Review: Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2017 – Liquid Catsuits & Megalast Lipsticks

As soon as I started seeing promo photos for the new Fantasy Makers collection for this year, especially that they had new lipstick shades coming out, I basically had them in my cart and ready to buy on their website. However, I got lucky, and when I walked into Walmart one day, they had a huge 4 sided untouched display of all the products, so I snatched up all of the colors I had my eye on.

They put out a lot more items in this collection that are more specifically geared towards Halloween. I was honestly most interested in the lip products, so that was all I picked up to review today. You can see and buy all of the other products on their website,

They also have 6 shade cream color palettes and 2 cream paint pots for face makeup, stencil packs, body crayons, lip glosses (I’m not a huge lip gloss fan), glitter eyeliners (I wasn’t incredibly wowed by the ones in the Fall collection), colored mascaras, glitter palettes, and new shades of their glitter pigments. So lots of fun colors and items that you can use for great and colorful Halloween looks.

But today I have some shades of the lip products to review!

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Swatch: Sinful Colors ‘Undead Red’ & ‘Bite Me’ – Halloween 2017

I’ve been falling a little behind on my Sinful Colors posts – I still have yet to figure out which Walgreens store down here will be my hookup – if you live in the Chicago area (did I mention I live in Chicago now?), lemme know if you have a go-to Walgreens that actually gets in the new Sinful Colors collections.

But before I moved, I did find two of the shades from the Sinful Colors Halloween 2017 collection. This year’s collection is called ‘Night of the Living Red’. It has 2 glow in the dark shades as well as the normal glow in the dark top coat – I didn’t like the glow in the dark shades from last year so I didn’t bother picking them up. It also has 4 repromotes, as well as 4 new shades. I found 2 of the new shades for today. All of the Walgreens stores I went to only had the smaller displays so I never found the other two shades. But they’re called ‘If You’ve Got it Haunt It’ and ‘Pumpkin Spice’.

I at least have the two shimmery red shades that I wanted to show you today as part of my Halloween palooza on the blog this weekend! So let’s jump right into it.

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Review: Wet N Wild ‘Midnight Mermaid’ Fall 2017 Collection

Alright, alright, alright, this collection might have already been talked to death. But you know, I walked into a Walgreens out of town, and found a full display of it finally, and had some Walgreens points saved up, so I really had to. So enjoy my 2 cents on it, because I’m putting it out there anyways. And it’s beautiful so who doesn’t want to see more photos of it.

Wet N Wild is one of my absolute favorite drugstore brands because 1: They’re so goddamn affordable. Even in the way of drugstore prices, they’re on the lower end and 2: they have been absolutely killing it with their products this year. They’ve been putting out incredible releases and just amping up the quality of their items. So anytime I see a new collection out, I need my grabby hands on it.

This collection is called the ‘Midnight Mermaid’ collection and it’s one of the vampiest things I’ve seen in the world – perfect for my dark soul. I found this at a local Walgreens, and you can still buy it on their website in separate pieces.

For a hot second, everybody and their brother was raving about this collection, and now that it’s in my hands, I understand why.

It’s made up of 4 of their Liquid Catsuits in Metallic Mattes, 4 Metallic Liquid Cream Eyeshadows, 3 liquid eyeliners, and 1 highlighter.

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Review: Sally Hansen Crayola Collection

How is this my first Sally Hansen posts? You know, after this, it definitely wouldn’t be my last. Look at these pretty little rainbow babies. When I saw images of this collection first come out, I knew I had to get my grabby fingers on them. So I did!

I had some saved up gift cards (I don’t even know how a Target gift card lasted so long in my wallet but it did) so I thought it was perfect to buy this collection that I had my eye on. These retailed for $4.09 on Target’s website (same price as their normal Insta-Dri polishes), and the shipping was super fast and well packed.

The bottles are the typical Insta-Dri bottle shape, and have the Crayola name on them, as well as the traditional Crayola design on the bottle. Instead of the traditional black cap as well, the cap matches the color of the polish inside. I really love all of the attention to detail in this collection, and I’m so glad to have them as a collector.

I found that all of these polishes had pretty much the same formula, so I’m just going to talk about it up here all at once, instead of just saying the same thing over and over. I found all of these had a little bit of a thicker formula. This meant you can get them opaque in one thicker coat. I did find the one thicker coat can get a little blobby on the nails though, so I didn’t prefer it.

Although, with the wider paddle brush, I did prefer to work in thinner coats and go slowly on my nails. I do have thinner nails so it did basically cover my nail in one swipe. It was a bit of a learning curve, but once I slowed down and concentrated on swiping thinner, more controlled coats, I made less of a mess.

The formula can really run down the brush and flood everywhere, so just wipe the brush off well before you start. I did also find that with the thicker formula, if you din’t have enough polish on the brush, the coat could almost skip and not flow evenly to the end of the nail, so make sure you have enough to really coat the nail.

A little bit of a learning curve with these to avoid making messes, but with the beautiful colors and hella opaque formulas, it was so worth it. These also dry quickly as well, (shoutout Insta-Dri formula) so even if you do the 2 thinner coats, it’s super easy, and quick. So yeah they’re thicker, but once you get the hang of these, they’re just stunning. I mean, just look at the colors.

Now, for the individual swatches, we’re going to go in numerical order, not rainbow, I know it’s a tragedy. But I JUST WANT TO PUT THE NUMBERS IN ORDER OKAY. LET’S JUST GET INTO IT.

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Sinful Colors ‘Get Bright’ Pastel Neon Matte Polishes

Hello friends! Another Sinful Colors collection review! They just put out 2 more collections under the umbrella of “Back to School”. Only because they’re $2 I’m like, “keep em coming, yes please new nail polish”.

Today’s post is about the ‘Get Bright’ collection. This one includes 6 polishes marked with the ‘Pastel Neon Matte’ stickers. I know, pastel neon seems like a contradiction, but like just stick with me. It makes more sense when you see the colors. (Or maybe I’m just telling myself that, you tell me). These are 6 bright summertime colors that promise a matte finish.

Of course everyone has been intrigued. Luckily I once again found them at Meijer. I’ve been hearing lately that everyone has been having terrible times finding Sinful Colors collections at Walgreens – please don’t do this to us, Walgreens.

For now, let’s get into these swatches, in case you stumble upon these like a beautiful treasure.

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Sinful Colors ‘Color Rebellious’ Moon Metal Shades

WOOO MORE SINFUL COLORS REVIEWS. I want you all to know I always try to have the newest Sinful Colors collections for you over anything else.

Today, I have the other review from the Sinful Colors ’80s Flashback’ collection (see the first one called Color Symbolic here). This part of the collection is called ‘Color Rebellious’. It features 5 repromotes and 3 new shades, which I have today.

The 3 new shades are marked by the ‘Moon Metal’ sticker on their cap. They’re all a jelly base with these pieces of “moon metal” inside, which are little dotted metallic hexagons. I believe they’re going for a crater look, or some sort of space technology look with these. As soon as I saw these I was immediately intrigued and grabbed my space suit.

I again found mine at my local Meijer, but it also says they’re available at Walgreens and Target.

So let’s get into the swatches! I showed them by themselves, as well as toppers over other polishes!

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Sinful Colors ‘Color Symbolic’ Collection – New Shades

It can be hard to keep up and keep straight what collections Sinful Colors currently has out, and what is new and everything. I’m here to straighten it all out.

Alright, Sinful Colors has done the thing again where they release 3 new collections all underneath one big title. They did this for the Spring, with their ‘Spring Trippin’ theme. This included the ‘Desert Divas’ polishes, with the stoned-crystal shimmers finish (see my post here). They also had the ‘Chic Chicas’ which were bright creams with Spanish-themed names, (I posted about three that I found here), and the Sinful Shine collection called ‘Bayou Babes’ (again, find the post here).

They’ve done the same thing for summer with their ’80s Flashback’ theme. There are 3 different collections underneath that: ‘Color Eccentric’, ‘Color Rebellious’ and ‘Color Symbolic’.

‘Color Eccentric’ is their neon collection – I won’t be picking those up at all. If I’m being honest, I can’t be bothered with the white base coat to add another 3 coats on it – and I’ve seen swatches of these and they’re only okay. Idk I haven’t gotten into neons yet. Maybe someday my mind will be changed, nay, I hope someday my mind is changed.

‘Color Rebellious’ has only 3 new shades, and they’re the ‘Moon Metal’ finish – I’ll be posting about those soon!

And last but not least, ‘Color Symbolic’ is the Sinful Shine collection, and what I’m reviewing today! There are only 4 new shades and I have those for you today! Let’s get into the swatches.

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Pure Ice ‘Star Spangled Glamour’ 4th of July Collection

4th of July is right around the corner (it still feels like only June 1st), and that means fun patriotic collections from nail companies! And even better, drugstore nail companies!

I saw advertising for Pure Ice’s 4th of July collection, and just had to find it. This year it’s called the ‘Star Spangled Glamour’ collection and includes 3 polishes – 2 toppers and a cream.

If you’re not familiar with Pure Ice, they can be found at Walmart and retail for $2 each. And so far I’ve had really good luck with them, and they’ve had beautiful formulas.

It took me going to 2 different Walmarts, but I found the 3 polishes and was so excited to swatch them. Let’s get into it!

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Sinful Colors ‘Bayou Babes’ Sinful Shine Collection

Hello everyone! I’m back! If you follow my blog, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I posted I would be a little MIA as I was finishing my big senior project for school. And while I have a couple more days of work on it, (it’s sending out for printing Wednesday!) it’s finally slowed down and I’ve been able to write up some posts in the breaks. What was it? Well I created a 40 page magazine about the food & drink in my town here! I interviewed everyone, wrote the articles, got the photos and designed it all – and now it’s going to be displayed in our art museum with the rest of the graduating seniors’ work. It’s crazy to believe it got done – and soon I can sleep again!

But what I really couldn’t believe was the amount of support that poured in from the beauty and Instagram community. It was incredible. My heart was so full from all the wishing of luck and sweet messages you all delivered. Ever since I joined this community, I’ve found nothing but open arms and new friends and support as we all just talk about the things we love. So I want to thank all of you who supported me – I couldn’t have stayed sane without this.

But now, I’m back and ready to post more than ever! Since this project is (pretty much) done, I’ll have more time to devote to blogging – and applying for a real adult job after graduation – AH. We’re not thinking about that right now. We’re thinking about pretty nail polish.

SO Sinful Colors put out 3 collections all at once, underneath a big theme of “Spring Trippin'”. There are 2 collections in their normal ‘Sinful Colors’ line called ‘Desert Divas’ – with the ‘Stoned Crystal Shimmer’ finish (I NEED THESE AND HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO TRACK THEM DOWN. I might have to put out a call for someone to find them for me), and the ‘Chic Chicas’ collection of creams – again, another one that I haven’t been able to find (my Walgreen supply has been TERRIBLE).

And then there’s a new Sinful Shine collection – which I actually did find, and am talking about today. This is an 8 shade collection – but there’s 5 new shades and 3 repromotes. The repromotes didn’t interest me too much, so I just┬ápicked up the new shades.

Like I mentioned, there’s 5 new shades, and they’re all this wonderfully shimmery finish. You can also tell them with their themed-New Orleans names. Since they’re the Sinful Shines, these retail for $2.99 a piece.

So let’s get into the shades – and back to blogging!

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Swatch/Review: Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Limited Edition ‘Queen of My Heart’ Collection

Hello friends! The post you’ve been waiting for, and the makeup I never get tired of – limited edition Wet N Wild collections. BRING ON MORE. I LIVE FOR THE WHITE LIMITED EDITION PACKAGING.

Sorry this took so long – I was on Spring Break this week. You would think that would mean I would get a lot of work done with all my time. INCORRECT. My roommate and I went on down to Chicago – she had some job interviews and we had a blast otherwise!

But here it is now!

Anyways. I have all the products except for the lip palette – I don’t tend to use lip palettes at all, so I decided to pass. But I do have the highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, brush and cream color sticks! I was so happy to see new eyeshadow palettes in this collection – I missed out on the fall ones, so I was just itching to have some new Wet N Wild trios.

This collection is called the ‘Queen of My Heart’ collection, and features 2 highlighters, 3 eyeshadow palettes, 3 cream Lip & Cheek tints, a lip palette, and a new kabuki brush.

You can buy the whole collection now on Wet N Wild’s website – – for $30. Hopefully the products will be available individually soon as well.

So there’s lots to talk about – let’s get right into it.

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