Sinful Colors Pride Collection 2019

Happy Pride month everyone! Pride Fest is this weekend in Chicago! I live right next to Boystown as well, and I went over to the festival with friends yesterday and had a blast. There were people everywhere, tons of entertainment and food, and a lovely space for everyone to just have fun and be themselves. Loved it! The Pride parade is next weekend as well – Chicago’s is always a huge event, but unfortunately I’ll be out of town visiting friends. I hope I can see it next year, and hope it’s an amazing day for everyone and the community! Are you going to any Pride events this month?

And with that, I have the Sinful Colors Pride 2019 collection to talk about today!

This collection makes me a little sentimental. I purchased one of the Sinful Colors Pride collections way back in the day (like 2017) – the one of all creams. And it was one of the first collections I reviewed on this blog! It was even before I did full nail swatches – I just showed the shades over my swatch wheel in natural daylight coming in through the window! I had barely figured out focus, lighting or blogging, but I just wanted to talk about polish. I thought the post was still up to link to it, but I can’t find it unfortunately, I must have taken it down. But I remember typing it on up! Crazy how much has changed in the 2 years of the blog (and my life) since then – my nails, lighting and posting have all gotten better!

There has been released at least one other Pride collection in between this, with similar sparkly shades in different colors, but I wasn’t at a point where I was buying as much polish then. So this is my first Pride collection from Sinful in a while, and I’m so glad to have another! They’re always so fun. They’ve also been posting work in collaboration with different LGBTQIA+ on their Instagram to celebrate! Happy Pride!

Now for the collection. As always, it’s a 6 piece collection. It features a rainbow of glittery shades, and they all have a #Pride sticker on their caps. These have been available since before June, and I’ve read that it’s a permanent collection you’ll be able to purchase long after Pride month. I got these off of Amazon. They’re currently $16 for all 6 shades + a highlighter (which I’ll talk about before the shades). I have not seen these available for purchase individually, and haven’t heard of them being available in stores – but Walmart has had other collections so it’s possible they’ll show up there.

When purchasing the set off of Amazon, you also get a ‘Grind & Glow Rainbow Rainbow Shimmer Powder” included. The packaging is like a cushion foundation compact. It’s a little thick and chunky, but it houses the powder, and a grinder.


When you open it up, you can see the multicolored powder underneath the grinder.


Then as you twist the inside component it “grinds” up the powder.


I tried to swirl the colors together to get a swatch. And as you can see, it’s definitely an interesting powder. This swatch shows some of the blue, red and green powders. It’s not super shimmery, with more of a satin sheen.


I’ll be honest in that I’m not sure exactly how I’ll wear this, I’ll have to experiment for sure. I might try it on my eyes as well! So it’s a little bit of a more “out there” product and look, but I like that they’re experimenting and included it!



Onto the polish. Let’s get into these beautiful colors now, shall we?

They all have the same finish, so I’m not going to describe the color and everything over and over, since it’s easy to see. They’re all more jelly bases with with what seems like silver metallic hexagon glitters – but these glitters look like they match the base color overall. These also will dry a little textured overall because of the bigger glitter pieces, but a coat of top coat will help smooth it out.

Into the colors!


Up first, we have ‘Tainted Love’, the red shade.

This one had the most pigmented base of the bunch, and the “least” amount of glitters. There’s still a ton in there, but less so than the other shades which you’ll see later down. So this was overall pretty well good on 1 coat. With a 2nd coat, the glitters layer up more, and the color deepens.


This one wasn’t my favorite, just compared to all of the others in the collection. With the glitters being less dispersed, it looks less blingy and just in your face than the others, and just looks a little more bumpy. It just didn’t wow me as much after swatching the others. Overall, it’s still a good shade, but not as good as the others – if you wanted to skip one, I would consider this one.



‘Tight Squeeze’ is the orange version.

This one was definitely more sheer, and more of a jelly base than ‘Tainted Love’, so it will definitely need multiple coats. I still had nail line on 2 coats, but it was pretty well opaque with a 3rd.


It took a little more work, but those glitters are so beautiful – and what I was hoping for with ‘Tainted Love’.



‘Natural Blonde’ is the yellow.

This one builds up pretty well in 2 coats – though there was still some nail line. It was pretty well good on the 3rd, but it’ll depend on your preferences whether you’ll like it or not. It’ll be a more sheer look, but I ended up liking it more than I thought I would.


This was one of the more sheer bases of the group. But I ended up really liking the look it gave? There were so many glitters and I think they just looked so cool in the more jelly base. I think this baby will be stunning out in the sunlight.




‘Filthy Rich’ is the green.

This one was more jelly-like, like the orange and yellow. This one was the most uneven on the 1st coat, so it will need a 2nd coat. I got it opaque easily with a 2nd thicker coat – it also built up the shimmer and smoothed everything out.


You can see on my pinky nail, where I did a little bit of thinner coats – it might even need a 3rd there, if you’re doing thinner ones. As with all of these, it’ll depend on your preferences and how much nail line shows through.



‘Love is Love’ is the blue.

This has a little more of an opaque base like the ‘Tainted Love’. I got this easily opaque with a 2nd coat.


I think this shade ended up being my favorite of the bunch! The glitters are just gorgeous and I love it overall.


I ended up wearing this as a manicure (it was the last shade I swatched) and I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. It’s so glittery and beautiful in the sunlight as well.



The last shade is ‘Drag Queen’, which is the deep purple.

This was very opaque like ‘Tainted Love’ and with the darker base shade, I was able to get it opaque with 1 coat. It’s thicker than others, so it can be a little uneven, so a 2nd coat might be needed to smooth anything out.


She still beautiful.



And that’s the Pride collection for 2019! I’m glad these are more permanent so you can pick them  up anytime during the year, to keep the support going at any time – as we all should for the community! I think ‘Love is Love’ and ‘Natural Blonde’ are my favorites of this collection, but they’re all pretty!

As always with these Sinful Colors collections, if you love a majority of the shades, it’s definitely worth it to buy – especially since you can only buy it in the pack. But if you’re only seeing one or two shades that you will truly wear, it could be a pass unless you find them individually. I do like the addition of the highlighter, as a nice little bonus and fun part, but I would never support buying a whole collection of nail polish just to get one separate thing. With all of these reviews, look at your own collection and preferences before you decide to buy!


A quick note, that’s been on my mind: With all of the collections coming out this Pride month, and there being conversations about the “commercialization” of Pride, I do wish that some of the proceeds from these collections went to support LGBTQIA+ organizations. Especially with all of the other collections and collaborations that have been donating large proceeds, it’s a thing on people’s mind with each and every one of Pride collections that have released.

I will say I’m happy they’re choosing to highlight and support artists and creators in the community with posts on their Instagram all month. I’m also happy that you can buy this all year, and it was available far before the month – and they’ve come out with collections other years as well, so it doesn’t seem like they’re just doing this for the 50th anniversary.

We can always support our faves, and appreciate that they’re doing good things – but we can also still expect a little more from them as well, especially in 2019. I will say this collection is good and the support is there, but I want to see even more. I love Sinful Colors and always will, but of course, I will be honest and hope to see more in support in the years upcoming if they continue with Pride collections! Just wanted to put that out there, as I know there’s been questions about it all month. I like to stay mostly neutral on this blog, but of course, this is an important issue to discuss and one that I wanted to bring up.

As I said on my Instagram, I’m here to support and be a safe spot for anyone. I believe everyone should feel safe to express themselves, and be who they are, and love who they love. You’re always welcome to come to me for support, and this blog will always be accepting of all sexualities and identities. #LoveisLove


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2 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Pride Collection 2019

  1. Ooo, I’m very happy that these will be part of the permanent collection!

    Also, I totally agree with you about using some of the proceeds to support related charities. It a little bit feels like the whole pride thing is just being used to make money. I’m glad we’re at the point as a society where pride sells instead of makes people want to get their torches and pitchforks, but there are still real issues in the lgbt+ community that could use some extra support.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pride being used for monetary gain definitely hit a new high this year, and I think it was for the big 50th anniversary. We’ve made some big strides but of course, always steps we can continue to take!
      And I’m so happy too! It’s so much easier to recommend and mention to someone without worrying about time sensitive displays!

      Liked by 1 person

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