and the review, and you decide if it’ll fit into your own individual collection after that. But I do love being vampy every so often.

Have you picked up anything from this collection?


I probably don’t need to tell you in every single post that lots of reviews are on their way, right. I mean, you know that at this point. I’ll always be buying makeup and nail polish until the day I die, so I’ll always have some things to talk about.

Maybe I’ll start adding in a little preview of what posts are on their way. Yes, I like that.

Coming Soon: SistaChic ‘Chic & Cheeky’ Collection • Sinful Colors new Matte shades & Vanessa Hudgens ‘Cosmic Dreams’ CollectionChina Glaze ‘the Arrangement’ Spring 2019 CollectionSally Hansen Matte Metallic Shades


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