Essie Serene Slates Collection

I’m currently typing this up at my little desk while people walk around and view my apartment. Is that weird? Maybe. But it’s cold outside and I’m not leaving. Although it has proven my theory that it makes people view apartments a lot faster.

I feel like I look like a real blogger right now. Laptop at desk, Starbucks drink in hand, typing rapidly these important words. We can all pretend here.

Also like a real blogger, (a la Temptalia, my actual idol – if you haven’t read her blog yet, go on over and see the masterpiece that it is), I think I’m going to start posting my hauls and products I’m getting in, as well as swatches of the product before I post the full review. Obviously this will be more for makeup than nail polish, but this way you can see what products I’m buying and what I’m currently testing out, as well as getting an idea what’s coming up to the blog! It helps keep my content going, and if you see something that really peaks your interest in a haul, I can work on posting about that first! I just want to get you more consistent content and show you what I’m playing with.


Alright, should I also be a real blogger and stop rambling already and get into the polishes? Yeah, probs. Alright here we go.

This is the Essie ‘Serene Slates’ collection. It’s a collection of 9 cream and shimmer shades that are all various tones of mainly grays and other neutrals. I was honestly so excited to get my grabby hands on this collection, because I am all here for grays. They’re all I wear fashion wise. And they so nicely match the weather outside – just all gray. It’s perfect for this weird period between winter and spring where it’s just cold.

I picked these up from! Let’s get into the shades.

‘Mind-Full Meditation’ is a light tan cream shade. This is the warmest leaning out of all the colors. It reminds me of dried, older concrete (idk here, I’m the daughter of a former cement truck driver).

This had a super easy formula, and was pretty well opaque in 1 easy coat. I did a 2nd coat here, but overall a great formula, especially for a lighter neutral color like this. It can skip a little if there isn’t enough polish on the brush, so make sure to load it up – it’s thicker so it won’t flood the cuticles.

Mind-Full Meditation by Essie from the Serene Slates Collection - Swatch by Gingerly Polished
Essie – Mind-Full Meditation

‘Press Pause’ is a super light gray-toned blue cream shade. This one I did for sure need a 2nd coat to make sure it was entirely opaque – honestly, surprised me how easy the formula was for such a light shade! It was completely opaque on 2 for sure, and didn’t sway at all up to 3. This will be a nice pick-me up for spring whenever it decides to show up.

Press Pause by Essie from the Serene Slates Collection - Swatch by GingerlyPolished
Essie – Press Pause

‘Wire-less is More’ is the only shimmery shade of the bunch. This is a light gray shade with a touch of rosiness and a red shimmer throughout. The shimmer does make it look rosier on the nail than it does in the bottle. It’s a little subtle, but still visible.

This one was a little more sheer in formula, so it did for sure need 2 coats. But I was able to easily get it opaque with those 2 coats.

Wire-less is More from the Serene Slates Collection by Essie - Swatch by Gingerly Polished
Essie – Wire-less is More

‘Toned Down’ is the first of the group of more muted and gray tones coming up. This one is a nice dusty blue-gray cream shade. This had a beautiful formula and was easily opaque in 1 coat. So thick and rich and just glided on the nails. Absolutely lovely.

Toned Down from the Serene Slates Collection by Essie - Swatch by Gingerly Polished
Essie – Toned Down

The namesake of the collection, ‘Serene Slate’ is a nice traditional mid-tone gray cream shade. This was another that was pretty well opaque in 1 coat – I did have some patches leftover from the ridges in my nails, but a 2nd coat evened the rest of them out.

A perfect color to describe everything outside in the city, just gray. Gray and dead. (Can you tell I’m ready for winter to end here?)

Serene Slate from the Serene Slates Collection by Essie - Swatch by Gingerly Polished
Essie – Serene Slate

‘Generation Zen’ is a gray cream with just the slightest touch of brown and warmth to it. This had another smooth easy formula. This could be pretty well opaque in 1 coat, but I did 2 easy ones.

Generation Zen
Essie – Generation Zen

‘On Mute’ is a more blue-toned cool gray shade. Another easy formula – this was for sure opaque on just 1 coat. So stunning, and honestly the formulas in this collection are so good.

On Mute from the Serene Slates Collection
Essie – On Mute

Last up we have the two shimmery shades.

First is ‘Cause & Reflect’. This is a shimmery steel color with just the lightest touch of teal blue to it. (That was a long description of color, but you get it right?). This was another that could be opaque in 1 thicker coat, though I built it up here with 2 thinner coats. That shimmer is so gorgeous, and most brushstrokes easily just evened out as it dried.

It’s darker and a little more toned down, but still sparkly. What I’m here for.

Cause & Reflect from the Serene Slates Collection by Essie - Swatch by Gingerly Polished
Essie – Cause & Reflect

Last but not least, we have a silver foil. This is ‘Gadget Free’ and it’s a little more smoky silver foil. This was pretty well good on 1 coat, though there were some patches that peeked through at certain angles. A 2nd coat covered up any last uneven spots.

Gadget Free from the Serene Slates Collection by Essie - Swatch by Gingerly Polished
Essie – Gadget Free

Since it is more of a foil shimmer, you will get some brushstrokes, but it’s shiny enough that you don’t notice them too much.

Gadget Free (Close Up)
Essie – Gadget Free

So that’s the Essie ‘Serene Slates’ collection!

Honestly, all of the formulas in this collection are amazing. A lot were one coaters, with everything being opaque in 2 coats. It feels like Essie, and well every other mainstream brand, has been amping up their formulas in these past few years, and I am HERE FOR IT. They know they have to compete for my love. So if you’re looking to feel moody, yet chic, feel free to pick up any of these beauties. They won’t disappoint.


As always, lots of reviews and products are on their way to the blog! And like I mentioned above, I’ll start posting hauls and swatches as well! I hope it’ll motivate me more to get these reviews out as well, if you see and get excited about the products I’m trying! I have so many different eyeshadows to talk about – my other great love besides nail polish. Just pls stay tuned.


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3 thoughts on “Essie Serene Slates Collection

  1. Wow, that is a lot of one-coaters for an Essie collection! I should give them more credit, their formula has gotten better in recent years. I need Press Pause and Toned Down, those blue-grey shades are just to die for.

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