Blackheart Beauty Polishes

I know everyone is already reviewing fall collections, and I’m still missing out on some of the summer ones. I’ll be honest with you guys – my reviews are going to be a bit later on, when I have a job again and am once again making money (yay post-grad life). So just hang on, they’ll be here, better late than never. Have faith in me.

For now, I have some new polishes to show you that you can pick up at any time! These are from Blackheart Beauty, a brand you can find at Hot Topic stores. I picked all of these up when they were on sale for 2 for $5, so very affordable. They have so many different colors and finishes, it was almost hard to pick which ones I wanted to try first.

If you don’t have a Hot Topic near you, or are afraid to brave the goth den it is, you can also find these polishes on their website. They’re a little hard to find within the website, but just search around and soon they’ll pop up.

They all come in these beautiful skull bottles, which was part of the reason I just had to try some as well. Let’s get into the swatches!

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