Sinful Colors ‘Naughty Nudes’ Collection

It snowed today. SNOWED. in APRIL. Can it just not. And then it’s supposed to get up to 65 on Tuesday. So who knows what’s even happening down here. But you know during the hours where it was just blizzarding, I took my time to just veg out and work on some posts. What Sundays are really for.

Including finally finishing up this post.ย Well, I had originally written this post before I moved, and I only had 8 of the 9 shades. But then a lovely person in the Sinfully Polished Group on Facebook found the 9th shade for me and sent it to my new apartment, so I had to wait for that 9th shade! But now we can finally talk about these bad boys!


Sinful Colors came out with a bang in 2019, releasing so many new shades right after another. And as they are my favorite brand, I had to snatch them all up. There will be lots of reviews of all of them coming up, so stay tuned for that!

Let’s get right into the first review. This is the ‘Naughty Nudes’ collection, and it features 9 shades of different “neutrals”. These are now permanent, so you’ll be able to pick them up at anytime. They are exclusive to Walmart (since I don’t have a reliable Walmart near me – city life I had them ferried in from a wonderful person in the Sinfully Polished Nails group) but they’ve been found all over the place in various Walmarts. These are the traditional $2 each. Let’s get into the swatches of these beauties!

I did these in order from lightest to darkest so right to it.

Up first is ‘Tease’. This is a pearl base with red shimmer throughout. It does look a little more gold, but the shimmer mainly shows up red on the nails.


This is definitely a more sheer formula. 1 coat had a “Your Nails But Better” look to it, just adding some shine and sparkle. After 2 coats there was still some visible nail line. Here in the picture I did 3 coats, and as you can see under bright lights and certain angles, you’re still going to have nail line.

Whether you like this one or not will definitely depend on your tastes. It is a “nudes” collection, so this is a more “natural” look to the nails, if you want just a little sparkle.


All of the rest of the colors are opaque on their own.


‘Strike a Pose’ is a light beige cream shade with blue shimmer throughout.


(I got this shade later, so it’s the only one in the new lighting setup, so it won’t quite match the other photos. But I believe these are some of the last pictures in my old lighting).

This was a little sheer on the 1st coat, and my ridges still showed through. But on a 2nd it was opaque, and it was a smooth formula to work with. I do wish that beautiful blue shimmer showed more on the nails – it was a little more subtle than in the bottle.



This one is ‘Come Closer’, a chocolate brown with a gold shimmer throughout.


This had a thicker formula, so it was pretty well opaque in 1 thicker coat, though I did 2 easy ones here. This formula is just so smooth and beautiful to work with.



‘Nakey Nay’ is a soft caramely-copper shade.


This one will need a 2nd coat, as I still had some visible nail line on one coat. It was opaque in 2 coat though, with thicker coats. I did use a thicker coat, with more polish on the brush to make sure the tips of my nails were completely covered.

She’s a more unique shade in my collection, and I surprisingly liked it.



‘Copper a Feel’ (heh, I love the name) is a rusty brick orange shade with beautiful gold flakes. (This finish reminds me of the Stone Crystal Shimmers and LORD I just need more shades of those in my life, pls Sinful Colors).


This had a little bit of a thinner formula, so a thicker coat did end up leveling a little unevenly on the nails, so thinner coats are better. It needed 2 coats to get opaque, but they were 2 easy coats.



‘Body Language’ is a deep chocolate brown with GORGEOUS green shimmer throughout it (they’re killing me softly with the shimmer and flashes in this collection).


This had another smooth and thicker formula. So easy to paint on the nails, and ugh I’m in love with these.



‘Nude Mood’ is a deeper cool-toned purple base with gold shimmer.


Another that was so smooth and easy and opaque in just 1 thicker coat. Again, such an easy formula that just glides on the nails.

I do wish the gold shimmer was a little more apparent outside of bright lights. It does get a little lost in normal lighting, but it still adds a nice sheen and shimmer to the polish. Overall, it’s still beautiful.



‘Skin-tillating’ is the most shimmery of the bunch. If you look closely, you can see an almost deep purple brown base, with that beautiful teal shimmer just taking over.


This one was a little more uneven and sheer, so it will need a 2nd coat. If you do a thicker 1st coat, it can pool a little at the ends of the nails so be careful with that or do thinner coats. I did get this opaque with a 2nd coat – the base deepens and the shimmer just layers nicely and becomes even more sparkly. (I’ll make an exception for my bright spring pastels for this one).



Last but not least we have ‘Skinny Dip’. This is the deepest and darkest of the base shades, with a deep purple base that almost looks black on the nails. This one also has the biggest glitters, with red, pink and gold glitters all throughout the base.


This is another one that was basically opaque in 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones. Another easy one on the nails – it’s pigmented so it can get a little messy, so just be careful with application. But she’s a beaut.



That’s the ‘Naughty Nudes’ collection from Sinful Colors! I know I’m usually a little biased for Sinful Colors because they’re one of my favorite brands, but honestly the formulas in this collection are all pretty well fantastic. They’ve been stepping up the game lately.

Everything except for ‘Tease’ was 2 coats or fewer. I will be honest that ‘Tease’ wasn’t my favorite, just because of personal taste and I don’t love sheer polishes. It’s meant to be sheer and either you’ll love it or you won’t. I’m just here to show you how it looks and help you decide that!

But I’m so excited for the upcoming releases from Sinful Colors – I have a couple more new collections coming to the blog in the next couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with this year.


SO. MANY. POSTS. COMING. Y’ALL. I’m serious. It’s happening. They’re coming. I’ve got so much new polish and makeup to talk about, and I’m ready to blog about it all. I got that motivation and passion again. I’m loving it, I just want to blog and post more. I hope you enjoy it all. Let’s do this.

And as always, stay tuned for the next review.


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7 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Naughty Nudes’ Collection

  1. Wonderful review. I love Sinful Colors, but they are getting harder to find in my area. So happy you are settled in and praying you get some Spring weather real soon ๐Ÿค—

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!
      And I definitely feel the same way! I’ve had them shipped to me from lovely friends and other crazy collectors. I hope they’ll sell online soon!
      Thank you again ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s definitely flipping around still – we go from 70 degrees one day to 40 the next! Hopefully it stays nice and warm soon!


  2. Copper a Feel is amazing! I don’t shop at Walmart, but I might be willing to give them a couple bucks for that gorgeousness. I also like Skin-tillating, but find it strange that it’s in a nude collection ๐Ÿ˜›

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