Untried Month: Essie March

Every time I take a little break for whatever reason – this time was moving – I miss posting and reviewing items so much! It’s always a good little reminder of how much I still enjoy doing this, and love trying out new things for you guys! And now I’m fully settled and ready to get down into reviewing again.


To get back into it, I have another month of Untried Polishes to talk about! If you haven’t seen this project before, either here or Instagram, or haven’t seen my other post (see January’s here), every month this year, I’ve picked a brand and wore untried polishes from that brand. And at the end of the month, I do a lil summary post of all the ones I wore! March was all about Essie.

I only got through 4 polishes this month, so definitely not as many as I hoped to. I wore one at the beginning of the month, and then didn’t wear the last 3 until the last week of the month – when I wasn’t able to swatch before I moved, and was just wearing polishes before they got packed up. It was a busy month, and I got in a little rut of not wearing polish too much. But the last week I was enjoying setting aside a portion of my night to relax and just paint my nails, and I know I’m going to keep that up!

I thoroughly enjoyed that week of new polishes, and as always, I love actually using my collection and trying them, so I’m determined to get better about it now that I’m settled and able to use them more. I’m also going to be able to get fully back into my destashing project, so using the polishes will help me decide if I truly love them or want to pass them on. So let’s talk about them now!

Up first, I wore ‘Aruba Blue’. This is one of the Essies that I’ve had the longest in my collection, way before I truly started collecting and blogging. It’s stayed through this whole time, and for a reason. I can’t believe I hadn’t worn it more before this, or had an official swatch picture of it! Absolutely stunning. Easy two coats, and I’ll definitely be keeping this one.


After this first one, I definitely took a break, and wasn’t really wearing polish as I started packing and was super busy getting ready for a move. But the last week of March I squeezed in as many polishes as I could.

This one was a TJ Maxx polish I picked up. I’ve definitely slowed down on buying random polishes I see out at the stores, as I’ve picked up bringing in new polishes and swatching. But I couldn’t resist grabbing this one at the time. This is ‘Mamba’, a dusty neutral with just a touch of peachy orangeness to it, and a subtle silver shimmer that gives it a nice sheen. This was two thicker coats. It was a smooth formula, and a unique color in my collection.


Up next, we have another classic! This is ‘Mint Candy Apple’, another one of the polishes that I’ve had the longest, and another one that I can’t believe I didn’t have a picture of yet. This is one of the best well known Essie polishes, and I have the blue version of it. Apparently it’s been reformulated, and is now more of a “mint” green shade (with a better formula). This took 3 coats to get completely even, just like I’ve noticed with any older bright pastel shade.


The last polish I wore this month was ‘Taj-Ma-Haul’. This was part of their resort collection from 2016, and another I picked up from TJ Maxx. (I’m telling myself I’m not allowed to buy older polishes until I’ve finished trying everything in my collection.) This is a bright Mac N Cheese orange cream color. This was 2 coats, although you can see in the pictures it could almost use a 3rd to cover up my ridges. I did like the color, so I’ll have to compare this to others in my collection!


And that’s the polishes I wore for my untried March! Not too many this month, but still working my way through my list. There will definitely be more this next month!


As well as more untried polishes, I have a ton of reviews coming up. I’ve built up a little stash of products that I’ve been waiting to swatch until I was in my new place (there’s a highlight on my Instagram profile if you want a sneak peek of what’s coming up).

And with more reviews, I’ll be making changes to my blog – it’ll still be nails and makeup and beauty. But I want to improve my blog and my photos overall! I’ve got new ideas and am excited about plans, and I’ll be talking about all of this fully in a post coming up. I know I’ve said before that I want to post more, and be better at being active, but this time I’m feeling really inspired and am getting to it.

As always stay tuned for lots of new things coming up!


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2 thoughts on “Untried Month: Essie March

  1. I have never heard of or seen Mamba before, how pretty!!!

    The first time I bought Mint Candy Apple, I thought I had a mislabelled bottle – did not realize at the time there were two versions! I now have both, but haven’t worn the greener one yet. I remember the blue one having a pretty tragic formula like you experienced, I hope the green one is better!

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