Profusion ‘Wanderlust’ Palette Review

Have I mentioned I’m moving yet? Only on every other post? Well it’s a big deal, okay. Well, I’m mentioning it again because I’m currently packing up my entire life right now, after work and on weekends when I have time. So that means my posting is going to get a little lighter for these next couple weeks until I’m fully settled. I swear I’ll miss you all, and wish I had more hours in the day, but I’ll post as I can and have time!

I can’t wait to get back to a more regular schedule, and can really get into it once I’m settled and happy in my brand new apartment. I hope you can hear my excitement. I’m going to have more sunlight and open space, and I’m just ready to get out of my garden (aka basement) apartment. So if I’m a little MIA, don’t fret. I’ll be back soon from a brand new location (15 min away from my current one).


It’s a makeup review! I have said that I want to post more about makeup on here, especially eyeshadow palettes (my true fav), and so here we go. I don’t know what it is, but I was thoroughly intimidated by this review for far too long (maybe it was the amount of shades and making sure I had used them all), but I wanted to make sure I really knew what I was talking about. I don’t know, I felt afraid that I wouldn’t give enough information or good enough information. It’s something I’m slowly getting past, and I know it’ll get even easier the more of these I do!

So here’s to many more palette reviews to come.

Alright, let’s talk about the palette. I had heard lots of good things about Profusion – from their affordability to their quality. They had their big moment on YouTube (especially after they got sent out to a ton of influencers), but then they died down a little. I was still so intrigued by their palettes that I had to try them out, especially when they released this new collection of palettes, back during the holidays.

I picked up a couple of palettes during the sale (those others are coming to the blog soon as well). They’re available on Target’s website, or Profusion’s website. And these big palettes are ONLY $10. I picked them up during their Black Friday sale (yes I know it was a while before I reviewed this, I’m working on it, intimidated mentioned above), so they was even cheaper. Always watch out for sales, but even if you don’t, it won’t break the bank.

So alright, let’s get into this first palette. This is the ‘Wanderlust’ palette, and it’s one of their 21 pan palettes. I’ll first give you full details and swatches, and then the full review will be at the end, if you want to scroll down to the good stuff.


I have one in the older packaging and style, but this palette is still available on the website, with the same colors and formula, just in square pans.

It comes with a double-ended brush, with a fluffier crease brush on one end and then a more flat packing brush on the other. I do actually like the brush on this one, and it does work. It’s a more dense blending brush, so I like using it after a transition shade to pack a darker shade to define the crease even more. The flat shader end is a little less dense than I normally use to pack on color, so I don’t use it too much. But the crease side is the one always standing up in my little brush cup anyways.



This palette definitely has a more colorful theme, with a couple of the more traditional transition shades that can complete any look. But I do like the more colorful matte shades as well.

All of the matte shades can pull a little darker, so the look will be brighter and more dramatic. I personally love that, but if that’s intimidating for you, definitely go in slowly and build them up.

There are 8 matte shades, 11 more satiny/shimmery shades, and 2 metallic shades. I break them all down and really get into the formula down below.


All shades are swatched on my bare arm with no primer (though I always use primer in my eye looks), and are pretty much 1 swipe each.




To review this, I feel like I can split these up into 4 categories: the mattes, satins/shimmers, super metallics, and the more crumbly shades. And I’ll talk about each formula individually, and then sum up my thoughts overall, as well as show some eye looks I created with the palette! This review talks about the performance over these shadows over the Milani Eye Primer. I always use an Eye Primer because any eyeshadow would crease on my hooded lids no matter what.

The mattes are the real stars of this palette. They are so pigmented and bright, so they can get a little wild if you go in too fast like I discussed before, but you can blend them out smoothly and easily if you do happen to grab too much product. I suggest dipping in a little bit and just working your way slowly. They build up on each other and blend into each other so nicely – even the purples I don’t have any complaints about. They’re so nice, and it’s worth $10 for just these mattes.

Shades: Tranquil (pale yellow), Regal (bright purple), Coast (medium brown), Statement (Warm brown), Nostalgia (dark brown), Enigma (deep navy), Retro (cool purple), and Go Girl (bright fuchsia).

These are the more metallic/glitter shades that are not quite the ultra metallic shades. These are smooth, and beautiful on the lid, and last all day long without creasing, even on my hooded eyes (with a primer). These do take a little more packing onto the lid. I used a small shader brush, and picked up a decent amount of product, and then would pack it onto the lid, swiping it a little, but mainly packing it on. You can get a little bit of fallout, especially with the deeper colors, as you’re packing more product on the lids, but I do my eyes before my foundation for this reason. I didn’t need to use glitter glue, and sometimes it took going back and forth a couple times, but the color would build up to the full opacity you would see in the pan. It wouldn’t take too much, and I loved the result these gave. So beautiful and stunning. You can also give a little extra punch to the color by tapping them on with your finger.

Shades: Illusion (light champagne), Chill (gold), Gravity (purple with blue flash), Hypnotic (deep forest green), Jade (dark jade green), Splash (dark blue), and Cruise (smoky blue gray).

Ultra Metallics:
There are only 2 of these shades, but ugh I want more. These are so creamy, and just so foiled on the lids without wetting them. They’re stunningly pigmented, and just fantastic. I had to hold myself back from using Majesty for every single look.

Shades: Majesty (bright olive green), Stormy (aqua blue)

Crumbly shades:
Now these shades. These shades were a little bit of the problem children of the palette. I’ll say right up that Frosting is a miss. It was the chunkiest of all of them, and really only deposited glittery chunks onto the eyes. I could make it work on the inner corner, but I wouldn’t put this all over the lid, it’ll have no base pigment and be just glitters.

The rest are just more chunky, and they can be worked with, but they’ll need either a glitter glue and patted on with a finger or wet with a brush and more packed onto the lid. They can be built up, but they’ll take more work, and they’re look less shimmery than the others. I had the most fallout when I was packing these onto the lid, just because it takes more of the shade, and they don’t stick to the lid quite as well. They are workable, but they will take extra love, and won’t be the most metallic look on the lids. So overall, just okay.

Serious was the smoothest, it could be built up pretty well without glitter glue, Love Story and Nimbus were a little chunkier, but able to be packed onto a glitter glue and had a more satiny than shimmery look, and then Frosting being the chunkiest.

Shades: Serious (murky blue green), Frosting (purple glitter), Love Story (cranberry pink), Nimbus (bright purple-toned pink)


Overall Review:
All in all, I think this is a really great palette. There’s such a great color range, but it isn’t too crazy, and has those neutral mattes if you were just wanting to start experimenting with more colorful shadows. The mattes are absolutely stunning and blend like a dream, and the shimmers can be built up on the lid for beautiful bright looks – especially those metallic shades. There are some more miss shades in the palette, just one that’s I won’t get much use out of, and others that require a little more build up, but they’re not completely useless. The amazing shades way outnumber the messier ones. For the price, and all of the other shades you’re getting, even with the more crumbly ones, this is a great palette, and I think so worth the value! If you want to add a wide variety of colors and shades to your collection, this palette is fantastic, and an amazing value.


Eye Looks
I’ve finally figured out a way to take photos of my eye looks! It definitely took some finagling and figuring out angles because of that lovely crease rolling right in the middle of my eyelid (love you hooded eyelids). But we made it work, so you can see the lid! I plan to do this with more of my palette reviews so you can see the shades truly in action!

Now these are more colorful looks for sure, just to show you the range you can have with the shades.

Warm Green-Purple Eye (look at these creative names):
Illusion (inner corner), Statement (crease), Nostalgia (outer crease), Majesty (inner lid), Hypnotic (center lid), Regal (outer corner)


Blue Pink Look:
Go Girl (crease), Regal (outer crease), Chill (inner lid), Splash (center lid), Regal (outer lid)


Mermaid Eye Look:
Retro (crease), Frosting (inner corner), Serious (inner lid), Jade (center lid), Cruise (outer lid)



Longer post but I really wanted to be thorough and give all of my thoughts here! I really enjoyed getting into reviewing makeup – it is my other obsession after all, and I’m looking forward to putting more of them onto the blog! I buy a lot of makeup, and I just want to talk about it with someone, which is why I created this blog after all.

So look forward to more makeup reviews coming up, as well as our normally scheduled nail posts. Don’t worry, the nail polish will never go away.

As I mentioned at the start, I’m moving, as well as doing a major declutter of my polish collection. I’m mainly doing this by getting rid of duplicate colors, so I want to make a post showing off these duplicates. It was helpful for me as I went through my collection, and I’m sure it’ll be helpful to others as well! So watch out for that coming up as well when I can. I’ll do posts of 10 or so duplicates that I’m choosing to pass on. It’ll probably be after the move in a couple weeks.

Lots of new stuff coming up! It’ll be a little slower and less consistent for right now, but I’m still excited to be posting and showing you lots of new things! Stay tuned!


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