Sally Hansen New Miracle Gel Shades + New Matte Top Coat

HeyOOOO it’s been a while since I’ve posted a full actual review! It was a busy week or two and I’m still working on settling into a new schedule and getting through the mountain of products that I’ve stashed to review, and I’m ready to just drop post after post, y’all.

Also peep in this post, my brand new lighting setup. I knew it was time to upgrade and make it even better, and I’m just so glad I did. It’s so much more even and consistent and will be able to really show the polish as it is. I’ll be talking all about this in a post about improving and the new motivation for my blog, and I’m so excited for everything to come.

But enough about all the reviews I’m going to do, let’s just talk about this one right here shall we?


Sally Hansen was so kind to send over another box of polishes over to me, and I’m still so floored. I’m still so grateful, and it’s so wild to me that a big brand like this wants to send me items!

As always, just because it was sent to me, I will still give my honest opinions and a thorough review, but I’ll always be transparent when something was provided for my review. I’m always so thankful that I’m given the chance to try even more polishes for you guys!


So let’s get right into what we’re going to be looking at today. These are 6 of their new Miracle Gel shades. The Miracle Gel formula promises to be a gel-like finish without requiring a UV lamp. They promise to be longer lasting than normal polishes especially when paired with the Miracle Gel top coat. Now, I don’t wear my polish for long periods of time, between constantly changing it up and swatching, I only ever have a color on for a couple of days tops, so I can’t tell you about the claims for longwearing or durability. But I can still show you the colors and the formulas.

Also included is their new Miracle Gel Matte Top coat. It promises a “soft matte” finish over any of the Miracle Gel shades (or any other polish in general) and to be as durable as the normal Miracle Gel top coat. Again, I can’t talk to the lasting power of this, but I’ll be showing how it mattifies and the look over the 6 shades I received.

It’s in the same style of bottle as all of their Miracle Gel shades, with an opaque black finish and a matte label.


Let’s get into these shades already. I have the polishes swatched and shown with their normal finish, and then with 1 coat of the matte top coat over them.

Up first is ‘Out of this Pearl’. This is a frosty champagne shade. With 1 coat, this was a “your nails but better” look, where it adds just a little shine and perfecting to the nails, with some visible nail line left. But with a 2nd coat, this was pretty well opaque. You can see, there are visible brush strokes, which is a pretty normal thing for soft metallics like this, but paint straight to help them look as even as possible.


‘Out of this Pearl’ with Matte top coat. And the picture speaks for itself! As you can see, the top coat dries down to a lovely satin finish on metallic shades. It was smooth to paint on, and dried fairly quickly on the nails. Easy to use and easy to add a different finish to any shade!


‘Mauve-olous’ is a more peachy shade (I wouldn’t say quite mauve). On one coat, this was pretty smoothly opaque, though some of the ridges on my nails were showing through. An easy 2nd coat smoothed it out and made everything even. Super smooth formula, and a great neutral for spring.


‘Mauve-olous’ with Matte top coat. You can see a little bit on the pointer finger where I didn’t quite get enough on the brush and it skipped a little and ended up a little uneven. So make sure to have enough and paint one smooth coat on. The top coat dries quickly, but still gives you enough time to paint it on slowly and easily.


‘Beet, Pray, Love’ (I love the name so much) is a deeper berry tone shade. This was pretty well good in 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones. A shade I love, and a very smooth formula.


‘Beet, Pray, Love’ with Matte top coat. As you can see, the matte top coat is more milky (like any of the matte top coats I’ve worked with have been) so it’ll add a little bit of lightness and dustiness to the polish underneath. The main color comes through, but of course, something to remember when mattifying any polish.


One of my favorites, this is ‘Apollo You Anywhere’, a bright red coral shade. Another that was pretty well good on 1 coat, though I used a 2nd coat to cover up a few uneven patches I had. This dries a little satiny, so you’ll need a top coat for true shine. But this will be a fun shade for the upcoming summer!


‘Apollo You Anywhere’ with Matte Top Coat. This shade is stunning mattified and I wouldn’t have thought of wearing it with this finish! Super pretty.


Now for the two deeper shades.

This is ‘Can’t Beet Royalty’ (they really love beets. I get it, Dwight Schrute gets it) is a darker beet red shade. I found this was more of a thicker crelly formula, so it has a more squishy look to it overall. It’s a little uneven after the 1st coat, so you will need a 2nd. The 2nd coat made it fully opaque as well as deepening the color. It’s a little messy during cleanup as you can see around my cuticles, so paint a little more carefully.


‘Can’t Beet Royalty’ with Matte top coat. This shade is beautiful with a matte top coat. This will be stunning in the fall and winter seasons. I love deeper colors with a matte finish!


Last but not least we have ‘Wine Stock’. This is a very deep plum red shade. This was also a little uneven on the first coat, so I did a 2nd coat. Like the one before, the color deepens with the 2nd coat. This is one that can skip a little if there’s not enough on the brush, so make sure to not wipe off all the polish – it’s a thick enough formula that it won’t flood your cuticles. A beautiful deep vampy shade. (Also got a little messy with this one, so be a little careful with application on this one as well).


‘Wine Stock’ with Matte top coat. Another that is gorgeous with a matte finish. Super vampy and perfect for colder days.


So those are new Miracle Gel shades with their Matte top coat! I will of course always give the disclaimer for us crazy polish collectors that they’re not the most unique colors and you probably already have them, but they have great formulas and if you’re looking to add to your collection, you won’t go wrong here! I would love to try more of the Miracle Gel colors after this. They have a ton of different shades.

As for the matte top coat, if you don’t have one in your collection already, I really liked this one! It dried quickly and truly made the polishes matte. It adds another fun way to wear your polishes. Definitely can recommend it!

You can find these at most drugstores like Target and Walgreens as well as online on Amazon!


I’m just SO excited to get reviewing and posting more and more for you. I’m in my new apartment that I love, with a set lighting setup, and motivation to show you a bunch of fun polish and makeup. You know when you just have that boost and love playing with new products and reviewing again? well HERE I AM, let’s do this. Lots of fun things on the way!

Stay tuned!


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*The products above were provided to me for review. All thoughts and opinions were my own honest thoughts and feelings.*

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