Sista Chic Lacquer ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ Trio


I thought maybe I would have a fun little anecdote here, like I usually do, but really I got nothing. I’m still slowly making my way through Game of Thrones (finally). I still have too much makeup and nail polish to talk about. Enough about me. How are you all doing today? It’s once again warm here, before it drops down to a lil cooler again – it’s like it’s still nervous to stay warm for too long.

But you know, it’s never too warm or too cold to talk about new nail polish! HeyOOOOO. Alright let’s just get right into it shall we.

Sista Chic Lacquer is releasing a fun little trio tomorrow, June 1st, for their summer offering. It’s a trio of blues all honoring blues singer and legend Aretha Franklin. We got one cream, one beautiful holo, and one fun glitter and hexagon filled cream. These will all be available on their website! Let’s talk about the swatches!

First up, we have ‘Aretha Franklin’. This is a light dusty sky blue cream shade. It had a little bit of an uneven 1st coat, so it will need a 2nd. But it was smooth and easy to control, so I was able to get it opaque on a thicker 2nd coat.

If you’re a crazy collector like me, this color won’t be super unique. But it’s a good formula, so if you’re looking to add a solid cream in, I can definitely recommend this one. I’m a sucker for polishes with a touch of dustiness to it, so I’ll still love this one.

She’s one of the smoothest creams I’ve gotten from Sista Chic yet, and just look how nice it is on the nails!



‘Chain of Fools’ is a bright blue base with various different sizes of metallic glitters and hexagons – there’s a lil dark blue, bright pink, some purple, maybe some green – a whole lotta fun.


This was a smooth easy 2 coat formula. I didn’t have any issues with skipping or it being hard to paint on, even with all of the little pieces.

The glitters and hexagons spread out evenly among the nails, and I didn’t have to place any of them. You get the fun finish just with painting the polish on normally.


I ended up wearing this as a manicure after swatching, and I loved it more and more as I wore it. It reminds me of a pool party. Idk why, the bright blue, the fun shapes, it all screams summer to me.


I honestly loved this more on the nails than I thought I would, and highly recommend.



Lastly, we have the namesake of the collection, and what a true star she is. This is ‘Lady Sings the blues’ and she’s a beautiful shifty scattered holo, and you’re going to get so many photos of the sparkles and you’ll like it.


She did have a more sheer, uneven 1st coat. BUT I was able to easily get it opaque with a 2nd thicker coat. Another easy to control formula, and I wouldn’t even be mad doing 3. I mean I would work hard for this shade – but I didn’t have to.


I just, look at that shimmer and sparkly goodness. I’m absolutely in love with anything holo and it’s not hard to understand why. Especially in the sun she’s gonna sparkle and be even more beautiful.


(If you’re wondering how this compares to Zoya’s blue scattered holographic, ‘Dream’, the holo in this is smaller and a little less scattered. Aka you most definitely need both. Duh.)



So that’s the ‘Lady Sings the Blue’ trio from Sista Chic Lacquer! Obviously ‘Chain of Fools’ and ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ are going to be more exciting right off the base than ‘Aretha’, but she’s a lovely companion and pairs well with the other two if you want to have more of an accent.

These release tomorrow, June 1st (how did we get to June already?) on Sista Chic’s website. They’ll be $10 each, and as always part of the proceeds go to support Project Rescue.


These items were sent to me for my honest review. 


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