Pure Ice New Shades!

Pure Ice is one of my favorite affordable nail polish brands. They’re exclusive to Walmart and they retail for only $2! Whenever they put out new polishes, I get my grabby hands all over them. I mean, come on, $2. It’s so easy to justify buying tons of them when they’re only $2 a piece, right?

They recently brought out a bunch of new shades – 16 to be exact, and I picked up 6 of them. I’ll be sure to update the post if (when) I pick up more. If you can’t find them in store, you can also buy all of the new shades on Walmart’s website!

So let’s get on into these swatches!

Up first this is 1390 – ‘I Got a Confection’, a soft pink cream with so much beautiful gold shimmer. This was 3 coats, it could be good at 2, but I covered up some little patches with that third coat. The shimmer in this is so strong, and the formula is so smooth. I wrote on my notes that it’s like “fairy fingers”. It’s so soft and light and beautiful.


1392 – ‘Out of Orbit’ is another shimmer shade. This one could be good at 2 coats, but I used 3 here to cover up any last visible nail line. Because of the shimmer, it does almost look less smooth than the other colors, but it’s an easy to control formula. Very shimmery and very fun. It can be a little weird to clean up, with the shimmer almost bunching up, and balling up, but that’s a very small, specific thing for a nail blogger like me. It’s still a beautiful shade on.


Onto the creams now! The first is 1393 – ‘Sweet Serenity’, a lovely lilac cream shade. I honestly can’t get enough of these lilac shades, and this formula was just lovely. An easy 2 coat formula, it was so smooth and easy to control.


1394 – ‘Taupe it Off’ is, well, a taupe brown shade. Another staple for me in the fall, I can’t get enough of these shades. This was another super easy 2 coat smooth formula. A beautiful cream shade.


Up next we have this squishy red cream. This is 1395 – ‘Good Karma’. This could be good in one coat if you’re in a hurry, but a 2nd coat makes the color richer and squishier. Like a broken record, another smooth formula, beautiful. This can be a little messy on clean up, as reds tend to be, so watch out for that.


The last shade I have today is a topper. It’s 1396 – ‘Galactic Glam’. It’s a clear jelly base with small purple glitters, light blue glitters and large metallic hexagon pieces. This was only one coat over ‘Sweet Serenity’ so you can see the glitter pickup and spread is really nice. I didn’t have to work to pick them up, and it was easy to place on the nail. A fun, easy to use glitter topper! I surprisingly liked this one more than I thought I would.



I can’t wait to find more of these shades as I didn’t really have a complaint about any formulas! Pure Ice has really nice quality for such affordable prices, so I will definitely be snatching up more of the new shades when I see them.

Have you found any of these new shades?

Stay tuned for more upcoming posts!


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