Blackheart Beauty Polishes

I know everyone is already reviewing fall collections, and I’m still missing out on some of the summer ones. I’ll be honest with you guys – my reviews are going to be a bit later on, when I have a job again and am once again making money (yay post-grad life). So just hang on, they’ll be here, better late than never. Have faith in me.

For now, I have some new polishes to show you that you can pick up at any time! These are from Blackheart Beauty, a brand you can find at Hot Topic stores. I picked all of these up when they were on sale for 2 for $5, so very affordable. They have so many different colors and finishes, it was almost hard to pick which ones I wanted to try first.

If you don’t have a Hot Topic near you, or are afraid to brave the goth den it is, you can also find these polishes on their website. They’re a little hard to find within the website, but just search around and soon they’ll pop up.

They all come in these beautiful skull bottles, which was part of the reason I just had to try some as well. Let’s get into the swatches!

They all have wildly creative names, so you know, hopefully you can tell which polish I’m referring to below. *wild sarcasm*

First up, ‘Pale Pink Shimmer’ is … well.. a pale pink shimmer. This was 3 easy coats. If you’re good with visible nail line, this is nice for a light soft look to your nails. Otherwise, it’ll have to be a topper. But that gold shimmer is just beautiful. On top of dark colors, it really pops.


Up next is ‘Deepest Red’. That’s right, you’ve heard it here, they’re not going to have any deeper reds besides this one. Good lord, I’m feeling sassy today. Anyways.

This is a crelly formula. It can be good on on easy coat, but two thickens it up and deepens the color. The one downside to this polish, if you can’t see it on my cuticles already, is that its very messy. Cleaning this baby up was a nightmare, and on removal there’s going to be red everywhere. But otherwise this dark red makes me feel like an evil queen, so you know it’s a trade off I’m willing to have.


Next is ‘Iridescent Peacock’. This one is a bugger to try to catch the right color of. It has a lot more green to it than this picture show, giving it that true “peacock” feel. Unfortunately it doesn’t have as much duochrome as it does in the bottle as it does on the nail. But the teal shimmer in it is absolutely stunning.

So sorry for not being able to show the true color. But this had an easy two coat formula. Super nice to control, and a beautiful color for fall.


In the bottle you can see the true color a little more, those pops of teal and green. But this one is hard to photograph.


Lastly is one that many people are getting excited for. A range of ‘Galaxy Effect’ polishes recently dropped, and they’re all cream bases with holographic shimmers. I tried to find more, but could only find this purple one, so if you see them, snatch them up fast!

This is ‘Dark Purple Galaxy’ and this was an easy, smooth 2 coat formula, and then just look at that finish. Absolutely stunning, and especially in the sun you can really see the holo finish shine. Of course, it was raining when I was taking photos, but you can only imagine.

Unf. I can’t stop staring at this. Obviously my favorite of the batch I picked up.


So those are the Blackheart Beauty polishes I currently own! After how much I liked these 4, I’m definitely going to be picking up more when I see them. They’re so inexpensive, and I love having the bottles displayed on my desk. And they all honestly have really nice formulas. Besides a couple being messy with cleanup, I can’t complain!

I wish there were more Hot Topics around me so I could find more!

Have you picked up any?


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