China Glaze ‘Body & Sol’ – Comparisons

See the original review post here: China Glaze ‘Body & Sol’ Collection


I’m adding in a new type of post to go with my reviews! From now on I want to do my best to make sure my review posts are followed up with a comparisons posts (I loved the idea from Manigeek with her Comparison posts. That’s where I was mainly inspired as well as others on Instagram – specifically @polish.lab.rat and @clmck1620). I went through all of my drawers and pulled out any sort of similar color – then showed the top 3 comparisons (if there were that many) on my nails! If it’s a super common color with a lot of close duplicates, I’ll expand it out to show more with swatch sticks.

I have so many polishes now that it’s only fair I start comparing them! I know it’s always helpful for me to see, and others love to see it as well! I’ll be mainly showing mainstream brands – OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Orly & Zoya – as I have the most of those and it’ll be easier to go through.

And if you ever have specific comparisons you’re curious about, feel free to let me know! If I have the polish I’ll definitely make sure to put up photos, both on here and on my Instagram.

This comparison post is for the China Glaze ‘Body & Sol’ collection – see the official review post up at the top as well. I ended up only finding comparisons for 5 of the 8 shades, and none were exact dupes this time.

Let’s get right into the comparisons!

I’ll be showing pictures of the bottles, and then nail swatches.

Up first for the shade ‘Beaches & Toes’. From left to right: OPI ‘Icelanded a Bottle of OPI’; China Glaze ‘Beaches & Toes’; China Glaze ‘Dope Taupe’; Orly ‘Cashmere Crisis’.


These all looked much closer in the bottle, but once on the nails, you can see they’re not too close at all. They’re also all creams, while ‘Beaches & Toes’ has that beautiful sparkle.



Up next for the shade ‘Beach Buff’ against Zoya’s ‘Rue’. Surprisingly, this was the closest nude shade I found for it.


‘Rue’ is just a touch lighter and more pink toned, and ‘Beach Buff’ also has that beautiful shimmer.



Next, for the shade ‘Skinny Tipping’. This was the closest comparison I ended up finding, but you’ll still see they’re pretty different. From left to right: Essie ‘Suit & Tied’; China Glaze ‘Skinny Tipping’; Essie ‘Mamba’; and OPI ‘A Great Opera-tunity’.


As you can see, ‘Skinny Tipping’, ‘Mamba’, and ‘A Great Opera-tunity’ are all int he same color family. ‘Mamba is very close’ but I would say it has a touch more coolness to it, and ‘Skinny Tipping’ has the shimmer throughout.



Next, comparing ‘Tan-do Attitude’ to Essie’s ‘Teacup Half Full’.


They’re in the same family, but definitely not dupes. ‘Teacup Half Full’ is darker overall, and has smaller gold shimmer.



Last but certainly not least, I wanted to compare some shades to ‘Copper-tunist’. Left to right: OPI ‘Sweet Carmel Sunday’; China Glaze ‘Copper-tunist’; China Glaze ‘What’s Up Bittercup’; and Zoya ‘Cinnamon’.


In my review post I said ‘Copper-tunist’ was the least unique color of the collection, but surprisingly I didn’t have any dupes! I thought for sure I would have more colors closer to this, but I guess it’s staying in my collection for now!



So overall, I didn’t find any dupes in my collection! I actually really enjoyed this – it was fun seeing how all of these shades compared to my collection. It also showed me that all of these are unique so obviously it’s fine that I keep them all and add them in (I told you they’re all different, I need them all duh).

Can’t wait to continue comparing!


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