Sinful Colors ‘Get Bright’ Pastel Neon Matte Polishes

Hello friends! Another Sinful Colors collection review! They just put out 2 more collections under the umbrella of “Back to School”. Only because they’re $2 I’m like, “keep em coming, yes please new nail polish”.

Today’s post is about the ‘Get Bright’ collection. This one includes 6 polishes marked with the ‘Pastel Neon Matte’ stickers. I know, pastel neon seems like a contradiction, but like just stick with me. It makes more sense when you see the colors. (Or maybe I’m just telling myself that, you tell me). These are 6 bright summertime colors that promise a matte finish.

Of course everyone has been intrigued. Luckily I once again found them at Meijer. I’ve been hearing lately that everyone has been having terrible times finding Sinful Colors collections at Walgreens – please don’t do this to us, Walgreens.

For now, let’s get into these swatches, in case you stumble upon these like a beautiful treasure.

Up first is this electric lime green, 2288 – ‘Acid Test’. For these polishes I found much of the same formulas. The first coat is usually streaky, and then it evens out nicely in 2-3 coats. Since they’re matte formulas, you don’t want to manipulate them too much, or else you’ll find them to dry streaky and ridgey.

With 2 thicker coats I got this opaque, 3 on some nails to cover some streaks. It does self level nicely, as long as you’re not manipulating it too much. With a matte formula, it dries faster, but not so fast it’s difficult to work with. With the fast drying times, the 3 coats are very easy to do.


As for the finish it’s not exactly matte, and obviously it’s not glossy either. I find it was more of a satin finish overall. But I do think pastel neon is a good descriptor. It’s bright, but not in your face like a normal neon.

Though they take 3 coats, I don’t mind for the neon, because you don’t need a white base underneath for it to really pop.

Here I also show it with topcoat.


2289 – ‘In Your Elemelon’ is a bright peach. This one was a little more streaky than the first, but was evened out with 3 coats. This one also leveled itself pretty nicely. This is one that does give you the appearance of a bit of tan as well, something I’m never mad at.

It’s a little more finicky than ‘Acid Test’ so be prepared to work with it a little bit. I did find working in thicker coats with these is better – but the formulas are thick enough that you won’t flood your cuticles doing so. This was the one with the streakiest formula.


‘In Your Elemelon’ with top coat.


2290 – ‘Quick Study’ truly had the best formula of the bunch. This was 2 easy coats, and just look how smooth it dries. Absolutely stunning. Now I don’t see this one as “neon” as the others, but it’s still a bright fun color for summer. But I will wear it so much for summer because of that goddamn beautiful formula.


‘Quick Study’ with top coat.


2291 – ‘Lilac Out Loud’ also had another beautiful formula. I needed only 2 coats for this one. Again, keep in mind I’m working in thicker coats, but they’re so easy to control. This one definitely pops on the nail. Ugh, I love it.


‘Lilac Out Loud’ with top coat.


2292 – ‘Under the Inbluence’ (heh get the name, good joke) is a bright baby blue people can’t get enough of. Another easy formula, this took me 2-3 coats. There were some streaks still after 2, but they covered easily with a 3rd. This one can dry a little bumpy if you manipulate it too much during application.

And another one that really gives me a tan, bless UP.


‘Under the inbluence’ with top coat.


Last but not least we have 2293 – ‘Make a Scene’. And make a scene, she’s trying. This one almost had a thicker formula than the others, so I found if I didn’t do thicker coats, it would skip and wouldn’t lay even on the nail (something you can see a little on my middle finger). This took me 3 coats and is a little bumpier than the others.

This one did at first look like other Barbie pinks I had, but I did find it was brighter than anything I owned. I’ll work hard for that bright neon.


‘Make a Scene’ with top coat.


Overall, I think Sinful Colors put out another fun collection for the summer! Though they might take 3 coats, they’re quick drying coats, and I much prefer these over other neons because they don’t need a white base. They level out pretty nicely on their own – otherwise a good top coat will help that out.

These aren’t super matte either, which I almost prefer. There’s still time to work with them on application, and they’re not going to chip as quickly either.

I do prefer to work in thicker coats with these, so I load up my brush with polish and find that helps with smooth application. They’re easy to control and don’t flood cuticles. They also clean up easily. And these neon colors definitely make you look more tan, something I love as a pale girl.

So I have no complaints about most of these, especially for $2! ‘In Your Elemelon’ was my one that fell a little short, but even so it’s not god awful at all, and it could be just the matte formula and lighter color. It might just take an extra coat. Some are a bit more finicky than others, but if you slow down and work with them, they’re still beautiful. Sinful Colors always impresses me with their unique finishes, and this is a good one!

The stand outs formula wise are ‘Quick Study’ and ‘Lilac Out Loud’ while ‘Acid Test’ wins my heart for the brightest pop of color.

So there’s your pastel neon mattes from Sinful Colors! There’s still plenty of summer left to rock these!


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5 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Get Bright’ Pastel Neon Matte Polishes

  1. I love these! I only picked two but like I said on my instagram comment, I may need to pick up the blue if I can still find it!! I totally agree with what you mentioned about the formulas, they’re not too bad and I like that they dry quickly and they don’t really need a top coat if you don’t want to. They’re nice for a fast manicure!!

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  2. Your swatch photos look really elegant here – I think it’s your nail shape! Wish Sinful Colors were more available in the UK, we just have to lust from afar

    Liked by 1 person

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