Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly Shades


Happy Easter everyone! I didn’t go home this year so I hung out with friends for a lovely brunch, and gained a sunburn just having my arm out in the sun for that hour. Redhead probs. My mom sent over a huge box of Reese’s Easter eggs and more, so I can’t wait to eat too much of it and feel terrible about myself. What are your Easter plans? If you want a break from your family, or just something to read while you’re in a food coma, we, of course, have some nail polish to talk about.

Another Sally Hansen post! They’ve been putting out so many interesting things lately, so I’m having so much fun trying out their different lines and collections. I’ve loved their Crayola collaboration collections, so when I started seeing pictures of these, I got so excited, and knew I had to hunt them down. Now I have been lucky enough to receive some PR from Sally Hansen, but I purchased these items myself. (It’ll be in the corner now to make it obvious, even though most items I purchase myself). 

There are 11 total shades. I picked up 7 of them that interested me the most!

I found these cute little duo packs – they had the glitter crellies that I most wanted as well as another shade for a good little deal, so I picked up all 3 that they had. And just look how cute they are! These would have been perfect little Easter gifts. I also picked up the last glitter crelly ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’. The last 4 shades I passed on were creams: ‘Blueberry’, ‘Green Apple’, ‘Very Cherry’, and ‘Island Punch’ (a light purple).

You can find the duos for $6.50 or all of the individual shades for $4 on Target’s website (which is where I got these! Some of the shades and duos are now on sale as well!). You can also find all of the duos on Ulta’s website for $7.99 and 6 of the individual shades for $4.99. I’ve also heard these have been found at Walgreens. These are where I can find them personally, though they may appear in various drugstores around you!


All of these shades have the Jelly Belly logo printed onto the cap, as well as printed on the bottle. I’m a sucker for all of their collaborations, and I can only hope they continue doing more of these!


Now let’s get into all of these shades!

Up first, the one shade I picked up outside of the duos is ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’. This is a light pink crelly base with various sizes of pink metallic hexagon pieces, and light gold shimmer.


In one coat, the base was still a little sheer. It had some visible nail line, but a 2nd coat easily covered that up. An easy 2 coat formula, and the base is sheer enough to let the other glitters through and give that nice layered look.


It was only looking at these up-close photos in my lighting that I noticed the shimmer throughout, so it’s definitely subtle and not really noticeable on the nail. I’m not too disappointed because it’s already interesting enough with the crelly finish and metallic glitters.



Now onto the duos! Like I mentioned above, you can also buy the shades individually.

This first one is the Bunny and Sunny duo. It contains ‘Bubble Gum’ and ‘Buttered Popcorn’.



‘Bubble Gum’ is the standard, well, bubblegum pink cream shade. The first coat was definitely streaky so it will need a 2nd coat. I got it pretty well good and smooth on a 2nd thicker coat. This is one of those formulas that you don’t want to manipulate too much, or else you can cause some streaking. If you just float it onto the nail, it’ll be smooth.

Not the best formula I have for a bubblegum pink, but of course, fun in the collection.



‘Buttered Popcorn’ is a milky yellow-white crelly base with various sizes of metallic gold hexagon pieces.


Here I showed it as 1 coat over ‘Coconut’ as a base. So it does work well as just a topper over light shades like white. I wouldn’t do it over darker bases, as that milky base can look weird over darker colors. (I tried it over ‘Bubble Gum’ to see if they paired well as a duo, and just no go, I decided to not even show it, you don’t need to see it).


And then here is 3 coats built up on its own. If you do a thicker first coat, you can see the base being a little uneven and streaky, so I did like thinner coats. I did get it opaque in 2 coats using thinner strokes, and the glitter distributes easily, without needing to place it.


It’s definitely a unique look, and definitely reminds me of the popcorn jelly bean for sure! It might not be a crowd favorite, but as always, I love when drugstore brands do something unique!



The next duo is Hoppily Ever After.

This includes ‘Berry Blue’ (it should be noted there’s a deeper blue cream called Blueberry in the collection as well) and ‘Tutti-Fruitti’.



‘Berry Blue’ is a rich medium blue cream shade. This had a stunning formula and was pretty well opaque in 1 easy coat. It was super smooth and even, and just lovely on the nails. The best cream formula of the ones I picked up.



‘Tutti-Fruitti’ has a light pink milky base with tons of different colored metallic hexagon pieces.


Here is one coat over ‘Berry Blue’. This has a more sheer base, so it can be more easily topped over other shades. You can see it adds a little milkiness to the base color, but it still shows through. The glitters pick up and distribute easily.



And here is 3 coats built up! As you can see, the base is more sheer, but that allows the different colors of glitters to show through. If you did thicker coats, you can probably completely cover the nail line in 2-3 coats, but I didn’t mind the look, and it’s not super noticeable.


As with all of these crelly mixes, they’re going to be a love/hate style. I’ve been loving them, but of course, I love all weird nail polish. They’re definitely a unique addition to a collection, but you’ll have to know your own personal preferences about whether you’ll like this or not.



The last duo is Some Bunny to Love. This includes ‘Coconut’ and ‘Peach’.



‘Coconut’ is a white cream shade. This has just a touch of yellow to it, making it a little bit softer and squishier on the nails than a stark white. It had a sheer, uneven first coat. It was still a little uneven on the nails after 2 coats, especially on my ridgey nails. I was able to get it smooth and opaque with a 3rd thicker coat. Just like ‘Bubble Gum’ above, this is one you don’t want to manipulate the polish too much, just float it on the nails and leave it for the best result.

Whites are notorious for being a little more work, and especially with this one having a touch of crelly feeling to it, I’m not surprised it took 3 coats to build up. Not my favorite, but almost to be expected.



And the last shade I have, and really the one I was most excited for, this is ‘Peach’. It’s a soft peachy-orange crelly base with metallic red hexagon pieces.


This is 1 coat over the top of ‘Coconut’. Not the prettiest application, but I think this is good to show that you can top any of these crelly shades over a white base for an even more “jelly bean” like finish. I actually really liked this and would love to experiment with it more.


And then ‘Peach’ built up on its own. This had the smoothest formula, and the most opaque base out of all of the crellies. This was an easy 2 coats. For all of these crellies, they can look a little bumpy built up, but a coat of top coat will cover it up and smooth over any texture.


Again, definitely reminds me of the Peach jellybeans (also one of my fav flavors). I love these crellies overall!



Those are the Sally Hansen Jelly Belly shades that I picked up!

Honestly, of course, my favs and recommendations from this collection are the crelly finishes. They’re unique and fun to my collection, and really fit with the “jelly bean” theme and remind me of Jelly Belly. They may not be a finish for everyone, but I love them. The creams are the most exciting or unique. ‘Berry Blue’ is the best formula, and just stunning, while ‘Bubble Gum’ and ‘Coconut’ are just okay, and take a little more work.

I can’t wait to see what else Sally Hansen does this year! I hope they continue with the collaborations.


I feel like my ending is always the same. I always got lots more coming and a lot more products to review. And as always, stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly Shades

  1. I absolutely adore the crellies in this collection, they look just like the beans! They better do some more, so much potential with all the flavors out there 😀


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