Review: Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2017 – Liquid Catsuits & Megalast Lipsticks

As soon as I started seeing promo photos for the new Fantasy Makers collection for this year, especially that they had new lipstick shades coming out, I basically had them in my cart and ready to buy on their website. However, I got lucky, and when I walked into Walmart one day, they had a huge 4 sided untouched display of all the products, so I snatched up all of the colors I had my eye on.

They put out a lot more items in this collection that are more specifically geared towards Halloween. I was honestly most interested in the lip products, so that was all I picked up to review today. You can see and buy all of the other products on their website,

They also have 6 shade cream color palettes and 2 cream paint pots for face makeup, stencil packs, body crayons, lip glosses (I’m not a huge lip gloss fan), glitter eyeliners (I wasn’t incredibly wowed by the ones in the Fall collection), colored mascaras, glitter palettes, and new shades of their glitter pigments. So lots of fun colors and items that you can use for great and colorful Halloween looks.

But today I have some shades of the lip products to review!

There are 6 shades of new Liquid Catsuits and they retail for the regular price of $4.99. I have 5 of the shades. There is a matte black shade, but I didn’t pick that up.

They have the traditional Liquid Catsuit packaging, with the clear tubes and black caps. And the doe foot applicator, with the little dip in it that helps put more product onto the brush.



For all of these shades, I found they had relatively the same formula. They weren’t as pigmented and full coverage as other shades of the Liquid Catsuits I’ve had before, which might have to do with the more unique colors. I found I had to do one layer, let it dry for a couple minutes, and then go over it again with another layer to get it fully opaque. Except for the gray shade, which was pretty well opaque on one coat. Luckily, they layered well on top of each other, and also dried down pretty quickly, so it wasn’t too much work.

I also found if you smacked your lips together while they were still tacky and drying, you could pull up some color and cause some patches. And if you tried to go in for a second coat while it was still tacky, it could cause some uneven wear. So these do take a little more work than their normal colors.

But once they’re dried down, they wear very well like the other Liquid Catsuits. They stayed on for hours, and didn’t crack on the lips. They had a tiny bit of transfer even after they’ve dried down, so something to remember.

They’re pretty comfortable liquid lipstick formulas, and don’t overly dry out your lips.

Even though they did have some less pigmented formulas, they are very unique colors for the drugstore, and I love having them in my collection. I do wish they had the normal Liquid Catsuit formula that we’ve come to know and love. So if you’re willing to work with them a little more for some different colors, these are definitely good options.


Now onto the lip swatches! Most of the lip shades were right after application, so they had more of a shiny look to them, but you can see in the gray shade after they’ve dried down and have the full matte finish.

‘Terrifying Tangerine’ is a bright orange matte.

Terrifying Tangerine

‘Purple Panic’ is a bright cool toned purple matte.

Purple Panic

‘Emerald City’ is a shimmery dark green – it’s a little like the shimmery metallic green from their fall collection.

Emerald City

I thought that this looked similar to the metallic green of the Midnight Mermaid collection, so I compared them.

Left: ‘Emerald City’ from the Fantasy Makers and ‘Siren’s Jewel’ from the Midnight Mermaid collection. ‘Emerald City’ is lighter and has less shimmer than ‘Siren’s Jewel’. ‘Siren’s Jewel’ also had a more opaque formula and is more metallic.


This gray had the best formula out of them – I could honestly get it opaque with one coat and it seemed to be the smoothest application. It’s called ‘Sleepy Hallow’. You can see what they look like after they fully dry down as well.

Sleepy Hallow

Lastly is ‘Boo Blu’. This honestly photographs worse than it looks on the lips. This was after 2 coats, and its more smooth in person. This color honestly surprised me and wowed me for being a $5 lip from the drugstore. Like where else can you find a bright sky blue liquid lip for cheap?

I promise it’s better in person than the picture shows.


And those are the Liquid Catsuits of the collection!

Now, onto the other lipsticks! They put out 8 more shades of their Megalast Lipstick formula, and they retail for $1.99 each.

I picked up 4 of the shades. The other shades are a pure white, a black, a bright red, and a gray.

Let’s look at the ones I have today!

They come in the traditional Megalast lipstick packaging – very simple and cheap, but they are $1.99. I would rather have cheaper packaging and a good product inside. The one downside is that the clear caps can come off a little easily, and they can get messy. But I honestly put up with it for the lipstick inside.



I picked up 2 light pastel cream shades, and 2 shimmers.


For these, the formulas vary. The cream shades are honestly beautiful. They’re opaque and easily built up, and give you a unique look for just a couple dollars. I was wowed at the mint green and lilac, and know I have nothing absolutely close to these shades.

The shimmers, however, I was disappointed in. The gold had barely any pigment, and looked patchy on my lips, and just made my lips look so dry and cracked. And the dark blue was very patchy and uneven.

So if you see these, I highly suggest the cream shades, rather than the shimmers.

They last well on the lips, through drinking and light eating. You will have to reapply after heavy eating, but they still last well, and are comfortable on the lips. The cream shades are very comfortable and creamy, and are very nice on the lips. They can seem dry at first, but once you start applying them, they become creamy and easy to apply. I’m in love with 2 of these shades, and disappointed by the other 2. See the swatches below.


‘Bermuda Triangle’ is a bright mint cream. This was on its own, with no base underneath, and so bright and lovely.

It looks a little streakier up close, but in person, it’s a bright in-your-face unique color. I love this and it’s only $1.99. Like how do you do it Wet-n-Wild. Why couldn’t you make all of them like this.

Bermuda Triangle

Next is the worst of the bunch called ‘Gimme Gold’. I went over and over this trying to build it up, and as you can see it’s just not there. It made my lips look really dry and cracked and I didn’t like it at all. It’s only $1.99 but it’s still a pass for me.


The other shade I really loved was ‘Chilled 2 the Bone’ a bright lilac purple. I have other lilac shades, but none this light. Absolutely stunning and another shade that just wowed me when I put it on. It’s very comfortable on the lips and so pigmented.


Lastly was another shimmer shade. This is ‘Galaxy Blue’ and it was another drier formula like the gold. It was patchy and took a lot to build up, so not my favorite.


Overall with these, I loved 2, and didn’t love 2. But I know you’re taking a risk with $1.99, so it’s not surprising that it was a little hit or miss. However, the 2 cream shades were an absolute hit, and had that Megalast formula that we all know and love. They’re more unique shades as well to add to your collection if you’re looking for a wild look.

So there are the lip products from the Fantasy Makers 2017 collection!

There were some misses, some that were okay, and some absolute hits in this collection. All in all Wet n Wild brought out some very unique and original colors, and those can be more difficult formulas to nail. If there’s a specific color you’re looking for, whether for Halloween, or just for everyday, I would pick it up in the Liquid Catsuit formula. In the Megalast Lipstick formulas, I would suggest the cream shades, and to just skip on the shimmers.

Do you rock a pastel mint shade in your everyday makeup?

More Halloween posts coming up soon!


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