Review: China Glaze ‘Happily Never After’ Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween 31st, y’all! I’ve been spending my evening hiding away from the neighborhood kids because there’s a lot of them, and I have absolutely no candy. Meanwhile, my adult Halloween festivities took place on Saturday.

Did you have any fun plans for Halloween?

And what’s better for Halloween than a Halloween collection review? That’s right, I finally have the Halloween collection from China Glaze! This collection is making quite a buzz in the nail community, and now that I have it I understand why.

Long story short, all the formulas are really nice. So let’s just get right into it.

This collection is called ‘Happily Never After’ and is a 6 bottle collection. There’s a whole mess of different formulas in here, from mattes, to creams, to glitters, so there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

These are available at Sally Beauty Supply, both online (although ‘Sin-derella is sold out online) and in store. I actually bought mine off ebay from a seller – they had a ton of positive reviews, offered free shipping with tracking, and promised full size bottles, so I felt I could trust it. And they were shipped really well – each bottle was individually wrapped in bubble wrap and they came so fast! It’s definitely an option when you can’t find them on normal stores.

So let’s swatch these pretties.

Alright we’ll get right to the one everyone has been waiting for right at the beginning.

This is the newly famous ‘Sin-derella’ and good lord this one was giving me difficulties photographing straight on. That gosh dang shimmer got my camera. But this is a dark gray base with a super strong shimmer. This shimmer flashes from pink to red to orange, and it’s gorgeous. Is it weird that this reminds me of Stranger Things? (Maybe it’s just because I’m binging the 2nd season while writing this. SO GOOD).

Idk this polish is just spooky and beautiful to me. I love it. This was a beautiful formula as well, I got it opaque in 2 coats. I think you could almost do it in 1 if you did a super thick coat, but you might need 3 if you do thinner coats, but it’s so easy to control and lovely. I understand why everyone was losing their mind with this polish, because I am too.


Just look at that shimmer. It’s just fiery and make the polish look like it’s glowing.


I promise this is the last photo.


Up next is the one true cream of the bunch. This is ‘Looking Gore-geous’ and it’s a beautiful deep eggplant purple. Another one that could be opaque in 1 thicker coat. I ended up doing two, since I did thinner coats because there were some uneven patches. But it smoothed out easily with a 2nd coat. This was another easy to control formula. A lovely fall color.


Up next is the matte shade. This is ‘Crown for Whatever’ – I’m crown for whatever finishes China Glaze throws my way in this collection, because they seem to hit them all. Heh, bad joke.

Anyways, this is a matte formula so it dries fast, so you need to work in straight strokes – but it’s not a crazy matte formula they’ve had before, so you can take your time and really paint those nice even strokes. It doesn’t show ridges as much, especially once you get a 2nd coat on – but if you paint smoothly enough, you only need one coat. Make sure there is also enough polish on the brush or else it can skip and drag a little when you’re trying to apply it.

The shimmer in it isn’t as apparent on the nail when it’s matte.



But when you slap a glossy top coat on it, this baby comes ALIVE. You can see the beautiful pink shimmer a lot more. Now it’s not ‘Sin-derella’ apparent, but it’s still there, and makes the polish so dimensional.


Up next is a shimmery topper. This is ‘Queen, Please!’ and I do feel sassy when wearing this, I will admit. This is a clear base with a heck ton of shimmer that flashes between gold and green. This was 3 coats on its own, so it could be worn as a shimmery nail look, but I do prefer it over other polishes. Especially dark ones.


Makes me feel like a sassy fairy godmother on its own though.


Here it is with one layer over ‘Crown For Whatever’. The green shimmer really comes out, and the shimmer cover is really nice and thick in one coat. Absolutely stunning, and gives you a way to transform any color.


I also wanted to show one coat over a black cream. I feel like this would be gorgeous for the upcoming holiday season, maybe for a swanky company Christmas party (I have those now because I’m a working adult, wild I know).




At first glance this can look similar to the polish above, but IT’S DIFFERENT, I SWEAR. This is ‘Life’s Grimm’ and it’s a shimmery olive green base with a lots of silver and green shimmers. This was an easy 2 coats – some streaks on the first coat that were easily covered on the 2nd. Unf, this is fall in a bottle. Look how beautiful.


Lastly is the glitter topper of the bunch. This is ‘Do You, Boo’, and its a clear base with black glitters, gold and black bar glitters and black hexagon pieces. This was just one coat on its own, so you can see it has really good cover. I don’t think I would build this up to opaque on its own, because it would get pretty chunky.


This might be one of my favorite pairings ever. This is 1 coat of ‘Do You Boo’ over ‘Courtney Orange’ by Sinful Colors. This is for fierce Halloween. *Never takes this combo off again*


So there it is, the China Glaze Halloween 2017 collection! You really got a little bit of everything in here, so you can find a finish you like. All of the formulas are really beautiful, so if you see a color here that you like, I would not hesitate to pick it up.

They’re all great for Halloween, but I think they also transition nicely to regular fall polishes as well! Stunning.


I know it’s running a little late, but I’m hoping to get fall collection reviews up in the next couple of weeks as well! – whether you want them or not. The OPI Iceland collection is the one I have my eye on for next.

I also have a lot of makeup reviews to get through as well, so stay tuned!


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