Sinful Colors ‘Color Rebellious’ Moon Metal Shades

WOOO MORE SINFUL COLORS REVIEWS. I want you all to know I always try to have the newest Sinful Colors collections for you over anything else.

Today, I have the other review from the Sinful Colors ’80s Flashback’ collection (see the first one called Color Symbolic here). This part of the collection is called ‘Color Rebellious’. It features 5 repromotes and 3 new shades, which I have today.

The 3 new shades are marked by the ‘Moon Metal’ sticker on their cap. They’re all a jelly base with these pieces of “moon metal” inside, which are little dotted metallic hexagons. I believe they’re going for a crater look, or some sort of space technology look with these. As soon as I saw these I was immediately intrigued and grabbed my space suit.

I again found mine at my local Meijer, but it also says they’re available at Walgreens and Target.

So let’s get into the swatches! I showed them by themselves, as well as toppers over other polishes!

The first of these limited edition shades is 2246 – ‘Pop Queen’. This is a blue tinged jelly with the blue metallic moon metal pieces. This was 2 coats – and obviously the base is sheer enough that it can’t be built up on its own. And its only a slight tinge of blue, so it’s not going to be tinting anything you put it over too much.

The base is a little thicker, so if you’re really packing it on trying to get pieces, you might get it a little thick. Just a warning. I always let the base drain a little bit, and then dot the pieces on my nails to get more.


The base definitely looks a lot more colored in the bottle than it is.


Here, I put one coat over OPI’s ‘Suzi Says Feng Shui’, a bright blue cream. It adds a nice shine to the top, but the pieces are a little sparse. This base is also a little thicker than the others too, so putting this on top of something else can get thick quick. It doesn’t tint the color at all.

Honestly, don’t know if it adds enough of an effect to really be a topper of choice for me. I think the one to pass on from the group. This one fell a little flat for me.


So the first one was a little bit of dud, but we’re staying positive! Up next is 2248 (why do they skip 2247) – ‘Starlight’. Unlike the first one, this one has gold shimmer in the base, along with gold moon metal pieces. This base seems less thick than the previous one, and more manageable. This was 2 coats, so you might still have some visible nail line, but it’s going to be more opaque than the first one, and just gives a fun shimmery look to the nail on its own.

On my notes I wrote “this would be beautiful over some long ass talons though”. I’m not lying, just imagine it, some long pointed nails with this over it and you’ll feel like a queen. It’s more beautiful in real life.

With any of these, if you have longer nails, it’s going to be easier to spread your pieces out evenly.


It’s just beautiful in the bottle though.


Here I paired it over OPI’s ‘Never a Dulles Moment’ a mustard yellow cream from their last fall collection. (And what do you think of this new hand position? Always changing it up but I think I really like this one. Anyways). It adds that beautiful gold shimmer, and the pieces are a little easier to place, and I love this unexpected combination. It adds a fun way to spice up a regular mani.

Definitely like this one more than the first.


The third and final moon metal polish is 2249 – ‘Cherish Me’, a base with silver shimmer and silver pieces. This is like the gold, but the shimmer is a little less strong. Another that won’t get to opaque, but it you have longer nails it’ll be easier to place more shimmers, and you can wear it for a sheer shimmery pop to your nails!



Here I put it over a silver foil, OPIs ‘I Drive a Supernova’ and I think this is really when you get that “moon metal, moon crater” look. Very spacey looking and shimmery. Again, I ended up liking this more than I thought I would.


Finally I had to test out all 3 over black and I think this is where they really shine. The gold and silver are obvious favorites with the shimmer really coming through over black.

As for the blue, it does add a cool effect, but I had to kind of gloop the base on top to get enough pieces, and it’s just so thick. (Can you tell I just don’t really care for the blue?)


So there are your moon metal polishes! I always give credit to Sinful Colors for constantly making unique toppers and glitters.

The pieces in these aren’t super hard to fish out. If you’re dipping your brush in normally, you’ll get a decent amount of pieces that’ll spread nicely over your nails. If you have shorter nails, it might be harder to place them about. And if you’re using multiple coats of the blue, ‘Pop Queen’, it can get thick and gloopy pretty fast.

I honestly wasn’t really in love with these until I put them over other polishes. The gold and silver are my two picks – because with that shimmer in the base they’re much more, especially over black.

So in conclusion, I do think they’re fun toppers. If you want to pick these up, I say get the gold and silver, and leave the blue behind, unless there’s a very specific topper look you’re going for. I can’t complain about the formula for the gold and silver – just remember they’re very unique toppers and look at it based on your own tastes, and if you liked them based on the photos above. I ended up loving them paired over others more, but again, it’s all based on your tastes.

I finished up the 80s Flashback collections just in time for Sinful Colors to drop more collections! They’ve now put out two more under the ‘Back To School’ header. One has the pastel neon matte shades (which I’ve got to review soon!) and the other includes ‘Matte Master’ polishes which I’ll be hunting down. Stay tuned!


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7 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Color Rebellious’ Moon Metal Shades

  1. You are the first person I’ve seen do swatches of these! I already grabbed Pop Queen and Cherish Me just because those glitters are so unique. I am glad to see that Pop Queen’s base is super sheer, I can use it over a lot of my blues.

    Cherish Me and Starlight look AMAZING over black, good call!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I found the Starlight polish at Goodwill today for 0.99, and I have to say it’s fun as a topper on different colors, especially with the gold shimmer in the base. I used it over a nude-ish pink gel polish on some long almond nails, and it’s a great combination!

    Liked by 1 person

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