Sista Chic Lacquer ‘Embrace the Pink’ Trio

As I’ve said in the last couple of posts, I’m still catching up on products to review, and getting through the ones that have collected and piled up on my desk. I was busy during the past couple of weeks with apartment viewings as I tried to find a new place to live. And I got an apartment! The craziness was all worth it as I found a new apartment that I love and I can’t wait to move at the end of March. So now that that madness has died down, I’m back and ready to swatch and get posts out.

I’ve just been feeling inspired you know? I always love swatching and reviewing and talking about nail polish and beauty. But I’m suddenly feeling even more inspired and motivated, and just wanting to get out as many posts as I can. I got lots to talk about, and I just want to show it all to you guys. There will of course be lots of nail polish, but there will also be lots of makeup and other beauty posts coming. This blog will always be mainly nail polish, but I do love all parts of beauty and want to talk about it as well. As always, it’s my blog, and I’m going to talk about all the things I’m loving. I hope you’re all ready for the ride.

Now let’s get on into this polish I’m talking about.


This newest post to talk about is another collection from Sista Chic Lacquer! If you haven’t seen the other posts, Sista Chic Lacquer is a small indie brand, and really the first indie nail polish brand I got to try. (As always, these were sent to me for my honest review, and I will always give my honest thoughts.)

This new trio is called the ‘Embrace the Pink’ trio and will be releasing on March 1st on the Sista Chic website. This trio has a very special inspiration as well. They are in honor of Catherine Cronall, a fellow Instagrammer, YouTuber and nail polish lover. (Follow her at @mrscronall). She is currently fighting breast cancer, and so Sista Chic decided to honor her with a trio of pinks to support her on her journey, which I love. All profits from this collection will also be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation in Catherine’s name as well.

It’s a lovely message, and a beautiful way to support her, and all of those women who have to deal with this fight. So let’s get into the pinks.

Up first we have the namesake of the collection. This is ‘Embrace the Pink’. It’s a soft shimmery ballet pink shade. This is a more sheer formula, so it will take some building up if you want it opaque. If you do 1 coat of this, you get that “your nails but better” look, where it looks soft and nice. There was still some nail line left after 2 coats, but I was able to get it opaque on 3 thicker coats.

This polish can definitely decide on your preference. I don’t often wear sheer colors, and I know that not everyone loves them. It can take a little more effort and it definitely took me thicker coats to build them up – and will take a little more drying time since you’re doing thicker coats. This won’t be a quick out the door color you can just slap on and go. This is a full, “I’m treating myself and taking my time” manicure if you want the full opacity – which we all need every so often. I do love the more delicate look to it. I don’t think I’ll wear it as the full sheer color, but built up it’s so soft and a good palette cleanser.


‘Stronger Than You Pink’ was definitely the one I couldn’t wait to get onto my nails. This is a darker magenta linear holographic finish. This was just stunning, and pretty well opaque in 1 thicker coat. Although you don’t quite get that linear holographic finish that you see in the bottle, you can see it’s still stunning and beautifully sparkly on the nails.

The holo is very apparent, even in less bright of light and makes the polish just sparkle.


It’s so beautiful on the nails. I love this so much, and it’s a smooth easy formula. I love these holographics that she does.


Last but not least, we have ‘For Catherine’. Catherine loves bar glitters, so it’s only fitting that we have one polish with bar glitters in it.

This is a soft pink jelly base with tons of shimmer, hexagon pieces, and of course, metallic bar glitters.


I was able to build this up as opaque in 3 coats here to cover up the nail line completely. It’s a bright fun look on it’s own. It’s smooth and easy to get the pieces distributed on the nails, and it builds up nicely. It’s not overly thick when built up as well.


It’s also a super fun topper as well. Here I put one coat over a black cream polish. You lose that pink base, but all of the shimmer and shards and bar glitters really just sparkle on top of the polish, and it’s just a fun way to liven up any polish underneath. With the more clear base as well, you can top this over many colors without changing the base color underneath.

It definitely depends on how you feel about toppers and bar glitters, but this is one that I love! It distributes easily and evenly, and it would be fun for any holiday as well. I ended up loving the look over black.


That’s your ‘Embrace the Pink’ trio! I love that it’s all pinks, but different finishes and formulas than standard pink creams. It may seem like a small, easy way to support Catherine and her journey, but I know she will love seeing all of the pink polishes and the love coming through.


I will, of course admit I’m a lil more biased for this collection because of the special meaning. There are a couple that I would not normally have picked out myself, but I did like them and am glad I got to try them out. It’s how I feel really about most full collections I review. I’m just more biased in that I will keep these specific ones in my stash, even if they’re not worn as much, because of their special message.

BUT even if I’m a little more biased to keep it, I still showed you honest photos that show the polish how it’ll be when you get it, and gave you honest reviews on the formulas. I just always want to be transparent. I know I have your trust, and that’s something I never want to give up. If they had been truly bad, I would have said so. But I’m also not going to say I hate something just because I got it for free and to make me seem more honest if I didn’t actually hate it. Ja feel?

All in all, it’ll depend on your preference for what polish you’ll end up liking as well – which I always make sure to mention. Don’t love more sheer polishes? Skip this one. Don’t love bar glitters? Skip that one. In the end, it’s about buying something you’ll love and wear, and I always want to make that clear and help you decide what you’ll buy in the end.

That’s my little spiel. Getting polishes sent to me is still a new thing, and I’m still learning. But I knew from the start I wouldn’t accept anything I wasn’t interested in, and I would always review something fairly. That’s all you gotta remember. (I’ll talk even more about this in a post tomorrow as well).


I can’t believe it’s almost March already! Where has the time gone??? There’s never enough time in the day right?

Even so, I’ll be swatching and posting as much as I can in this limited time. So stay tuned for lots of reviews coming up soon!


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