China Glaze ‘Body & Sol’ Collection


Happy Father’s Day everyone! I’m currently at my parents house as sort of a “weekend retreat” and to hang out with my dad for the weekend. It’s been a nice relaxing couple of days of shopping, seeing Rocketman, and just lounging around with home cooked foods. Just what I needed. What has your weekend been like?

I’m also using today to catch up on some posting. I know I teased these polishes about a week ago, but sometimes life gets busy, and my whole week was feeling like there’s just not enough time in the day! But I’ve got some time now to settle down and write this out.

We’re finally talking about the collection China Glaze released for Summer 2019. This is the ‘Body & Sol’ collection, and it features 8 bronzey and nude shades. It’s a unique collection for summer, and I think it’s perfect for the warm weather (if it’ll ever stay in the 80s down in Chicago!).

Let’s talk about em, shall we?

First up, we have ‘Beaches & Toes’. This is a light cool-toned taupe shade with lots of holographic sparkles all throughout.


This has a more squishy and jelly like formula. It has a sheer first coat. It was pretty well good on 2 coats, though there was a tiny bit of nail line left. Depending on your preferences, it could be good, but I did a 3rd thin coat to cover any last nail line up.


She’s soft, she’s classy, she’s a lovely nude with a little something extra.



‘Beach Buff’ is a little more warm-toned nude shade with silver shimmer.


This is one of those shades that gives you a “Your Nails But Better’ look. It’s a soft shade with 1 coat, but there will be some nail line. 2 easy coats and it’s opaque.


I love the silver shimmer in it, as it gives some nice depth to the polish.



‘Skinny Tipping’ is a soft peachy cream shade with a red-gold shimmer all throughout.


This was another that had a little bit of a thinner formula, so I found it could flood the cuticles and get messy with too thick of coats. But even with thinner coats, it was 2 easy coats to get it opaque.


Unfortunately that beautiful red shimmer can get a little lost at certain angles and can be a little subtle. I do wish it was a little brighter, but this was still a nice nude shade overall.



‘Tan-do Attitude’ is a lovely taupe shade with stunning gold shimmer all throughout.


This was another more crelly formula, much like ‘Beaches & Toes’ above. This was pretty well opaque in 2 coats, though you could need a 3rd to cover up any last nail line.


Also since it was a thinner formula, I found I needed to make sure to wipe off the brush to avoid flooding the nail. But overall, I ended up loving this shade – that gold shimmer ended up just being so stunning, and gave the polish such a warmth to it.



‘Copper-tunist’ is a well, warm copper shade.


After 1 coat, there was still some nail line, and I noticed it was lighter than it showed in the bottle. With 2 coats, it becomes deeper to match the bottle, and overall evens out. There are a little bit of brushtrokes, but you get that with most metallic shades, and most level out pretty well.


Considering most of these shades have unique shimmer or finish, so this one wasn’t as exciting as all the others. It was a nice coppery shade, so if you don’t have one, it’s nice to add to the collection.



‘Bronze Ambition’ is a nice warm chocolately-brown shade with gold shimmer.


There was some nail line after 1 coat, but it was an easy 2 coats to opaque. A super smooth and easy formula to work with overall. The gold shimmer gives it a lovely warmth and shine to it.



‘Send Hues’ is a deep brown shade with larger bronze and gold glitters.


This is another that’s more crelly like, so it will need 2 coats. The color deepens with the 2nd coat, and it’s fully opaque. Super smooth and another easy formula to work with. I think this shade will end up being beautiful for the fall time as well!


This does end up drying a little bit textured because of the bigger glitters, but a nice thick coat of glossy top coat will even it out. (I never show a polish with top coat to show how it dries naturally on its own).



Last but certainly not least, we have ‘Glow-worthy’. This is a gold metallic shade with lots of holographic sparkles.


This was more sheer than I was expecting on the 1st coat, but it was still easily opaque in 2 coats. Overall another nice formula to work with.

(I don’t know if it’s the gold or the shifty holographic sparkles, but why does this remind me of Thanos’ gauntlet? Maybe I’m still not over Endgame).


Just like ‘Send Hues’ above, this one dries a little textured because of all of the glitters, but a good coat of top coat will smooth it all out.

At this angle it also reminds me of a sandy warm beach, so perfect for summer, eh?



Overall, I ended up liking this collection even more once I had it in person! At first when I saw a full collection of nudes I was interested (I mean, all new polish interests me) but they were so much more interesting once they were in person. It was a very cohesive collection, and all had fun little touches to make them unique.

My favorites were ‘Beaches & Toes’, ‘Tan-do Attitude’, and ‘Send Hues’. Obviously I’m a sucker for a good taupe shade. ‘Copper-tunist’ was the only one that felt a little less exciting for me just because of the normal metallic shade, and the other fun shades overall. But a fun collection all around!

A comparison post of these shades with existing polishes that I have will be coming soon as well! Update: See it here.


I purchased these from You can also find them at


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