Sinful Colors ‘Color Rebellious’ Moon Metal Shades

WOOO MORE SINFUL COLORS REVIEWS. I want you all to know I always try to have the newest Sinful Colors collections for you over anything else.

Today, I have the other review from the Sinful Colors ’80s Flashback’ collection (see the first one called Color Symbolic here). This part of the collection is called ‘Color Rebellious’. It features 5 repromotes and 3 new shades, which I have today.

The 3 new shades are marked by the ‘Moon Metal’ sticker on their cap. They’re all a jelly base with these pieces of “moon metal” inside, which are little dotted metallic hexagons. I believe they’re going for a crater look, or some sort of space technology look with these. As soon as I saw these I was immediately intrigued and grabbed my space suit.

I again found mine at my local Meijer, but it also says they’re available at Walgreens and Target.

So let’s get into the swatches! I showed them by themselves, as well as toppers over other polishes!

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