Profusion ‘Wanderlust’ Palette Review

Have I mentioned I’m moving yet? Only on every other post? Well it’s a big deal, okay. Well, I’m mentioning it again because I’m currently packing up my entire life right now, after work and on weekends when I have time. So that means my posting is going to get a little lighter for these next couple weeks until I’m fully settled. I swear I’ll miss you all, and wish I had more hours in the day, but I’ll post as I can and have time!

I can’t wait to get back to a more regular schedule, and can really get into it once I’m settled and happy in my brand new apartment. I hope you can hear my excitement. I’m going to have more sunlight and open space, and I’m just ready to get out of my garden (aka basement) apartment. So if I’m a little MIA, don’t fret. I’ll be back soon from a brand new location (15 min away from my current one).


It’s a makeup review! I have said that I want to post more about makeup on here, especially eyeshadow palettes (my true fav), and so here we go. I don’t know what it is, but I was thoroughly intimidated by this review for far too long (maybe it was the amount of shades and making sure I had used them all), but I wanted to make sure I really knew what I was talking about. I don’t know, I felt afraid that I wouldn’t give enough information or good enough information. It’s something I’m slowly getting past, and I know it’ll get even easier the more of these I do!

So here’s to many more palette reviews to come.

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